Struggling Writers’ Daily Den: rant, share, complain, ask, daily progress thing (Part 2)

Contemplating writing the story of a fantasy brothel in the structure of a medieval romance…


That’s worth some research:

Broad acceptance of the social utility of prostitution ensured that it was a highly visible part of late medieval urban life. In many cities the social role of prostitutes extended to civic pageantry, where, as participants in dances, weddings and the entry processions of great rulers, they could be seen as part of the city’s hospitality.


Yeah… I’m not sure what that means? Is that meant to be a sound effect? Like clanked/thudded/plopped etc?

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I’ve been “writing” with pictures and discovered it’s just as painful. :sob:


Happy pride month!

Anyways, it’s been a while, and I wrote a lot less this college semester compared to past ones because school just took up way too much time because i took much more units compared to prior semesters and the classes were much more difficult, especially a breadth class whose difficulty I had significantly underestimated. However, everything ended up going well academically in the end, and I’ve been doing a bunch more writing in the summer and slowly making progress. Hopefully, I should be able to get my next chapter out by the middle of this month.


thanks for the feedback!

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there is only 854 words in this chapter but idk what else to put and tacking it to the beginning or end of the surrounding chapters would mess with the flow : /

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My new idea for a story is pretty much Soul Eater, but the meisters are slaying gods with their weapon-partners who are trying to collect their memories in regards to ancient conspiracy and to understand their origin and more.

Thrn its a short chapter. You could get away with lumping better if 2 of them are short chapters, with some sort of abridge or sub-chspter marking.

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Yeah, looking at it again this morning I think I could bridge it into the next chapter. I’ll just eat some page time with setting description so it’s not painfully abrupt.

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oh look, suddenly its 2k

i’m excited to write tonight c:

kind of tired, but excited.

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I’ve only came up with an idea for a story.
I have not started writing.

Also, I feel like I just want to write a bunch of stories, whether they are shorts, novellas, or novels. Whichever calls out to me the most, I shall place it into consideration as a possibility to consider turning into a novel series.

Nothing else to report.

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Had a word count over 1K yesterday, AND managed to get non-writing work done. No idea how I did that lol but I’m hoping the same will magically happen in the 1hr of consciousness I have left today.

I’ve been feeling so free the last few days, finally unburdened by my usual writing blocks and worries. However, now my worry is that they’re all going to come back :skull: Guess we’ll see if it lasts.


1024 words :muscle: :confetti_ball:
How’s everyone else faring?


Managed to write another 300 or so words yesterday, wonder if I can have the chapter finished by Sunday

Work vent needed.

I hate my attention to detail.
I discovered a problem. Unclear yet how big of a problem it’s going to be.
But anyway, I can already imagine my boss’s response: Why haven’t you discovered it earlier?

The reason why is because I’ve put it off for weeks and weeks because of all the :poop: she’s put on my plate that was more urgent. But blaming her for this is not a solution. There’s no scenario where that can end well.

And it’s all because I followed a hunch and tested unusual scenarios.

Why do I have to be me? Any other person would have stopped testing long time ago and declared it fine.
But I wouldn’t let it go and now I’m going to be blamed for being so good at my job.

There must be a way to phrase this that doesn’t make it look like I’m to blame.

Somethingnhas updated and thrown off the data. Im currntly in the process of trouble-shooting the new paradigm/meta.

Good try.

Why did you wait this long to find this problem?

Find a citation for it being recent online. Lol

i know the point of developmental edits is to do the largescale time-consuming editing stuff like moving things around. And I knew when i was drafting that this section would need the most work. but uggghhh i just want to hurry up and get to the part where they all murder each other and explode things :sob: :rofl: