So, tell me, what is on your mind at the moment?

I read all of Buraiden Gai. I reccomend it to everyone here. Yes, even you @JJJ000YYY.

I am also grateful that Fukumoto did not draw JJK. Nobody in that series would be attractive, not even Gojo.


Yes this is real.

I’m just happy I am not a lesbian.


I’m just happy I’m not on TikTok! (♯^.^ღ)

Or wherever this is…

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Y’know, as a lesbian who has had so many transgender friends relentlessly harmed by this rhetoric, so much so that my protagonist is literally even implied to be transgender because I wanted to vent about the level of soul-crushing pain I’ve seen in a non-direct metaphorical manner in hopes of some semblance of understanding…

I really hate TERFism, and I really hate this trojan horse rhetoric that gets weaponised against trans people, lmao. It’s insidious; this is absolutely not a rhetoric made for lesbian protection, it’s to try and justify the active hunting and elimination of transgender people.


Ah shit I posted this in the wrong place!


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Opiliodas (the spider-wizard lady) and her kind might actually exist in the same world as the Sapphire Wings cast :face_with_monocle:

Now, are they on the same continent (Eosia) or a different one? Good question…


I plan to go to the library on Tuesday or whatever.

Honestly same

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The thing with me is I want to go to get some writing in. Though I planned to start writing on Monday.

Oh well.

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Is Churro writing something that challenges the heteronormative standards and stereotypes of the world?

chinga tu madre sabritas


I’m going to go to sleep, but want to do something else because I slept earlier in the afternoon.

Meh, I will go to sleep because I believe I might be able to go to the library tomorrow after all…depending on when my item gets to my home.

Goodnight folks!

The ski resorts might actually have snow starting tomorrow so they might actually be able to open 'cause what they got so far don’t count as open :rofl:

[Rant] Thinking abt the current corporate culture and how everyone’s forced to be a ‘leader’. I don’t want to be in some useless committee and get paid in tea and biscuits. Like let me do my little tasks and go back home :sob:


I am very happy and proud of myself for completing the first draft of Project Succession!

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I am in shock that I never got into the Legend of Zelda games when i was younger. The world building in that game is something I would enjoy yet it never got to me until over a decade later, like damn. Even though I grew up on super Mario, I didn’t think about
Zelda that much.


The fact that I need to world-build Alagossia, thoroughly.

My phone fucking sucks!

You really want to know what’s on my mind at this very moment? Well…

“The Gryphon and the Raven went hunting for a Snark,
and during dawn came upon a cave of too much dark.
The Raven flinched and shuddered when he heard the sound
of a tick-tock of the Rabbit’s watch echoing all around.
The Gryphon, who was once a knight, passed his frightened friend,
and set forth into a tunnel with many twists and bends.

Should it be

“that echoed all around” or “echoing all around” or something else rhyming with “around” that makes sense in context? Idk if I like “echoing all around”. I don’t think I like “all around”. It just seems kind of like my old amateurish poetry with all its glorious redundancy. If it’s “around” is it not “all”? Why do I have to say “all” around? But if I take out “all”, I feel like a word is missing from the rhythm of that line.

Hmmmmmmmmm :thinking:

Hmmmmm :thinking:

Good night :melting_face:

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Was shocked the first time I heard “so she can brush her teeth all by herself”

Me: :eyes:
hold up, rewind, volume up, WHAT DID HE SAY???

Rewind :smirk: I once saw a meme that said Gen Z will not understand “rewind”.

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