Self published authors

I don’t know where to actually put this but hopefully this is the right one.

I was scrolling through TikTok and found this queer (don’t know what they identify as so just saying queer) author who’s book is about to debut on the 22nd. And it’s self published through Amazon and they just seem so wholesome and I know how hard it is to get reviews and things so I want to help them get their book out there. It’s going to be on kindle unlimited btw.

Book: I don’t like blue by Lyric C. Faulder
Tw: mention of offing oneself

But then I thought to myself I really need to read more self published works so this is basically a thread of self published authors that we think deserve to get some attention. You can share your own book as well. I don’t know if you can share a link so maybe just state the author name and the book title.


I also have to read a lot more self-published books. :sweat_smile:

The best one worth mentioning is the High Mountain Court by A. K. Mulford! :relieved:


I’ll have to check that out.

I currently only have seven self published authors on my radar four I met through the old forums/discord server I’m in and another through Wattpad.

-Blinding lights by Namiar Topit
-Saving Seymour by L.N. Loch
-Little distractions by K.G. Brightwell
-Skylark in the fog by Helyna L. Cove
-Meet cute club by Jack Harbon
-M.E. Aster (I don’t know which of their books to include but they have two romance novellas and a poetry book)

P.s. I’ve only read a book from one of these authors so far (I did start another but I got distracted).


self-published authors you say :thinking:

Framed by Ellie J. Grey - NA thriller, woman with psychosis returns to her hometown for college break and begins to discover all the dark secrets being kept by the town members, including her own family and closest friends. It was very slow burn but well written and had unique storytelling. Also the frogs were cute.
All For The Game trilogy by Nora Sakavic - YA contemporary, homeless parentless teenager on the run from the mafia risks his life to play a college sport; discovers the rest of the barely functional team is as messed up as he is. Bad things happen. This trilogy is actually quite popular for a self-published series and for good reason. Heavy TWs for basically everything though, Sakavic does not pull punches (on-page rape, on-page torture, like 8 different kinds of abuse, drug abuse, suicide, self-harm, violence and gore, language)
Elysium by Nora Sakavic - NA fantasy, human woman is supernaturally connected to a gate-house-thing on a ley line that other supernatural creatures use as a halfway house. She gets sucked into a war that I will refrain from expanding on because Major Spoilers. It’s newer and therefore lesser-known than AFTG but I personally liked this one a lot better. For one, I prefer fantasy anyway, but this book is also much lighter in terms of the TWs, imo.
The Automatic Age and The Backbone of Night by G.M.B. Chomichuk - YA Dystopia, automatons took over the world and now a half-automaton veteran is trying to survive with his young son. It is a series, I just don’t know what the author is calling said series. Both books are very short, the first one is basically a short story, which makes them good for if you don’t have a ton of time to read. I liked the worldbuilding and I found the first book especially to be very sweet. Also the formatting is cool, and there’s a lot of visual aspects that, I believe, are all done by the author as he is also an artist.

That’s it for self-published books that I’ve red that I would recommend. Some others that are on my to-read list are;
The Vacuum of Space by Julia Huni - Adult Scifi, it’s about a space janitor who works with a detective ton a murder case.
How to Meet a Girl by Christopher Compton - YA Apocolyptica, the world is ending and this teenage boy doesn’t know it so he spends his last day alive looking for a girl he has a crush on. I follow the author on tiktok and he makes gud kontent
The Tainted Journey by Jessie Pyne - YA Fantasy, ghosts and dragons and Excalibur and stuff. I don’t really know, I bought it from the author at an expo and she was nice, so I’m hopeful. But not too hopeful, Canadian self-published authors have burned my innocent eyes before :pensive: like, a lot.

Okay, well, now that I’ve spent 45 minutes writing this instead of my book, it’s time to go. be productive. i guess.