Someday, really soon, I shall return to making a dream come true once again!

Right at this moment, I am focusing on writing on this novel that I am unsure will become a stand alone or series. Whatever!

So, I am focusing on this reincarnation-isekai till I am able to reach the very end of the novel.

Still, I do want to return back to Red Reign, I don’t know why I feel this way yet I do. I’ve been thinking so much about it that it might seem purely fantasy, but honestly I am willing to do whatever I can see see a fantasy become reality.

My dream is to see Red Reign a novel series that hits the stores, library, shopping websites, and wherever you can buy books regardless of the copy.

Yet I envisioned Red Reign as some nine book series with five novellas/spin-off books, which might not be feasible for me since completing one novel in my life was a herculean challenge for me to begin with.

So, not this year, but next year I shall return to Red Reign and really buckle down on what to do with the story overall that makes the best since.

My current story Return of the Heretic Queen is sorta Red Reign or other some alternate universe of it or something.

I still need to come up with an actual plot/idea much later, but I can gain inspiration while I am working.

For all of November and all of December, I shall do whatever I can to focus on Return of the Heretic Queen, then take a bit of a break to relax and plan how to better approach Red Reign.

So, I truly believe that Red Reign can be a great published story, but if it doesn’t, I do have think a bit harder.

TL;DR: I want to pursue becoming a published author once again.

Thoughts and Feelings?
Lend me your advice and recommendations on books that fit with overall genre. I am working on a science-fantasy story, but I will read anything science-fiction and fantasy.



Any tips and advice?

That’s great that you’re resuming your dream! ٩(˘◡˘)۶

I can’t think of any fantasy/sci-fi books like the ones you write, but what about doing searches for the shortest books? Maybe you won’t lose interest if you keep it short…?

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I took a break from my own novel after getting the first draft done, then atarted something else. However, I never finished the something else, because I realized my original story was more important to me and I want to get it published. So, I returned to my first story.

I think if you’re really passionate about a story, you’ll always come back to it and will have the determination to finish it. Even if you take breaks to pursue other projects. That’s okay too. Just know where your passion truly lies and find the conviction to see it through.


It’s funny because I still have high hopes for Red Reign.
I don’t know if I am being too idealistic or whatever, but man I really want to see Red Reign in bookstore, library, or anything online or offline store.

It is a matter of coming up with an idea that best works for Red Reign and making the execution work too.

I dearly love to make Red Reign work for me and do want to see it grow in order to become a novel that I can see loved by others, but more importantly EXTRA LOVED by me.

I keep thinking about Red Reign as a published novel series so much that it is crazy!


And I want you to do this! Now go with all the strength of the Authors will, and write this tale!


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Thank you very much! :blush:

Seriously, all the joking aside… I want you to do this. I feel that you have good tales to tell, and in time folk will read them, and enjoy them too… When that happens, it is all worth it…

Now with all the best wishes I can muster, write those tales of yours.


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I appreciate those words! Thanks once again for that!
That makes me happy.


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This dream is going to happen faster than I thought.
I really want to see Red Reign in a physical copy form, because I need to make a dream a reality.

Once I am done with the first draft of my story, I shall ask for recommendations for writing craft books and books to read that aren’t manga/manhwa.

I will do that now, but I need to have my first draft utter garbage that I can turn the second draft into something destined to be a treasure.

I think the most important things in this story is EXECUTION, PLOT AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, MAKING SENSE OF THE STORY, AND MY WRITING STYLE, though there are other important things since this is a science-fantasy book where the worldbuilding, technology, magic system, and characters development is strong yet complex.

Anyway, I am going to get some writing done in after making my thread.

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