Some stories deserve a second chance. Do you believe that or no?

I am talking about writing and mainly your own writing.

Have you written a story a while back that given up on at the moment? Did you ever go back to the story?
How did it make me you feel returning back to the story and managing to finish it?

So, tell me, do you feel that some stories deserve a second chance to be written? I mean back then it wasn’t the time for the story, but now it is the right time for it.

What do you think?


I usually finish my stories. I reworked Alchemical Bonds, but it was just to expand and clean it up. I have a couple of stories that I didn’t see to completion, and I feel I wouldn’t. My other projects are stronger.

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Was Alchemical Bonds your best work or it was decent?

I’ve never given up on a story so I don’t really know what that’s like. But yesh, every story deserves a second chance! If you were interested in it enough to start it, you can always fall in love with it again by adding a new conflict or subplot. More layers solve everything. __〆(..)

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Yes and no.

Some of what I pick up is ruined by the mood I’m in. Like I’m not even trying to touch something heavy right now. Until I’m out of this mood, I don’t dare touch anything that takes thought for more than a few minutes.

But there are things that will “jerk you out of your zen” and you have to put them aside. Like I’ve got one right now that has the male MC killing people to steal their power…ok…then interrogation of a woman by stripping her…I know that would work, but not PC behavior…then the MC’s snide mental comment to himself of all women being the same…man, the story is interesting, and I certainly don’t consider myself to be a feminist, but this character ain’t likeable. It’s hard to root for him. I don’t think I’m going to be able to read any more of it.

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I think most of my abandoned ones will get a revisit, because I think all concepts have potential

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I dunno. I recently found a draft I wrote when I was like 15. It was a Hunger Games rip off (as literally every book at that time was). It doesn’t deserve a second chance. It deserves to be burned in hellfire. It’s kept on a separate drive so it won’t corrupt my other drafts.

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Sure, stuff happens. I’m learning more and more that my [whatever the opposite of a slump is] are kind of fragile. There have been more times than I prefer where I’ve been digging holes with a story and had to just stop. I almost always intend to come back but it takes a long time.

I think it takes more to let go of a story completely than it does to put it to the side “for now”

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So, The Chronicles of Galderkins is a four book series I planned and outlined, thinking I could outline stories. But I just couldn’t write it after that. I didn’t give up on it, but I didn’t feel like I could write it and didn’t know what to do with it. I put it aside to work on other things and try to figure out how I could go about writing that series.

A year ago, I went back to it, threw away the outline, and pantsed the heck out of it. That was the most fun I had in a while :stuck_out_tongue: I was even able to put in scenes that I had originally planned to have, so I didn’t completely throw away my outline either, but I didn’t look at it.

I wouldn’t call it a second chance for that story because I didn’t give it up. I was just contemplating how to write a series.

I do have a story I buried to never see the light again and honestly, I have no intention on returning to it. I don’t even want to talk about the story XD Gives me “old writing cringe” XD I did transfer the personalities of the characters I liked into other characters in other stories.

The big guy who looks intimidating but is actually the kindest person you would ever meet. The narcissist who eventually melts and becomes someone’s friend. The tough girl character. Twin brothers who bicker but have awesome chemistry. And then some old wise man.

I guess the characters got a second chance? But not really. A lot of my characters are like that :stuck_out_tongue:

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In most circumstances, I usually finish the stories I set out to write. However, there’ve been a few in the past that I gave up on for various reasons and that I’ve gone back to or will go back to.

