Struggling Writers’ Daily Den: rant, share, complain, ask, daily progress thing (Part 1)


Marcus, Alfie, Bethany’s Mom, they all think Bethany knows exactly what they mean when they say her father is a rat. She thinks he’s a criminal who ratted out her mother’s secret identity making her a target. He did do that, but…he’s actually a rat :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait until Meme sorts her out.

I was going to have Marcus tell her in chapter 2, but then I thought that’s too easy. She should be frustrated about the weird stuff happening for a little while longer.

Meme is the cat who’s not actually a cat, btw.

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Wow. Months, huh? :open_mouth:
Well, I’m glad they accepted them in the end. That’s good news :smiley:
I’ll probably only submit my stories once a year, so there won’t be any spamming.

Thanks, Kami :purple_heart:
I look for at least a few new readers.

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Yes, I look forward to that too :laughing:

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Wait. What’s that?
Where do I find it?
What do I do with it?

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That’s on the desktop only.

I think WP uses it internally when they’re scouting.

Hasn’t worked for me yet but it doesn’t hurt to signal to WP that you’re interested.

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So right after I complained about not having time for writing, I found some time but then got distracted by another interest of mine, which is artsy stuff and graphic design, and spent my precious time on that. (Cool results though, I talk about it in this thread ).

What can I do? Too many interests, not enough time in the day.

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I’m using the desktop version but I never noticed it.
I’ll go look for it rn.

That’s OK. It happens, and sometimes it’s a good thing!
I once chose a different path for one of my original stories, and the readers loved it.

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It’s a part of editing your book from the computer.

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It’s been two years since I’ve written. I took a major hit in my self-confidence in writing when my book deal got canceled. Especially after people told me it would do really well And it didn’t and I know it’s very hard to get published again and get agented Again after a failed series because you’re considered a Risk so I’ve been having a very hard time.

I think I’m going to try to write something non-serious first. Like just something for fun or well something that I don’t think about as a future novel. But I haven’t started yet so wish me luck.


Go to Wattpad on the website, click on write, my stories

Screenshot at Aug 24 19-44-28

Then click on the story you want to edit

Then, there is a menu

Click on story notes, and you should be brought to a tab like this:

After you’ve filled everything out, scroll down to the bottom and you should see ‘story opportunities on Wattpad’. Fill that out and submit it:

There, you should be good to go.


I have stories on official profiles and it gives a bit of a trickle. Historical Fiction was amazing and the steadiest.

I was also featured on Editor’s Picks – was really good! The best aside from the banner if you are like already a high reads earner (basically you are on social media or some popular booktok profile loves you).

Had been a Watty winner in 2020 (moderate trickle of reads)

Watty shortlist 2021 --nothing really save for bragging rights, BUT one of the shortlisters got on Historical Fiction list, so it was a good steady source of reads

Stars Swimlane–was great when Stars lane was high on the page, far less stellar when it was moved way, way down.

Overall, you won’t get much exposure unless you are on Editor’s Picks or Banner and in the first slot.

I’ve been on Wattpad for 3 years, and tried my very best, but I never had an exploding book. I feel that it doesn’t happen with promotion… it comes from the readers outside Wattpad or book being so incredible it just hits with a huge slice.


You don’t have to say sorry. if you wanna rant then rant away. It’s what this thread is for :joy:

And no problem <3


Wow. How haven’t I seen that before?!!
Thank you so much! :purple_heart:


OMG that’s huge!! Congrats! I hope I get featured there one day.

Girrrrll!! :scream::clap: :clap:

That seems like it would never happen to me unless with some serious kind of luck :disappointed:
Ah, well. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing now and hope I get the attention I’m craving for :laughing: LOL

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Ash and Cinder is on one of the ScienceFiction profile’s reading lists. I uh, never applied to be on it so I don’t know how it got there but there was a small boost around the time that it was first added. About the same as when a critiquer hits my application in their queue and shares their thoughts with the world.

It’s a nice little ego boost too lol :joy:


OMG I think that means one of your fans recommended it! Aw. That’s so nice of them :'D
And congrats!


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: ooooh i always figured it was related to being in the Stars program but that could be it too. Aw c,: my heart

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If you have a natural growth, that’s the best thing and it always has the most potential. Features bumps are artificial and rarely lead to sustained growth. When feature ends, the resulting drop kills your gains. That’s my Trapped by the Mafia. It doesn’t have organic readership, so once feature ended, it collapsed.

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when u want to test a motion ur character is doing but ur in public :face_in_clouds: :face_in_clouds:

can’t roll around on the floor in the library, the security guards will kick me out :stuck_out_tongue: