So, tell me, what is on your mind at the moment?

Just a little spot where we can state what is on our minds and just get it out an in the open.

I will try my best to keep this thriving for as long as I can.

My Turn:
At the moment, I just wished I had better seat cushions for my chair and that I am feeling a bit exhausted.

Another thing is how I plan to make my latest new story set in Alagossia better in terms of starting it off.

How about you? Feel free to stop here as much as you can!


My brother got kicked out for being an imbecile.


Kicked out of the house or kicked out of school? Anyway, poor guy! Hope he gets his life together soon.


I really feel the need to know more, but I am unsure if I am stepping on toes or something.


The house but he had a bad atttitude and was being a bit of an asshole.

Him and my Dad got into an argument and he got kicked out.


Wow. I got nothing else to say to that other than wow!

Are you close, not that close, distances apart to your brother in terms of sibling relationship?


He was kinda stupid.

He “parked” his car, but the car rolled down the hill because he didn’t park it properly. It got damaged and crashed into a wall and the bumper and wheel need repairing. So, his girlfriend was in my town for work, and she picked him up to go to my Mom’s birthday.

My town is on the way home from thre birthday and he could have gotten dropped off at our house and saved everyone trouble, knowing that she had work tomorrow, but he insisted on going to her house.

He put my Mom out to go and collect him at his girlfriend’s house (which is like six miles away from here) because she had an argument with her sister and he wanted to go home “because it was awkward” for him. She has work tomorrow, and he was gonna go to church but he wanted to stay at her house.

The church is eight miles in the opposite direction, and he expected my Mom to drive a fourteen-mile round trip to get him, instead of having his girlfriend drop him off at our house on the way to her house.

My Dad got mad at him for not thinking and putting my Mom out. They got into a physical and verbal argument over the whole thing, and he basically kicked him out and told him to GTFO. Oscar, the dog was scared and shaking from the ordeal, so I had to comfort him.



It’s good you comfort him. How are you dealing with it though? Is Oscar a bit better now?

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A couple things… :sweat_smile:

  1. Why do I keep waking up so dang early on my weekends? I’m already tired at 10:30pm… I need to wake myself up so I can be up late tonight. Could I even last?

  2. Do I take another shower before I read and write tonight? Kind of want to…

  3. I hope my character doesn’t feel white. But how could you even tell? I don’t even feel white if I wrote myself as a character. How do you feel race? Is race a social construct made by white supremacists? Why is there a stereotype that all POC people need to have the same voice so that you can identify who they are and where they come from without being told their culture or whatnot… or is that stereotype real?

  4. God… I got two hours and fifteen minutes left on my audiobook… can I get through an hour of that tonight?

  5. I want another slice of cheesecake.

Ooof. Uncomfortable chairs are horrible. :confused:

And I’m sorry you feel exhausted. :sadhug:


Yes, he’s fine. I had to explain to him that he was okay, and it wasn’t his fault and comforted him. He ended up fine in the end.


That nothing is helping my kid and what’s gonna happen once she muddles through high school. All those things I was looking forward to as she was growing up, seeing where her talents would land her, seeing her get excited about some vocation, graduating, living a life of her own, all replaced by… what? Basically, I don’t know what to do and how to deal with people who don’t want anything, despite having everything in place to pursue any dream. A parents’ nightmare. I can’t even look at kids any more without wanting to cry. If I only had that option to go back in time and not have a child…


I’m struggling getting into writing again and I’m thinking about how Kaiji Ito is overall much happier with life than Jinx. Even though he is even more mentally ill, owes approx the GDP of Guam to the Yakuza, and is ugly as hell.

I’ve never seen Arcane but at least Jinx has pretty priveledge.


Not really, race and racial boxes have been changing throughout history. Ancient Romans saw themselves as a different race than the Germanic Tribes. Some people think that Jewish is an ethnic group. And nobody can agree on whether Middle Eastern/North African people are white or not.


What’s on my mind now?

Ways to start Red Blizzard State and the last fourth story.

Also, I have a question for everyone here.
Why are chubby cheeks so darn cute and cuddly? HELP ME UNDERSTAND, PLEASE!


One word for you: Neotony

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What does that mean?

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It is the scientific term for “baby face”.


Ah…thanks for explaining things.

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I’m wondering why some of the pages on Wikipedia, like the one on neoteny, are still using the old layout, while some of the pages, like the one on Phoebe Bridgers, are using the new layout? Why don’t they use the old layout for all of them?! Why did they even have to change? The new layout is stupid and less functional. Argh! (-᷅_-᷄๑)

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Right this Kimberly Akimbo musical…
Either the disease that Kimberly has is very rare, a fictional version of a real disease, or maybe I am just out of the loop or something else?