Show off your artwork!

I turned my marker drawing into an illustration for my cover, massive Krita modifications. I’m happy with how this turned out.

Now to do this for all my covers. Buahaha. :sweat_smile:

I’m playing around with a new logo. The lynx was drawn directly in Krita.
This kitty is so handsome. I’m in love.

Isobel Lynx logo  400x400_20240618_131117_0000

Come to think of it, I’ll update my avatar here. I want to be this handsome lynx.


That cover is stunning! :heart:

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Dusted off my picarto account and did a livestream for the first time in like a decade! I didn’t get to finish the whole piece on stream, only did an hour until my audience had to leave, and finished the rest after the stream was over. This is Haruka who is one of the characters from my latest Michael novel: “Saying No is Harder Than it Sounds.”


Love the lynx! it came out so well!

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Yeah, that’s the cover art for my Wattys entry.

I’m actually having genuine fun writing it.


This is just a concept sketch in pencil, I plan to do a full digital painting later. It’s really hard to draw space with nothing but a regular old pencil.


Looks great though

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Here’s the digital version of my last drawing.


Just casually rotating five point perspective around the x axis. Don’t mind me.

Because I can never draw normal things, can I. :neutral_face:

I’m actually having a lot of fun doing dumb stuff. Ignore that one messed up line on the y axis and all those lines I clearly forgot to curve on the x axis; I’ll fix it later I swear.