Taking a university major on a distant planet? Which would you choose and why?

Think about this one with an open-mind and loads of fun.

Humans and aliens have coexisted with each other. Mankind doesn’t just live on Earth because with space travel and aliens mingling with humans, technological advances have been made. Now, the story focuses on you and you have just gotten accepted into a top notch university on some distant planet with outstanding job and career opportunities for humans. Sadly, you don’t know what you want to major in at his university.

Select one of these majors that would sound most appealing to you and yes they are very much space related.

  • Space Travel.
  • Planetary Business.
  • Galactic Diplomacy.
  • Intergalactic Astronomy.
  • Planetary History.
  • Galactic History.
  • Alien Government Studies.
  • Planetary Survival.
  • Planetary Terraforming.
  • Intergalactic Relations.
  • Alien Language Creative Writing.
  • Alien Dialects.
  • Alien Sociology.
  • Planetary Animal Science.
  • Alien Medicine.
  • Alien Language History.
  • Alien Psychology.

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Choose wisely!


I could not list them all because there are only 102 of them that I have written down in my notebook. I will not list down all 102 of them. So, I only list a few that I actually like and might make some sense. Minus the one that I should have written down but failed to do so.

Sorry about that.

in Star Trek it’s called xeno-archeology. I picked it years ago :slight_smile:


Did not know that.

Star Trek Academy and the disciplines of the various crews is a great resources.

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Makes sense.

sweats in indecisive

can i have some blue collar options? what is the equivalent of a parts technician :joy:

i’ll just pick alien medicine for now, i’m sure they need phlebotimists too.

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Isn’t a part technician somebody who works with vehicles or no?

You’ll be seeing a lot more unique colored blood than human blood that’s for sure! LOL!

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that’s an auto mechanic or an auto technician! a parts tech is somebody who’s responsible for parts inventory, usually in a mechanical or agricultural setting like a mill or an autoshop.

yes, one would hope i wouldn’t see too much uniquely coloured human blood lol

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Ah, I see! Thanks for making things clear.

Yeah. You might come across some green blood alien or something. LOL!

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Imagine try writing a fiction novel in an alien language that you learned?
That should be interesting.

You know I really like this thread. I am going to make a fantasy related one later…or in a few.

The one that requires the last amount of effort because I wanna explore this distant planet!


Which one do you prefer?

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Space travel

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I sorta figured that would be the one you would have chosen.


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Why? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I going based off your comment. loL!

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