So Chat GPT to help with writing. Yay or nay?

How’s everyone’s AI doing?

I’ve tried several times and a few platforms to help me write a scene and every time it gave me absolute garbage just because of how predictable it is.

So I think that’s the biggest limitation of it: it’s not at all creative. Not even a bit.

So that’s good news for us, creatives. AI will not replace us anytime soon. Maybe never. Time will tell.

It depends on where the money is invested. From what I’m seeing in the AI scene right now, big corporations are investing in what will make or save them money. Big corps are not in the business of writing books so they couldn’t care less if AI is weak at that task.

I’m seeing more and more blog posts that look like they could have been written by AI. I’m afraid that the internet is going to be overflowing with them right now, and I’m a little scared about that because no one cares to disclose they use AI to write the article.

So for me, the potential value of using AI is for summaries or prettifying your writing.

It’s very good at very select tasks. For example I’ll write a very messy book description that takes up several paragraphs and ask it to summarize it into a logline not longer than 200 characters, it does it quite well. It’s even surprised me at how it picked up on what’s more important, more marketable that I haven’t thought of before.

I’m curious. If I give it a full chapter and ask it to reduce 10% words, what decisions it would make.
Not sure if it can handle passages that long though. Has anyone tried that yet?


I decided to try it out because i had just 2 books i still needed to outline. It gave me some good and fun plot ideas and direction for the story. I wont use every detail but i can use some so ita not a total loss.

I generally like coming up with my own ideas, and i allow them to hit me whenever so i wont use it a ton but its got some nice things.

Also, i am kinda new to it but i didnt knoe you could have it plot out a chapter. How would you even ask that? It’d help for when i get super stuck on a chapter for days.

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Unfortunately this seems to be the case in every form of entertainment now, not just books. Hence why they all mostly suck these days. They just want to make a quick buck by trying to offer cheap political pandering versus actually trying to offer a product of true quality that took actual effort. :roll_eyes:

I did try something similar? Like I wanted to see if I gave it three chapters, if it could summarize all three chapters and what happened in them? But I guess you have to be very specific with instructions because when it was one chapter, it was fine, but with several chapters and titles, it got confused and literally spit out excerpts from I think other books that have nothing to do with mine or what I asked it. I was like what the heck is this? :laughing:

So for now, I’m continuing to use it as a thesaurus/dictionary helper. Maybe I’ll try the summary thing again but I think it works best if you give it several tasks that eventually build up to one big task? So when I made the synonym cheatsheet, I first explained that I was going to give it a comma separated list of words, and that I wanted it to give me 5 to 10 synonyms for each word and organize it in a table format. Then I started creating shortcut commands so I didn’t have to repeat myself everytime I wanted to add a new word to the list. Eventually I asked it to organize it into alphabetical order. I think it does have a limit because at some point, it cut out a row or two. But by the time I gave it everything it needed little by little, it became a working synonym cheatsheet generator that I can input a short command into to update.

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Plot out as in what to write next or to tell you take an outline of what you want to happen next and turn it into a chapter? :thinking:

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I mean, people are already using AI to make musicians sing songs they’ve never sung before. I’ve come across videos of people using AI to make Michael Jackson sing The Weeknd songs. I never listened to them because it just seems…wrong? The guy is dead and now people are using literal artificial intelligence to profit off of his voice.

A friend sent me some songs that were made with the voices of artists who are still alive and it’s just so disturbing because it really sounds like they were the original artist.

If nothing happens fast, AI can possibly replace so many musical artists since it’s being used to make them say things they’ve never said before. Honestly, it’s doing that now. It’s a bad era to be a singer or any kind of artist who uses their voice, they all gotta be careful.

Also, people have been using AI to take the faces of female streamers and putting them on top of porn stars in very explicit videos. This thing is already ruining people’s lives and nothing is being done.

I know there are benefits to AI, it seems like ChatGPT is one of them, but some of these tools are going too far because humans are making them go too far.


No argument there. Deep fakes are a problem.

I think it’s time to train everyone to accept that photo/video/sound is not a definite proof and needs to be verified by specialists.

My biggest problem is when people aren’t being honest about what they’re putting out there. But that is a human condition. People will lie to get what they want.

But when not used maliciously, it can be really fun.
I did this thing with my son’s photo and it’s my favorite little joke. He finds it funny too.

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I would be careful with asking AI to plot something for you. Not because it wouldn’t do a good job. It could, but it’s important to remember that despite being called AI, it isn’t an artificial intelligence. It’s machine learning.

Which means, it doesn’t create anything new but it learns what’s been created before and it tries to repeat the steps on its own with the parameters you give it.

In terms of writing, it learns from other books/stories/blog posts, whatever they fed it to teach it.
Whatever it finds the most of, it will assume it’s the right way to do it. And so the result will be a sum total of all writing that came before it. Predictable, boring, all things that have been done before.

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I’m playing with Bard right now (Google’s chat AI).
It actually refused to write me something new, which is refreshing. The other bots would do it.

So I tried to use it as an editor. I gave it the following instructions:

Proofread the following scene. Keep the same style of writing and tone but look for ways to improve the flow and vocabulary:

And I pasted a 1199-word chapter in there.

Simple enough instructions, right?

At first, it appeared that it did what I asked for but then I noticed:

  • It failed to notice whose pov I was writing the story in. I wonder if it’s exposed a bias of the genre.
  • It also changed some details that I wasn’t happy about.
  • Style-wise, it was pretty mediocre, like a Wattpad book. lol
  • And then it branched off into a completely new story, introducing new characters and situations… Eh, no, thank you.

Yeah. So I think a paragraph at a time is all it can handle at the moment.

I submitted feedback since they’re asking for it. If they ever want to advertise it as a cheaper alternative to a human editor, they have a lot of work to do because it is far from ready.

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Yeah, i know about that. But even if i have it plot it, it doesnt mean I’d take it word for word. When i asked it to plot out a story idea, it gave good points and some bad ones. I used what works and throw away what doesnt, so i’d do the same with plotting chapters. Its just meant to get the ball rolling and inspire me because everything else ive ever tried doesnt work. I get stuck and when writing becomes your career and you have deadlines, getting stuck aint an option.

In other words, it will just give me writing prompts that actually work and inspire a chapter. Because overall it still needs to fit the plot of my book, my style, and the themes. So it wouldnt be copying from what they suggest.

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This is kind of sad. Using dead artists for internet clout via AI. :disappointed:

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I agree, that’s why I made Kanye sing Aventura :joy: it turned out well, actually. But yeah, using dead artists for clout using AI is in many ways as sad as record labels releasing posthumous stuff, and using their voice in other projects they didn’t work on before they died.

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Most all that you have to pay for, which means its more traceable than they let on. That means financially speaking, the porn industry owners are enslaving women without actually enslaving them, and doesn’t want to let you regain your freedom –so they are backing this. The times where pornhub wouldnt take down illegwl videos does not give me a lot of faith in any of this.

There’s also a site where you can take a pic of a random person on the street and get faked nudes of that person. That means anyone with their cameera out could be a predator , and you you can look like a Karen for objecting. Only looked uo this stuff in the past month to see whree it was going and was releived that it was at least behind a paywall, but that’s scant safety.

The only AI porn that I see as even remotely kosher in all this is ones that generate “completely artificially”, and is free to access. Its basically the same as normal AI use, except its not censoring your outcomes . Some of them are clean enough I could post them here, but I wouldn’t because its output is 99% graphic.

Politicslly speaking, any video that you want to beleive of an opponent can no longer be 100% trusted. That’s HORRIBLE for freedom. It’s really been that way for the past 2 elections, and getting “better at it” each year.