So Summer Vacation is Nearly Here... will it trend as usual?

As a Teacher, Summer vacation always feels like a reward I get for a hard year of herding cats, showing and encouraging respectful interactions, lamenting over students who let themselves go, and oh yeah, trying to teach them something new.

There are projects I queue up for myself when the school year is over where I: “Try to get that next novel prep I’ve been putting off.” or “I want to get a deeper buffer on webcomic pages.” or “lets get really going on that new novel project.”

Unfortunately, there are practical real world projects that also get shunted off until the Summer. Yard projects, cleaning up, straightening or otherwise getting rid of the clutter in the house/sheds/yard etc…

So despite my desire to get things accomplished creatively over a summer vacation, the reality is often well short of my desired progress. HEH…

Let’s see if this summer lives down to the hype.


Summer means 3 kids not 2 (and next year it will be just 1 at home). Its just a different dynamic as to when and where I get work done.


This summer is gonna be completely unlike any summer I’ve had before—8 solid weeks of full-time camp counsellor work, then moving across the country for freshman year of uni!! I have a feeling it’s gonna be even more packed and stressful than my current end-of-the-school-year routine.


I’ve been on summer vacation since May. Yay for university!


This is where I’m lucky my daughter is an adult, I guess. Though I do remember the days of wishing school was back in session so that I could get some down time from the child.


That sounds like a lot on your plate for sure. Good luck on the counselor position and definitely good luck in college.


Heh… teaching Middle School definitely has a different set of dates for that sort of thing.

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Thank you so much!! Good luck with all your summer projects!!

My kids have bigger socializing needs than I have.

Yeah that is pretty typical of that age TBH.

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You have been on voluntary paid leave :wink:

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I’m chilling and toasting.

In the sun.

With my Mom.


SO many geese in this movie

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I’m hoping this summer pans out great.

The only two major things I’ve got planned is a Taylor Swift concert in July and then in August, my sisters and I are heading to California, where we intend on spending as much time as we can at the beach, maybe whale watching, and going to Disneyland.

Otherwise, I’m gonna be home alone mostly throughout the summer. My sisters have two planned trips with their youth groups, and my little sister has a third planned trip with her friend’s youth group from another church. And then my oldest sister will be spending a lot of time with her boyfriend who lives three hours away.

Yup. Just me and the dogs and cat… until August…

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Oh I heard those tickets got stupid expensive! Hope it’s a great concert! I take it by the way you’re talking you’re heading LA way? (I live three hours north of there.)

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THEY DID. :flushed:

I got mine toward the end of the cheap end (600 a piece, nosebleeds) which isn’t cheap, but the next cheapest price above this was 800… then it got crazy. Now, they’re sitting at an average 2,000 a ticket, even in the nosebleeds. I actually saw one a week or so ago that was randomly 103,000 dollars. Also nosebleeds section. :upside_down_face: I don’t even know how…

Yup! We’re looking at Anaheim/Long Beach area, but we still haven’t figured out exactly where lol.

And that’s so cool! :scream: We used to live about five-ish hours up north from LA. We lived in a small town about an hour and a half away from San Jose, back in 2018, and then moved further south to Bakersfield in the beginning of 2019, and then moved entirely out of state toward the summer of 2019.

Gilroy perchance? I drive through there about four to five times a year depending how often we go up to Bodega/SF for fishing/crabbing/clamming.

We live near Fresno currently.

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Haha yes. :rofl:

We lived in Gilroy (or rather, on the outskirts) for a bit. We also lived an hour away in Los Baños for a bit, too.

That’s so crazy we used to live so close to each other! :exploding_head:

I feel you! I work in a school and am moving grades this year, so I need to pack up everything and we just moved, so organizing the house is also a full-time job. I haven’t touched my writing in almost a year because I was taking classes for salary advancement and I have 3 more to finish over the summer, so writing is probably going to have to hold off until December (which coincides with my wedding, so probably won’t get to anything until January…) I want to use the two actual weeks I’ll probably have for summer to veg out… A much-needed veg out session!

I wish nothing but the best of luck to my fellow educators on balancing life like admin tends to say in meetings!


There was a time when I told myself I was going for a Masters in Education, then I realized. I DON’T want to move to administration so why make more work for myself?