Slice of Life in fantasy and Science-fiction?! I WANNA TRY THAT!!!

Do you hate it or love it?
Personally, I love a slice of life anime very much!

However when it comes to fantasy and science-fiction, it seems like being chill and making it a slice of life is one of those things that aren’t common in fantasy and science-fiction. Mainly because people want action and adventure and character actually doing things.

Personally, I would love to write nice and chill slice of life fantasy or science-fiction where things are laidback and cozy, but still fun and exciting.

The worldbuilding/plot development/character development will still be the same in a lax world that brimming with possibilities.

So, how do you feel about slice of life, personally?

A slice of life fantasy about an orge leaving the life of killing and hurting decides to use his knowledge to create a shop selling armor and weapons to local and passing adventurers and other folks. The orge makes a good living off his merchandise and has a few ups and downs in the work force. The slice of life dives in the world of the orge and his job as a shopkeeper.

I would love that. Make it into a cozy anime and I would instantly watch. Far as a book(mainly audiobook), you would have to do a grand job.

A slice of life science-fiction about a cyborg and a robot opening a cafe/bookstore in a world where there are few humans in the world. The cyborg and the robot goes about their daily lives handling the cafe/bookstore dealing with their ups and downs of owning a business and other things.

I would love that one too.

I don’t know, I think slice of life is pretty interesting, personally. Even if it is fantasy and Science-fiction, I would still think it is interesting and cool.

What do you think? Lend me your thoughts!


As long as the characters are very well developed and written, slice of life can work in any genre. The thing about slice of life is that it focuses on relationships rather than an action packed plot line, and I, personally, think that is important to any story, even if it does have an action packed plotline. There should be at least a bit of slice of life in every story, even if that’s not the main focus. Character relationships are important (not necessarily romantic ones either, I mean all types of relationships). So, yeah, it would be nice to see a slice of life sci-fi or fantasy where the main focus is just the characters and how they interact with each other in their daily lives, without some grand scheme pushing things along.


As long as there’s internal conflict and personal stakes for the main characters, I’m in! ヽ(^。^)丿


Oh for sure! LOL!

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Again, for sure! LOL!

Slice of life is not my cup of tea, but good luck.

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That’s alright!

I really don’t know what to say to that. Slice of Life is already ambiguous…and fantasy isn’t, traditionally. Lol


Aww, man! LOL!

I have a slice of life fantasy series already. It’s unusual but super fun. It’s very much about the characters and their relationships and growing up and figuring out life, but throw in all kinds of magical shenanigans and complications. Way more fun than regular slice of life in my opinion


Why not. Slice of life can happen in any genre.

Scifi and fantasy don’t have to be nonstop action at all.

I don’t consider my story to be slice of life but I like to stay deep in the moment and that’s how I end up with 3 chapters spanning the time of 3 hours. Oops
Never on purpose, it just comes out that way. I don’t think it’s slow at all. A lot still happens but it’s very specific to my characters. Personal stakes.

It’s not typical of the genre, but oh well. I like to think there’s an audience out there for that too


I mean, I have a bit of slice of life in my writing because my MC is queen and then my spinoff series MC is a teenager at school :thinking:

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I like slice of life! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I often consider writing spinoffs for my characters in some slice of life moment…but then I never do because my brain says “WE WANT CHAOS” and then suddenly the world is in danger and my MC has to face off with the big bad or something XD I can never get them in their calm moments :stuck_out_tongue:

Although, I do have one story that starts with slice of life. MC and his bff are off to attend police academy and, for a while, it’s all about their first few months there, the other students they meet, some drama with bullies, and some romance…until, of course, it turns into chaos when someone is murdered.

Anyway, went on a tangent, but I like reading it, too! It’s actually one of my favorite types of manga (when I’m not in the mood for the dark and scary). Personally, I like it more if it has some comedy in it and a sweet message :wink:

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Btw, I just remembered, I forgot the title but there was this slice of life fantasy manga series that was popular quite a few years back.

It was about a girl who looks like a kid, but is actually an adult witch (or fairy? I can’t remember) living in a fantasy realm and she’s the shopkeeper of this charm store for other fantasy creatures to buy things. The creatures are sometimes from other realms, I think, if I’m not mixing up stories. The manga looked like it was only about the day-in day-out of this shopkeeper and the unique customers she gets. Her helper is a human guy and sometimes this monster (?) comes to help, too. It’s also about how they get along with her.

So, I think it’s doable for sure.

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It’s more a videogame series, but Dragon Age does a really good job of this. It manages to be dark fantasy while maintaining a heavy focus on relationships with your companions, which really adds flavor to it.


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