Sometimes, I feel like this is cheating, even if it is FREE to use for everyone! LOL!


These are the websites. I don’t use them that much and it’s more so the first one rather than the second one. The first one I just goof off on it sometimes or other times forget I have it.

Still, I feel like it’s cheating when it is MEANT to be helpful for writers and other creatives.


I guess I feel bad because when it comes to writing, it should be my OWN thing purely from my creative mind. Yet there are times I struggle and need a little help then other times I am good.

I worry way too much about silly things.


We borrow concepts off each other. This aint really that different, as long as we put it in our own words.


True, very true.

Taking something and giving it a twist or our own creative spin is key when trying to make something your own.

I use Fantasy Name Generator WAAAAAYYYYYYY too much :rofl:


Same, friend, same.

Also, which categories do you use more often than the others?
For some reason, I am always using either the elf names or planet names, or even the country names?

Great knowing I am not alone in this!

See what happens when you worry and sweat the small stuff too much, Qualeshia?

Chill out, girl!

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Elemental Names is the one i use most

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