Summertime heat and medication? (READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT)

Forget going outside, me and summertime heat is a major no no because the medication that I take for my mental causes resistance to heat in a bad way. I can’t risk being outside in the heat even for walking and taking drinks of water in the blistering sunshine. I will have to wait till it is cool enough to be able to withstand being outside and not feeling like I am dying.

I don’t want to hear things like “stay in the shade” and “drink plenty of water” and “take breaks” to get me to go outside and get some fresh air. I DON’T WANT TO DO IT REGARDLESS! It is painstakingly hot and my medication doesn’t like the heat and so do I.

But this thread isn’t to bitch and whine about those things, rather to ask if anyone else goes through the very same during summertime.

Do you think there is a link for people who take medication and can’t be outside in the hot sun? I am talking more towards mental health, yet I will accept towards physical health.

Thoughts and feelings?



It sucks because the goal was to hit the library. To hell with that, I am staying indoors to get away from the heat.

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open a window, homie, damn


Air quality and pollen make my little brother sick for two days…


Can’t open a window because of the building I live in. I either got an AC or fan to keep me cool.


Wow. Does he take anything or just cope with some home remedies?


Dayquill, sleeping, and Hajime no Ippo


Just realized you called me “homie”. LOL!

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But it’s only in the 80s there, isn’t it? Down here it’s in the 90s, although the heat index makes it feel like the hundreds. And my cousin lives in Texas where it’s expected to go up into the 100s soon, and it’ll feel even hotter than that!

Maybe you just need to acclimate yourself to the heat…? The more time you spend in the heat or the cold, the more you get used to it. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

Does your medication say anything about staying out of the heat?


Yes, in terms of not staying out too long.

Heat strokes and dehydration don’t sound fun.


Are you saying I should try and like going into the heat wave?



I’ve been out in 86F (30c), and I am still alive. I’ve also been out in 14F too (10c). I’ve been fine, and I’ve been out for most of the day. But if you’re gonna stay inside, close the curtains and turn on a fan, or air conditioning. You don’t let the warmth in, or the air if you have allergies.


I greatly dislike the heat and I hate being bothered by intense heat. My body cannot handle being in such humidity even for a little. It’s overwhelming and messes with my senses.

I hate sweating and the icky humid air.

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If you don’t want any of that, go to the Arctic circle :smiley: It’s the only place on Earth cold enough to not have a summer, or humid, warm weather!


You like orange creamsicles?


I can fully understand your situation here. Some folk that I know take various medication, and some of those meds cause deep dehydration problems, and that is a total shitter when it gets hot. They cannot get enough fluids into them, and they feel really shitty too. Almost like a sunstroke effect when they are indoors in a cool environment with AC turned up fully.

Others just feel shitty because of the heat as it compounds the medication, and at times causes terrible constipation and headaches.

One friend has been taken to hospital because of his medication. It had an adverse effect to his biology and the effects were amplified by the heat also. he spent five days on a drip to get his fluids up and to wash out the meds. Now he has a very strange facial tick because of it, and he avoids the hottest of days in a very paranoid manner (which I can understand).

Makes you wonder if medication that is often dished out willy-nilly (as we say in the UK) is really worth it? Not that I would suggest that anyone taking medication should stay that course… But it makes you wonder all the same…


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True, very true.

It’s a weird situation that sucks so much!

As someone who takes medicine and can’t be outside in the hot sun, YES.

First of all, acclimating doesn’t work. Neither does “staying in the shade” or “drink lots of water”. Well, staying in the shade and drinking water does TO A POINT. People say these things because it’s what they’ve been taught, not because it actually works for people in these situations. Speaking from experience, heat stroke and dehydration SUCK.

Second of all, is it a humid heat or a dry heat? Humid heat is usually a lot worse and at those times it’s safer to say indoors and only go out if you have no other choice. If it’s a dry heat, you have a better chance but, again, probably not a good idea.

Close curtains, a/c, air purifier if you have one (it can help with stuff like pollen or humidity), maybe even consider trying an umbrella if you have to go out for a walk (more protection), try to find ways to exercise inside if you haven’t already.

Our bodies aren’t made to deal with such extremes and, unfortunately, a lot of medication amplifies the effects due to side effects. Too hot? You get sick. Too cold? You get sick. Unfortunately, there ain’t no magic combination to do something about this. Would be great if there was ;-;

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Thank you for getting me! This is a lovely comment and I can’t explain how much it sucks and how dangerous it is too.

I hate the hot weather so much! I was never good in intense temperatures regardless and the medication makes it worse in so many ways. Like people can’t understand how bad it is.

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I honestly can’t stand anything over 20C. 25C is a MAX but anything over that, I get very sick and have very bad fainting spells. People really don’t see how much damage it does or how hard it is

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