*snaps fingers* I got it! I know what Project Succession is going to be about, genre wise!

For Project Succession:

Think about what if a royal family drama was turned into a psychological mystery thriller with extremely strong horror elements taking place in a large family fighting to claim the throne and crown.

It’s still a magical fantasy with modern flair novel series, but the horror and mystery/suspense is greatly shown more.

With the notes I am taking, I can turn this story into that for my second draft and continue on with that.

I need to figure out how to make it suspenseful, really scary on a psychological level, and overall mysterious while keeping the magical science-fantasy elements there.

Thoughts and feelings?

NOTE: It could work. I just need to make it stick for me and future readers who would love that and be curious on how’d I pull it off in an engaging way.



Got to toss in humorous, heartwarming, and exciting moments too! Can’t have too much thrills and scares and drama!

Anything you want to say!?


You can make it into a board game if it doesn’t pan out.


True that can be an interesting board game.

So, what can I do to make it actually work as a novel series though?

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For starters, don’t do what Martin did!


George RR. Martin?

In terms of the television series or novels?

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Wait, what happened? You can tell me, I don’t mind spoilers!

Is it the whole Targaryen thing or something else entirely?


Martin will die before the series is finished and he has nobody to finish them for him.


The finishing part? That is what you mean?

With the ideas and where it is going, three lengthy novels might be better, though that can ultimately change the pacing to fit what it needs to be.

I better get started!


The final book in the series hasn’t been written for over 20 years…


I get that, but I also heard he is working on it.

That man is a prime example of getting a ghostwriter that KNOWS his work.

He has eight novels and some side series? I can’t do eight or anything of the sort.

Eight novels are too much, even for me! Three might be doable, the key word here is might.