Besides magical powers, does any of the characters in your story have superpowers like the ones you find in Marvel, DC, or something else?

What are the superpowers that these characters have?
Is there anything else you want to share about that?

Also, when it comes to superpowers, does it need to follow the magic system when it isn’t magical depending on the genre?

Tell me all that you can!


Well, its kind of hard to place Werwolves, but mine are transdimensional shapeshiftrrs, technically just humans with extra psychic gifts, so they fit in the realm of X-men pretty well.

I haven’t pegged what vampires are to me: most of mine are more outright Incubus/sucubus (and yes, those things often overlap with vampire). I know Im not all into “bloodsucker and undead” i do need something more out of them like I did with werewolves.

I’ve got the tentacle ahapeshifters that feed on humans as well, but they aren’t vampires. It’s the first time Ive explored this end of the specturm of scary and evil wirhout requiring me to foloow anyone else’s lore or trope (although I doubt it will be free of all that). I keep thinking of Poison Ivy as a malevolent spirit and leas obsession with plants.

In the Game of the Gods, my dwarves are more wide than short. They’re massive earth movers and tech savy so its like keeping to traditional dwarves and crossing them with some of your heavy lifters. This cross isnt a surprise because my light elves are more like crossing Native Americans with Gene Splicers, holding star powers.

There’s very little difference between Barbarians and Giants in my headspace.

So I take a very scifi mindset to fantasy, which is really most of what superheros are, in the first place.


Oh, in my assassins series, I have a Juggernaut–yes, momentum plays a part in how hard he hits. He’s the ML, of all things, and this gets displayed in a duel because another assassin’s decisions puts the MC–his “betrothed?”–in danger. It would have been an execution either way, but he wanted to do this with his own hands, and went ahead and displayed the extent of his strength to other assassins witnessing specifically as a way to warn them that they dont want to keep crossing him. He shatters the guy’s head. Apparently Ive got a thing for demolishing heads as my go-to of “this is disturbing”.


Yes, some of mine, like Marvin have one called common sense, that a lot of others seem to lack.


Yes, truly a rare superpower indeed in this day in age!


I’ve got a guy who can control the wind and create tornados and sandstorms. He can also commune with crows. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve got another guy who can turn into a giant eldritch abomination.

There are a few others but their powers are less cool and very specific lol.


Elemental affinities are pretty common


I have overpowered characters in my vampires/dhampirs… denser musculature add to their speed and lack of senescence means extremely long lives. Most have some form of mental powers (ranging from compulsion to mind reading to being able to read energy history from their surroundings.) In this same universe there are “witches and warlocks” who tap the elements to their own uses, and some can access parallel “demonic” dimensions and pull demons through for their needs. There’s is the only Magic System elements they have.
I also have cyborgs who are artificially stronger/faster than humans due to actuators or stimulation of their nervous systems.