Struggling Writers’ Daily Den: rant, share, complain, ask, daily progress thing (Part 1)

I can’t find a similar daily thread to chit-chat on daily progress and struggles, so gonna open one, because I don’t work well without it, and I am starting to work on not ONC now.

So, yup, weird feeling after 40 day ONC madness to come back to my WIP, the Enemies with Benefits.

My restarting point, with some poking around yesterday and today is at 53.4K, and I am just moving into that All is Lost plot beat.


I remember this thread from the old forums… ah, the good 'ole days!
I just published chapter 5. I passed that milestone so that’s nice <3 I also just hit 6k for my WIP so that is something amazing to me lol


Woo-hoo! 5 chapters is a great progress. :slight_smile:


It is! Especially when you usually stop at 6k <3


After your advice the other day, I loosely lined up Jude with the plot beats and it turns out I’m in the middle of posting the All Is Lost plot beat too!

Good luck with your WIP :relaxed:


That’s a sad one, but it gets better…


I’m gonna talk about my WIP. I have a question about mafias, but I’ll get to that.

My story, I aimed for a 50k novel but now it’s gone over 70k and it’s not like I’m dragging it out at all. It’s like fantasy but with police mystery so you kind of have to stretch things out a bit. But it’s not like I have entire chapters of nothing.

Just turning into a large project all on it’s own without really trying.

I made the cover yesterday after like a gazillion attempts drawing part of it and using photos and silhouettes in another part.

It looks so good :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Well, I’m happy with it. This has nothing to do with the writing bit.

Back to the writing bit, I think I might have to look up how mafia families worked. Or, at least how many people were in one family maximum. How far related relatives were part of the family, that sort of thing. The Humans in the story now seem to be a mafia-type family and this is new territory for me. Does anyone have good mafia resources?


I used a couple of pages on American italian mafias. There is no limitations on numbers, it’s what they can control and support. Mafia, by its nature, is not regulated by artificial restrictions like governement regulations, it is organic patronage system that adapts to any circumstances.


So, like, as long as they have the resources, they can have many people? (I’m not words anymore XD)

brain is buffering

Could mafia involve people who are friends of the family? They don’t have to be related? Or do they? The only mafia I’m familiar with is Godfather.


I guess I’ll share a bit about how things are going with my WIP.

As of the moment, my story is at about 135k words and about 25% finished, and it was the first and only story of mine that broke what I dub the 30k word barrier, which has scuttled 4 of my WIPs, so this WIP has been a big achievement for me. Two weeks back, I mangled to finish writing a 12k word chapter in a week and a half, something that is pretty unprecedented for me since I’m normally a really slow writer, but now, I’m really feeling the writer’s block, and I’ve only managed to get out about 1.5k words in the past week or so.

Part of the problem is that I’m really struggling with dialogue. 90% of the time, dialogue is something that I really don’t enjoy writing because being socially awkward in real life, writing smooth and normal dialogue is so painful. I also have this habit of writing “circle-conversations,” where characters talk but there’s not a ton of forwards momentum to their conversations, so some conversations feel awkward and pointless.

But I’m pushing through with current my chapter, and I’ve committed to writing at least 100 words a day, which has helped me stay motivated, and I think I’ve mangled to make it past the hardest pieces of dialogue to write. I’ve tried skipping ahead and writing, but being a very strong pantser, I just cannot and planning ahead actively demotivates me, so right now, I’m just forcing myself to write and hoping things go well.


Yes, and depending on the mafia you are describing, it is different of how they chose and promote people, if they have to be the same nationality or it is mixed etc. Overall, as long as it is criminal and works on the patronage system, with very few being the big cheeses, you are good.


I spend the first few years of writing just writing dialogues for amateur videogame mods. Try writing the banter first, focus on the punchy lines, start and finish on them, and trim away the rest. Then fill everything in between, once your dialogue sparkles.

If you want examples, try reading the plays by Wilde, Shaw, Ibsen, or Moliere — the theatrical play of that era had great dialogue.


Today, this happened: My MC feels that now his frenemy is a friend, but he doesn’t want to admit it out loud yet :wink:


I am having a bit of trouble switching to writing my WIP, because my ONC characters are still occupying my heart. So I try to write, then remember something and go tweak ONC… argh. Can’t wait for WIP to feel ‘natural’ again.


i started writing something last summer, wrote 25k words in six days and have struggled to write another chapter for it for nearly a year at this point

why am i like this


Did you try making a bare bones outline of the rest of the story? It can help with going forward past a sticking point.

I actually find that I have a sticky point at about the same length, 28K, and once i grind through it, the story goes well. I think it’s a combo of knowing how story unfolds and living with the characters for long enough in your head that does the trick for me

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it’s a fanfic with a oc-insert so it already has a pre-determined plot (with some added stuff bcos I wanted some ~spice~). I know how I want it to continue, and have scenes for later on in my brain playing out and altering them but I can’t get the words down


I’m dying, lately I’ve been going on an insane writing streak, over 1k per day, and I want to write and I’ve hit a block. I know what happens next, and know what to write, but can’t force the words out, and I want to write but like ;-; idk if its bc I’ sleep deprived or I’ve actually hit a block. Inspiration keeps striking me at 9pm on days when I have to wake up at 6:30am

I’m finished with my rant :sweat_smile: On a side note: I’ve written 6k+ during March!

How’s everyone’s week been?


Hello, everyone! I’m M, as most of you probably already know from my username. :sweat_smile: I write short stories, currently writing a novella, I mostly write children literature/middle grade. Aaand I thought of another short story idea today. I can’t work on a single project for longer than three weeks, before having to switch to something else, which more than anything may be the reason why I haven’t ever finished a novel. For the past year, I worked on various short stories (more like two), outlined two novels, and abandoned every single one of those things. But, I’m getting better at sticking to my WIP’s. Somewhat.

How’s it going for everyone else?


that’s great, I’m so happy for you!

I relate to all this, it pretty much describes my entire situations right now :rofl: It helps to switch to another project for a bit when you lose momentum with your current one.

Extremely unproductive, barely written 3k words, y’know how it is XD.

53k! Congrats! Ah, despite having never actually gotten to that part in a novel, it’s still single-handedly my favourite plot beat ever! How’s it going so far?