The most obvious one is my current WIP, a YA sci-fi fantasy called the Sorceress. I got the idea seven years ago, back in 2015, and tried to write it. I was much younger then and also still learning to hone my skills as a writer. It wasn’t really working, apparently. And I tried it multiple times in two formats (as a novel and as a screenplay). I realized I wasn’t good enough for it, so I shelved it. And that was up until 2017-2018 when I wanted to write it again, but was currently working on a book. I started planning it in September of 2019, after I finished and uploaded that said book I was working on to Wattpad. I wasn’t even halfway finished with the outline when I decided to try to write it officially for NaNoWriMo in 2019. I got around 10,000 words in (way more than I had ever had when I tried to write it the first few times around) and continued the story after that—though, no, I didn’t win NaNoWriMo. Not at all. Haha. It was around March or April of 2020, just before COVID hit, when my computer wigged out on me and I completely lost the outline. Surprisingly, not the manuscript itself which thank the heavens. Haha. But despite working on that outline for more than a month (and still not finished) it actually gave me an upper hand because I had realized the outline wasn’t actually good. :sweat_smile: I changed a few things along the way, making the story stronger as I continued on, and eventually finished it three years later (just a few weeks ago!)

Returning to TS was amazing because I had the idea stuck in my head for so long. Every time I played a certain song, every time I saw a specific movie, every time I thought of a specific thing… it was right there, begging me to write it.

Another story I shelved was one called (1) New Message, a YA contemporary romance. It was also around the same, in 2015, but I put it on the back burner for another reason. I tried to write two stories at once (this one and another I had called Ariella) but it wasn’t working because I don’t have the ability to do that. :sweat_smile: I decided to focus on one story (which was Ariella) and finished that but then I never went back to 1NM. I just went onto write another book. It wasn’t until I finished the Sorceress when I decided to try 1NM again as a novella so I could try to put something on Wattpad. I haven’t written anything towards it, just got ideas floating around. Haha


It was a story I wrote for myself. I like it, but it doesn’t have a pull for other people.

I haven’t written my best story yet, and probably never will.

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For me, it depends.

If it’s a book I’m interested in writing, then absolutely.
If I started writing it, hated it and shelved it, then no.

I have a couple of books stuck on their first drafts. One of them I’m interested in editing eventually. I loved writing it, but I started editing it and didnt feel it. But one day, I will.
The other stuck in first draft, I’m not interested in. It was good when I wrote it, but my writing has vastly improved, my characterisations are better. It was kind of a learning novel. I’ve kept it on Wattpad, but not entering it into the Wattys, I won’t ever query it. Just not interested. For me, it doesnt deserve a second chance. And thats okay. It’s just not the story I want to carry on telling.

I have a book on hiatus at the moment. I loved drafting what I have so far, I want desperately to carry on, my brain just isn’t feeling the plot and world right now. It will get its second chance, it deserves it. I’m just not ready for it yet.

One book I got 9 chapters in once and deleted it from my computer, wattpad, one drive, everything. I hated it, I wrote it for an experiment and it will never, ever get a second chance. It was rough, my writing was bad, the topic was awful. Yeah, I pretend that never happened XD


I totally get the feeling! There is a book I promise myself to write for a while and I will. When I am in the right frame of mind for it. Some books will wait.


Thats the thing! It’s taken me so many years to tell myself that it’s okay to not write what you want. I know I’ll go back to it, but I’ve pushed myself and forced myself for so long to finish books I start, and my writing suffers for it. So I’ve relaxed on myself and it’s totally okay to do it.
I wish I’d told myself that sooner, would’ve saved so much rewriting :rofl:


I also decided at some point that with as many books as I have that are finished I very well earned the privilege to have a couple on hold or frozen before editing/not knowing what to do with them. Like… seems like a no-brainer, but my OCD was making me ashamed of having a delayed project. Like… why?


SO TRUE. I think people (especially on wattpad) view things on hold as bad because most writers dont come back, but with a track record like yours, of finishing things, I think people would get it, you know?


Well, I am glad that I gave my anthology a second chance…really glad.

Far as the short story, I will not give that a second chance.
Onward to bigger and better things.


Now as far as rewriting goes: it’s not that there’s fully any bad ideas, but more that there’s things that are going to take so much of your life up to work I to something that is on par with your current talent/abilities.

There’s this line where talent and passion collide, and in a rewrite of your talent is higher than your passion for the project, it’s not going to happen.


Julio’s getting a secon–thir–fourth chance :smiley: