Storage, organizing, and getting rid of things!

What does organization mean to you, in terms of keeping things clean and maintain?

How do you handle eliminating things that serve no purpose for you any longer?

Anything else worth sharing?
Thoughts and feelings?


It means keeping your items in order, and not allowing your place to be taken over by hoardes of useless things. Maintenance is keeping track of everything, and cleaning it when it needs to be cleaned. Minimalism is always the best way to go in this regard.

Either sell them on if they still have use, donate them to a charity shop if someone else can still use them and they aren’t meant for selling, or just throw them out if they don’t serve a function/purpose anymore.


Things are good answers.

I have to clean my closet and toss things away.

In terms of donating to charity, the ones I know require a car or there is online and I HATE selling online.

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All my answers are “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” unfortunately.


We’re doing spring cleaning right now in our house, and as for me I’m totally ruthless. If it’s not something I use at least once a month, I’m willing to let it go. I’ve given away all but a dozen books now out of hundreds since I read everything on my kindle fire now. The more minimalist you go, the more expensive your house looks, I find. No matter how valuable your stuff is, if there’s too much of it then it just looks like junk.

As for getting rid of it, we give all books to the library donation place downtown, clothes and household goods go to Goodwill, Salvation Army or Hospice Attic, depending on which one will take it. We never bother selling anything; we just write the donation off our income tax. It’s tax time! (=^ェ^=)

So are you doing spring cleaning now? The part I hate most is vacuuming and dusting afterwards. Argh. (ノ_<、)ヾ(´▽`)

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Just my closet. That’s all.

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If you have not used, wore or needed it in the last 6-12 months… Get rid!


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I forget things exist, come across them later and go “huh I should throw that out/donate it” then forget it exists again. And the cycle repeats


Given that I’m a hoarder, it’s really hard to just get rid of stuff, but I’ve managed a little.


I cleaned my closet and it was an experience in a way…

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