Summarize what happened in the most recent chapter that you've written yesterday or maybe today!

Follow this format, please and thank you.

  1. Book Title and book number:
  2. Chapter title and number:
  3. Setting/location within the chapter:
  4. The names of the character(s) that are introduced in chapter:
  5. A summary of what happened in the whole chapter:

Thoughts and feelings?

NOTE: I want to keep this thread alive for a long while. I will keep coming back to it, regardless of if not many other don’t. You can keep coming back here as many times as you want to, whether to comment in depth on somebody else’s summary and/or to put your own out.



Come and gather your thoughts here, please!


Book Title and Number The Spirit Veil [The Akh Chronicles #1]
Chapter Title and Number: 5: The Old Book Conveniently Has All The Answers
Setting / Location: Aurora’s House
Names of Characters Introduced In Chapter: No new characters
Summary: I’m still writing the chapter tbh but I think the title sums it up :joy:

Book Title and Book Number: Queen of Darkness [Inter-Universal Protectors #3]
Chapter Title and Number: 1
Setting / Location: Lapide
Names of Characters Introduced In Chapter: Oooo boy this is a list

  • Amneris
  • Leo
  • Nikki
  • Zoe
  • Carmin
  • Dan
  • Jay
  • Kayla
  • Hathor
  • Colt
  • Lvaane
  • Ryan
  • Emily
  • Heidi
  • Hiram
  • Latifah

There may be more because I’m only part way through the chapter

Summary of What Happened (so far):

  • Amneris / Latifah therapy session (doesn’t go well)
  • Amneris / Ryan talking about everything that needs to be done that day (mostly Amneris complaining)
  • Hathor / Colt shopping for the things Hathor needs for the Academy (bonding time lol)

Sorry for randomly going off topic here, but I noticed that one of your characters is named Latifah. I instantly thought about Queen Latifah, the celebrity.

Dearest me, is your Latifah a royal or something close to it? That just made chuckle a bit.



looks at the ceiling and goes oh, god!

I’m trying to sort this very thing out on one of these bugs right now. lol

  • book title and book number: rescue you (number one out of three)
  • chapter title and number:xxii. we must be killers.
  • setting/location within the chapter: azure’s hideout/prison
  • the names of the character(s) that are introduced in chapter: none.
    existing characters include: harlow, aurelius, angelica, kaia, salem, elysian, hasan and izak.
  • a summary of what happened in the whole chapter:
    • harlow finds herself in a life-threatening situation, blackmailed by the sinister gang leader killrein.
    • forced to make an impossible choice between saving hasan and izak, her mind reels with memories that resurface, prompting her to realize that killrein is the source of all her traumatizing past (he’d been the one to order for her mother’s death which concordantly affected her too, seeing as she was with her at the time)
    • due to her panic in choosing between her best friend and high school friend, she is too late in making a decision and therefore killrein chooses for her, putting a bullet into one of them.
    • she reels in the guilt of being the reason for the murder of her best friend, but it only fuels her anger at killrein.
    • paralyzed by fear and anger, harlow is faced with confronting her darkest demons to navigate this predicament and therefore she begins to plan to get her revenge which she orchestrates behind everyone’s back - afraid that the people she loves will stop her.

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That’s where I got the name from :joy:

Yes, actually. She’s cousin to Xix who is a Queen

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You knew exactly what you were doing.
Making such a good funny. I love it!

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