Such an intimidating presence that character has!

Have you ever written a character who oozes with an intimidating nature, but not in an evil or villainous way?

Thoughts and feelings?



Wanna say?

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Can confirm. Not actively malicious but imagine a giant centipede that has human-level or above intelligence. How does one not feel intimidation?


If I have too many facets of myself in them, yeah. I’m intimidating by nature. Which is funny because I’m really laid back.


It’s at bare minimum the heebie jeebie of bugdom brought to life.


Ooh, this is interesting to know!

I like that your characters have a bit of you in them, but I think most writers have this in spades.

Even me to some extent. Though I am not intimidating. :sweat_smile:


It’s in all sorts of weird places:

the plan for the story goes this way. The problem is, while traditional, it’s not a path this particular character can take because they, like me, finds it’s a damned dumb way to run your life. So, often, for the path: it’s either calling out the bull or finding a way for them to be more proactive in shunting this thing along. Neither is particularly weak.

I mean, guys give their little compliments in flirting and it’s supposed to move the girl. Comments like, a slow sigh of frustration, “Can you be real, here? You could say that about 20 different girls in this room, and it’s boring to be told I’m just like the rest.”

A girl that talks like that ain’t inviting in an easy way.


Now imagine that he is characterized like Death from The Seventh Seal…maximum intimidation factor.


Zorik: 7’4", former Golani Brigade lieutenant, veteran of the 1982 Lebanon War, can fire a FN-MAG like a M-16, now a mercenary commander. Despite his considerable size, often referred to by others as a giant, Zorik is quite gentle, forgiving and considerate…but don’t upset his friends…

Yasmine: 5’6", Bedouin assassin, Zorik’s former protegee and ex-girlfriend…and the brute’s only equal in combat…Yasmine presents an abrasive forceful nature, and zero tolerance for fools, although she is also protective of the few companions she has. Oh, Yasmine stole Zorik’s CAR-15 from the barracks when the army threw him out (court martial), and no one in the IDF tried to intervene (there are less painful ways to die).

Kris: 5’6", scruffy and wiry appearance, Sayeret Matkal sergeant, instructor of an IDF sniper school, short tempered, allergic to fools. The sniper school classification is part of his team’s camouflage. Kris and his team look like a bunch of IDF rejects and lounge-lizards, but they are one of the more experienced and dangerous covert-ops sniper units in the IDF. Anyone who tries to hurt any of Kris’ comrades discovers this little fact the hard way.

Hannah: 5’8", Military Intelligence officer, hyper-protective of her adoptive family, an expert in human psychology (and manipulating it), hates secrets, acts like she owns every room she’s in, never seen without her customised suppressed Jericho pistol, tends to greet new house guests at gunpoint.


I’ll give you this: At least all of them are human.


Lara. her sense of humour is the blackest you will find lol.


Surprisingly no. I’ve never done this :thinking: Not to my knowledge anyway


Not yet…

Though Geldrid is yet to unleash his full potential in a manner that will shake the very bones of the greater lords of Arillion… And he does so indeed… :slight_smile:



“The Man in Green” fits this best :thinking: even in his weakened state he’s plenty scary to his enemies (and intimidating when angry or serious… or even his neutral face XD)

Very much on the good guys’ side though!


Is Amneris not like that? She isn’t villainous, is she?


I mean, yes, but i wouldnt call her intimidating from the character perspectives i write in. These are all people who know her and her… quirks. She might come across as intimidating in book 3 because new character but I’m not sure.

From outside perspectives, she would probably come across as intimidating :thinking:


That’s what I meant. :grin:




Mordecai Quad.

He’s an abusive father. He’s described as “a big man with a belly but not morbidly obese” and his one stare can make a grown man shrink.

He’s simply a bad person in many ways, not necessarily evil.


Another contender…

Tara: 6’2", barrel-chest, former Russian Air Force major, former Sukhoi test pilot, has a higher G-tolerance than most combat jets…Although due to Tara’s abundance of thick powerful muscles she “can’t fit into an American toy” (her nickname for American fighter jets)…Tara’s friendly playful (child-like) manner is offset by her proactive observance of the Warheads on Foreheads theology when protecting her friends, or avenging them. Tara also prefers to achieve air-kills with her gun as “missiles are cheating”.


Okay, outside perspectives: Yes, Amneris is very intimidating and scary. Character perspectives: Only sometimes and it’s not often :joy: