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Hey guys!

I’m just about to go to bed in the UK, so I might not reply till my morning time, buuuut I was just after some advice.

I’m not sure if I need to make a newsletter? I’ve signed up in the past to my favourite authors and they have them, but obviously they’re like NYTimes best sellers and whatever.
I have my trad. published book coming out on September 9th, and I’m thinking do I need a newsletter for this kind of thing? All I do other than that is write on Wattpad and Radish. I do social media like Insta and Twitter, and obviously I post on Wattpad.

Personally, I usually sign up and forget it, unless it’s something of serious interest like my favourite authors XD

If I do get one, how do I even go about making one? Where do I start? Are these even of value or is my carrd website enough?

Ugh I hate marketing.

If you do, you set it up with some fun little “treasure hunt” that you mention on other sources.

"If you get my news letter, can you mention what you liked about my character analysis on x character? Give it a reason for interaction across multiple sites: it will give you an idea of how many are active (of course some will read and be quiet about it, but this is a way to induce interaction with the willing).

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good point. It just feels like extra work I have to do and I just UGH idk if it would help I’d begrudgingly do it lmao. Idk my brain is like “it could help but I have one single book out and I update on all my twitter/insta/wattpad thing” it just seems a bit pointless unless I have multiple books out and/or become famous (ha! I wish!)

Do you write basic outlines for what you want your characters to be before you write the story?

If you’re already doing the work for the letter, you don’t have as much work to do. And if you’re doing this 12 times a month, you’re not making as much work for you.

But: some people write little programs that post the same thing to multiple accounts so they on my have to do a message once: and they schedule them weeks in advance.

I’m a little late but i hope this will still help. I definitely advise starting a newsletter as long as you have the time/material to keep up with it. In my experience it works best if you have a reader magnet to connect it to, which is an exclusive free story that’s given away in exchange for signing up. Typically a novella. There are sites that will manage those signups and downloads for you, personally I use StoryOrigin as do pretty much all authors I know. That gives people some incentive and a free taste of your writing to hopefully get interested in your other stuff. Keeping on a regular schedule is a big help too. Monthly works best for me, some authors do more often, it’s not as important how often as long as you can stick with the schedule.

As far as content there’s so much potential. You dont have to just do updates on your projects. I typically include any news or updates in mine, but I’ve also done reader opportunities (for beta readers, ARCs, etc), funny stories about my normal life, fun polls or questions related to reading/my books, memes, sneak peeks of things I’m working on, deleted scenes from my published books, stories about the writing/editing/publishing process, music I use for inspiration for my books, relevant articles I find interesting, book sales, giveaways, my current reads and book reviews, recommended books, there’s just so much that’s not just updates or pushing people to buy your book. I try to make my newsletter fun and include cool or interesting things that don’t require paying money. When your readers feel like they can connect and interact with you as a person, not just an advertisement, they’re a lot more likely to not just buy your book but stick around for future books.

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