So, tell me, what is on your mind at the moment?

Numbing my boredom to constantly study so it’ll eventually pay off and I can get out of this hell. <3

Still tired of working 10x harder for basic security.

i read a book and nobody else thinks this is as funny as i do so i’m sharing it here


I did not ask to be born to addicts in constant malnutrition and housing insecurity. It was thrust upon me.

I owe a country that cannot provide for the unfortunate absolutely nothing and, when your skills are 99th percentile, that’s a blow.

But an undeniably deserved one.

Just how much an interactive reader adds to catching mistakes. Lol

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I generously miss when I would write stories about royalty/nobility (mostly royals) doing non-royal things in a sense while still holding onto their royal status.

I am going to go back to that because I seriously miss doing that.

Yeah, people can write about the non-rich people because it’s easier and they are far more relatable than wealthy person, but rich people or rather rich characters can be interesting and relatable in VARIOUS ways.

Why are rich/royal characters are somewhat cliche in goals and motivation is beyond me?

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According to that other thread, we’re all writing about wealthy characters. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

But that makes sense since wealthy characters have more freedom of movement. Poor characters are stuck where they are and can’t do certain things the wealthy can, and that often makes for a boring book. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


What makes it funnier when it comes to rich royals, is that they sometimes always go in the same direction.

Slay the usurper who stole their throne.
Avenge their family.
Leave the royal life behind to take the call for adventure.
Save their kingdom or empire.
Defeat the enemy who wants to harm their little kingdom.
Endure the politics and scandals of their court.
Something along these lines.

It is hard to have a prince or princess or monarch doing none of these things listed above yet still have a goal and motivation where they can still hold onto their royal status and the story IS STILL VERY INTERESTING!

In fact, it’s actually impossible.

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Oh, I don’t know. The British royal family does none of those things, but they’re always interesting because they’re masters of scandal. (>‿◠):v:

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Y’all are writing wealthy characters?


What about the fictional world though?
Have you ever even read story focusing on a royal doing something that hasn’t been overdone to death?

That makes it challenging and impossible.

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Yup! I am, anyway. And from everyone else’s photos of their characters’ homes, I take it everyone else is writing about the wealthy too. (*^-‘) 乃


The last book I read about royalty was Red, White and Royal Blue, which was just a romance set in the real world. It had a fabulous premise which seemed totally original to me, though I hated the execution, and I’d love to read another book like that if it were better written. Normally I don’t read about royalty at all, so I have no idea what the tropes or clichés are.

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All of the stuff I listed were common tropes and cliches found in fantasy or science fiction.

Far as what I noticed.

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Considering I very vividly remember modelling off an abandoned, derelict room that at the time was definitely a bedroom, I cannot relate.

You guys have fun with that :clap:


Yeah…I never knew royals are so limited in terms of character goals and motivation.

When it comes to non-royal or even non-rich characters, it seems there is so much more leeway and flexibility with them in terms of goals and motivation for the story.

Geez…thinking about this is somewhat defeating.

And I love royal fictional characters very much.
What the ever loving hell can they do that hasn’t been done before or rather done a bit differently?

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I really need to make a thread about this.
This shit will consume my thoughts.

Relative misjudgement.

My father moved all the way across this nation without his wife and kids because welding dropped to minimum wage and the meat packing industry paid for tickets. Instead of having to rent out a hostel, he slept at a church building that had set itself up for itenerant workers of the faith that came through.

Later on in life, he had a trucking company pay for his education and he went back out on the road again. The plan was to have mom retire and they would travel like poor people do: through picking up jobs.

Why most people write rich travel is because it’s a lot less research and work, far more glamorous, and fantasy that we could dream about being us. People migrate poor all the time.

In fact, if we had come home to a house that had been torn apart this last hurricane, we would have relocated “poor”.

I hold no fear of starting over because I know it’s not the money: people out there will help you set up. It’s really the accumulation of things that own you. “I don’t want to buy a new table so I’m going to spend more then the table is worth to cart it 3 states over”.

It’s just wholly different logistics.


I think qualifying for the maximum student loan and extra bursaries but living on the breadline anyway so you can save for a deposit once you graduate and not fall into the rent trap is a sad reflection on our society nowadays. :woozy_face:

You’re lucky I hate partying.


What made you want to post that?

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