Something that I realized about my main characters...

I just realize something pertaining to this character that I’ve named Demetrius, but also Nicholas too.

When it comes to Demetrius (my MC), I am ALWAYS starting the story him at a party or something along those lines.

Demetrius is an odd case I simply do not know how to start his story without revealing too much about him in the beginning.

It is always in the same pattern; Demetrius is at a party that his family are hosting, he grows bored and bitter, his friends arrive to the party to end the boredom, a flirtatious noble heiress and her sister both tries to get with Demetrius, and his siblings insult him along with his friends while his parents show their strict side.

It is hard for me to start Demetrius’s story properly.

Now, onto Nicholas who is a royal just like Demetrius. The only difference is with him I always start with him looking off his balcony at his kingdom falling into pieces. Then his younger sister comes to tell him something which involves a Kenorlandish prince named Edmond.

You see Demetrius’ empire invaded Nicholas’ kingdom years ago and so there are some Kenorlander who are living in the nation. Norboria (Nicholas’ nation) is a dominion of the empire and the Norborian lost most of their rights, freedom, culture, and traditions thanks to Kenorland.

Another thing is that Nicholas’s parents who were the monarchs of the nation betrayed their country to side with Kenorland for profit and because they are cowards. They were killed off. Even though Nicholas and his sisters still has a “royal” title but they can’t do anything to save their homeland. Not only that the Viceroy of the Norboria who is the Kenorlandish Prince named Edmond is doing everything.

Well, not really because he find that sitting on his fat ass, harassing Nicholas’ sisters, and causing the nation to fall even deeper into the pit of despair is more enjoyable.

TL;DR: Demetrius’ story begins with him at a party while Nicholas’ story begins with him world falling a part.

Now, Nicholas story makes the most sense, but even that is lacking to me in some way and I keep going to that situation.

Any thoughts on this “problem”? How do I go about this? I am tired of this constant rut.

This is where @NotARussianBot 's method works. You get a scenario from somebody and plot k your character I. It, see what they do.


Forgive my stupidity, but what exactly do you mean?

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If you put Demitrius in another situation, how would he react?

For example, what would happen if you put the cast of Glee in the world of Kaberneri of the Iron Fortress?(Anime that has a zombie apocalypse during the Edo Period)

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I don’t know. I trying to think of another situation for Demetrius.
It is a bit challenging for me because I only know this one which is the party one.

EDIT: I mean I could another thing that I could do is have Demetrius hanging out with his friends then he gets a phone call from his younger sister telling him to come to the party with his friends. But in the end he is still doing something relating to the party.

I have to play with this some more including Nicholas as well.

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If you put him in an unfamiliar situation, how would he react? Like in an Edo Period Magical Zombie Outbreak?

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Honestly, I don’t think Demetrius will have a good reaction to seeing magical zombies. He would be scared and fighting to survive like most people.

Unless I do where Kenorland is producing flesh-eating zombies that are attacking the three continents in order to claim total control of them. The zombies strongly obey the Kenorlandish Imperial Courts wishes and aren’t able to harm the Kenorlanders.

But that is so random and out there.
I don’t know how to do even a decent horror.

Why do you do this to me? LOL!

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Because you’re in the specific rut that NARB’s madness is designed to break.


@NotARussianBot is giving me ideas and now I can’t stop thinking about it!
Curses! :joy:


Bumpity bump.

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Ask yourself what you’re trying to do with those characters. To me, it sounds like Demetrius and Nicholas are almost meant to be foils of one another (or perhaps an antagonist/protagonist relationship) although I could be reading into that wrong.

I will say, the tension between their nations, and them starting out in different places makes for an interesting dynamic. I think a lot of interesting relationships could be built off of this, and you could really do something character-wise in portraying two people who are both alike and unlike in their situations.


Nicholas and Demetrius were close friends that drifted apart over time since they are from different nations. Then the invasion of Nicholas’ country made things worse for their already dissolving friendship.

So, within the narritive of your story, are they going to be hesitant allies or are you building up their characters to be against one another?

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Hesitant allies, huh?

Well, what I would like is for them to slowly hate each other then over the course of the story become good friends again because they realized that they share a common goal.

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