Suppose you had the money to take a nice vacation to another country, who would you take with you?

This is a poll!

  • Parents (mother, father, or both).
  • Siblings.
  • Spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Best Friend(s).
  • Other close family members.
  • My child or children.
  • Me, Myself, and I.

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Choose wisely!

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Bonus Question: Where would you and your travel buddy go, along with what would you guys do there?

So if I had the money I’d take my friends and pay for the hotel/ airbnb with in-house food & beverage. Really just splash out. Go crazy on a night out. The last place we went abroad was to Amsterdam and we were absolute menaces.

I prefer holidaying alone which is way more flexible and fun. I like meeting other solo travellers, making local friends to hang out with and finding a date or two. Haven’t had a solo holiday abroad since the pandemic.

Croatia, Greece & Gran Canaria are on my friends’ list to go together. I think they’re planning something for next year. I’d like to go solo to Malta, Japan or make my way along the Danube.

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Myself because it’s a vacation and I want to chill. That’s the whole point.

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Travel by myself. Greater freedom of movement and flexible travel plans.

Where to?
Japan, South Korea, Taiwan (maybe), Germany, Finland, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Israel, UK & Scotland, Iceland, Kathmandu, New Zealand.

What to do?
Explore every museum and art gallery I could find, hike a lot, roam around the major cities, avoid all tourists spots / scammer havens, never travel economy class or by taxi, wear out my camera, keep a travel journal (series), and become familiar with the local post offices as I’d be sending a lot of souvenir packages home.

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I would definitely take my husband.
The question would be whether we took our son or not :rofl:
I’d probably end up taking two holidays - one with and one without.

Me and husband would go abroad somewhere. Maybe New Zealand or Japan or something. Maybe round the world? :eyes:
Then one to Center Parcs here with the boy (it’s a forest holiday they do them in UK and Europe) near to where my husband grew up. We’ve been a few times and our son (and us!) love it. so bets of both worlds :rofl:


@MatthewJH and @JohnnyTuturro: Great minds think alike? LOL!

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This is surprisingly tough for me :joy: I think I’d take one trip by myself then another with my sister and/or my boyfriend

Or a trip with my sis + my parents

If it was by myself, I’d like to visit some nature park/reserve, like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. Always wanted to just hike or camp and experience nature like that, I think it’d be a calming or meditative experience.

If with family or partner, then definitely Spain or Italy. Greece sounds awesome too! Our last trip to Europe had a lot of roaming around cities and visiting museums and cathedrals (even went to the Vatican!). Would like to see Peru someday, though that would be just my sis, friends, or partner, cuz if we climb Machu Pichu I don’t think my parents could endure that.

Of course this is all assuming I’m going out of the island, there’s lots of places in PR I want to see someday (mainly certain beaches and forests)

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casually slides plans to go to Italy again with the fam later this year off the table and looks around innocently

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I’d take my sisters, particularly my sixteen year old sister. One of my older sisters doesn’t like traveling—she has this annoying idea that you can get or see anything from other countries that the US has. She’s like, “The US has mountains and snow. The US has trees and historical towns and big cities. I don’t need to see any of that elsewhere.” :upside_down_face: :roll_eyes: Uncultured swine.

But I think if she had the chance to visit Italy or whatnot, she’d take it lol.

My other older sister would love to travel, but work can get in the way. If she had the ability to take as much time off as she wanted, she’d go in a heartbeat.

My little sister, on the other hand, loves traveling and we talk about where we want to go all the time together.

I’ve literally dreamed about taking her on a two month vacation just traveling the globe. If I had the money to, we would. The biggest places we’d visit first would be: Italy, France, and England—Rome, Paris, and London. Though if we went to England, I’d definitely take her to little villages because we’ve seen videos of people walking around tiny towns and they’re so cute!! The same for Italy; I’d also love to travel around the country to little towns and whatnot.

Then we’d hit up Czech Republic, specifically Prague. Spain. Greece. Norway. Switzerland. Japan, particularly Tokyo. India. Egypt—of course, Cairo. Dubai. Australia. Brazil. Ireland. Scotland. Canada. And personally, I’d also love to visit China.

We’d mostly just visit the tourist places (like in Rome, you’ve got the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, and a few other places), but we’d visit castles, ruins, and doing fun things. One of the main things I’ve always wanted to do is to visit every Disneyland park in the world; they’re in: Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and France.

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They do, but it is nowhere near as great as other places. Plus the culture and history is so different, that America isn’t quite the same.


I NEED a damn vacation from my daily life…pronto.

I trip to someplace fun, exciting, yet different would be wonderful.
I lack money to make it happen.

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