Simple covers for you (OPEN)

After making very few covers in 2020 and the first part of 2021, I’m going to restart getting to the gist of it. This is a thread for SIMPLE covers only.

Please follow the rules:

  1. You can thread hop only if the other designer(s) is (are) okay with it.

  2. I’ll mostly make simple covers for now. If you need a manip or minimal cover, the payment is going to be a lot higher

  3. I accept fakes (they’re free, of course!)

  4. Fill in the form below as requested

  5. The password is your favorite K-Pop song; if you don’t like or don’t listen to K-Pop, you can pick your favorite pop/rock/whatever song instead

  6. Complete payment in a reasonable time

  7. Pick up your cover within a week or else I might turn it into a premade

  8. You can request for more than a cover at a time

  9. I’ll accept all requests for now

  10. Have fun!






Short summary:

Some ideas:

Pictures: (optional)

Anything else:


A permanent follow + comment on at least one chapter of the assigned story, based on how many covers you requests. If you already follow me, payment might consists on having to do an extra comment


Some examples: (most of the covers are old and several of them are anything but simple covers)

Actually this one is a semi-manip cover, but isn’t manipulated enough to be considered a manip

If you can see the watermark “Graphic by B.R. Rhittee”, it’s because I made it for a contest on my alternate account @/Rhittee


Title: Girl who’s a Friend

Author: (NO USERNAMES) C. K. Kline

Genre: comedy/teen/romance

Mood: bright, light-hearted, high school, friendship

Short summary: They say that boys and girls can’t have platonic friendships. Anna and Jack are the exception—or are they?

Anna and Jack have known each other since they were little children. The two have done a lot: exchanged countless compliments and insults, covered each other’s backs, and stolen borrowed each other’s belongings more times than they can count. Some say they act like siblings. Anna says that they’re like siblings. However, feelings are not always mutual, and in this case, they may not be platonic.

Some ideas: A big, bold, sans serif font for the words “Girl” and “Friend” while the words “who’s” and “a” are small and squished in between. Bright colors. No people on the cover, but I guess silhouettes or vectors of people are fine. Maybe the text can be colorful and the background rather plain, or the other way around (like whitish text on a colorful background).

Pictures: (optional) so this is a premade I made, maybe it will help you?

Anything else: This is a fake request :slight_smile: have fun!

Hi, can I stray a little bit from your ideas or do I need to follow them religiously?

You can stray a little bit from my ideas. It’s a fake request anyway, do what you think looks best :slight_smile:

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Okay. Thx for making it clear

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Here are the results!


They’re really nice! I really like the first one, it’s so pretty :smiley: