Struggling Writers’ Daily Den: rant, share, complain, ask, daily progress thing (Part 2)


I would love a clean room and to maintain a clean space. What people don’t understand is that I am not lazy, it is just physical and mental chore to keep up with cleaning and maintaining a space.

I have moments where I am just beyond forgetful or mostly can’t be bothered.

I would love a clean and spotless bedroom.
I just need help getting there or to hire a cleaner to do it for me. LOL!

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This really hits me on so many levels!

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I just wrote: Vivienne bolinked.

That’s a uh, very intense blink XD


Okay so, I like to be a little meta in my stories:

About an hour later, she headed towards the Fogforn Ruins’ tower again. Lady Cerfia talking strategies to aid them made the battle more real.

Like a fantasy book, she thought, and I’m the main character? But if that’s the case, I should be able to master a sword overnight. The reality was, she could barely swing it with two hands without twirling her body around at the same time. She would be a danger to her allies and an asset to her enemies.

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Honestly this upcoming plot twist in chapter one of all chapters that doesn’t even involve Jorildyn is really something.

I am still not done with chapter one, but there are these characters who I guess can be considered supporting/minor characters that are there to show you what their roles are and the overall world is like for them.

Yet these two characters have a deeper connection that instantly popped into my head that I apparently liked more than I thought, since I went in that direction.

If you don’t like spoilers, then don’t read unless you do:

So Juicy

Princess Brianna of Alroria’s mother is the older sister of another nation’s monarch. So, in other words, Empress Fiora is Brianna’s aunt, but does not know that…yet.

Queen Miranda and her sister Fiora DO NOT like each other at all.

I honestly like it on a personal level, but I just wasn’t expecting myself to go in that direction. I didn’t plan it! LOL!

Off-Topic: When comes to video games dealing with heavy lore and worldbuilding and people making theories and speculation on why things are they way they are and more, The Legend of Zelda franchise is one of those games.

I can admire that because when it comes to the Super Mario franchise in which I am fan of, you don’t really get that.

It’s more like Super Mario is for pure fun and you need to shut your brain off sometimes.

Whereas in The Legend of Zelda it is you can have pure fun while you keep your brain running as you play.

It is such a stark difference in the games.
I honestly LOVE, LOVE Super Mario, but I also wished I got into The Legend of Zelda when I was younger.

Instead I went with Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog back then. I played one Zelda game and that was the Breath of the Wild, which is probably a big mistake because I am still new to the franchise and also too damn eager.

So, if I ever get back into gaming, I will try the Zelda games again and of course Super Mario.

On Topic: I am still on break before I start my second chapter of Red Reign.

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Out of context snippet:

“Can you have a face here?” she asked.


I love how Jorildyn personally handed Brianna some of her own money that she barely used and a bit more in order to help her out.

Yet apart of me if feeling like a horrible person because of it.

My brain is like: “Wouldn’t it be fun if Brianna dies as she tries to save her kingdom with the money that Jorildyn personally gave her, all because Fiora is a petty bitch who can’t let go of the past, but when the Empire of Jaeblia comes under attack, Fiora decides to call Jorildyn to do something for her personally, but it ends with Jorildyn’s friends dying in the process and what happened to Brianna resurfaces in which Fiora either gets in serious trouble or dies from the attack? Yeah, doesn’t that sound super swell?!”

I want to go this route, but Brianna has been through enough, yet I don’t want to be some bleeding heart towards a character I might not mention ever again.

Decisions, decisions…
It is totally fine that I spoil this since nobody is going to read this novel ever. In if the off chance of it getting read, things might change in the end.


Remember that no matter what source is used, it’s all steam powered turbine in the end. The reason while nuclear is so great with that is that it is almost unending as a heat source in a closed-system. The improvement needed in most of those is not in the fuel source, as far as increasing productivity is concerned.

We can do this without heat. What we need is well-built dams and turbines on every waterway. Basically watermills. That’s what powers a good chunk of Nevada: the dam on the Colorado river. I believe Niagara Falls powers a good area as well.

The problem with that is that we block lifecycles like salmon spawning with it. That and we have events like the Mississippi being nearly dry this past year. Water works in cycles, and what we need is steady supplies of electricity. Most renewable energy has this big issue where there’s down time that doesn’t coincide with consumption. Does no good to have windmills if it can’t produce during peak use. Same thing for Solar.

So we are stuck with at least part of our systems being closed-steam systems burning fuel of some sort. Where we would be smarter to use cyclical energy is where it’s best used. Solar lights are great for the first few hours into the night, when most people are awake and socializing in the winter. It wouldn’t help with morning lights, but those are more limited to getting ready for the day.

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That’s a sign that you’re going to wind up expanding that one after ONC is over. Lol

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So, yeah, it turns out I might go with that plan anyway.

Sorry, Brianna…

lmao I probably am. :scream: I think I’m just cutting unnecessary stuff out because of the ONC word limit, but at the same time, it is helping me manage the “fluff” I probably don’t need. So at the very least, I should hopefully have a solid first draft once ONC is over. I’m not good at cutting out fluff. I write a lot, I tend to over explain and repeat myself. Bad habit. :laughing:


There are things that I greatly need to do for Red Reign that I KEEP FORGETTING, since I am done with chapter one and words into chapter two.

1.Showing that people ACTUALLY HAVE MISTING POWERS depending on the mortal species.
2. The worldbuilding that isn’t infodumpy (I might not be showing this story to anyone, but I want to be entertained…right?).
3.Exploring who and what each species is from The Firstlings to the Draads to the Vroks and finally to the Eradelians.
4.There’s a chance that Red Reign will turn into a complex story, because I have the absolute STRONGEST urge to combined the entire stories into one which is Red Reign. Simply because I rather not do some many stories at once, but also because I want to expanded heavily on the worldbuilding and more in Red Reign that I don’t think I can with the other stories…EVEN THOUGH I SHOULD!!!

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I think most people do.

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You know, if I am writing this story (Red Reign) strictly for me with no intentions of me not revealing it to, I shouldn’t give a flying damn on a hopscotch how crazy or stupid it will come out.

Since I am entertaining myself and myself alone.


I do have stories I want to show to people that aren’t Alagossian related…sorta…not really.


Remember to have fun while you write for you and stay hydrated, Qualeshia!

Yes, half-time is a…


Yup. Solid first draft is a huge thing ONC gives us!

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What else were you going to say? Sorry if I don’t get it.

A swear word, and it’s forbidden on the boards or discords or whatever. I’m tired of trying to remember what’s forbidden where to protect the children. Half-life of the radioactive decay. It’s just physics. Lol, I just found your emotional outcry at the discovery a bit funny.


Ah, I see.
I genuinely wasn’t even expecting the radioactivity in Chernobyl to last for that long.

20,000 years of remaining untouched by a living soul and being claim by mother nature is a terribly tragic thing.

I don’t mean to sound like I am poking fun at the situation or sound stupid.
I honestly had no idea that the radioactivity would be that terrible there.

I apologize if that is the case.