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Title: On the Way Down

Book Cover:

Subgenres: Romantic Suspense

They say you meet the same people on the way up and on the way down. In her wildest dreams and story plots, novelist Delaney Sharpe never fathomed this could apply to her, or that it would involve Phoenix Alden, the ex-boyfriend who ghosted her while his acting career was on the rise to Hollywood A-list status.

When Phoenix struts back in to Delaney’s life after a career nosedive and time away from the spotlight, he claims he’s no longer the walking red flag he was when they dated. And when he asks her for a second chance–one weekend together to explain himself and prove he isn’t who he used to be–she isn’t sure what to do. Reuniting with Phoenix was a daydream Delaney had after he walked out, and before she healed, moved on, and found her own success.

Still, it’s only one weekend, and there’s a spark between them Delaney can’t ignore. She can finally get answers about what happened in their relationship and where Phoenix disappeared to. But when the weekend leaves her with deeper feelings than she expected, more questions, and a mystery to solve, Delaney knows she must uncover the truth about the last few years of Phoenix’s life to decide if he really has changed, or if he’s a danger to more than just her heart.

Target Audience: Adult
Mature: No
Trigger Warnings: None
Link: On the Way Down - Jennifer Farwell - Wattpad

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