TBR List? Screw that! I HAVE A TBW LIST INSTEAD!!!

If have both a TBR and a TBW list, may the gods have mercy on your soul…

TBW= To Be Written

Is your TBW list getting longer/bigger? Do you feel that there are stories that you might not ever get to write, because of what you are trying to focus on now?

So, tell me a bit your TBW stories, if you want to?

I don’t care about your TBR stories, but rather your TBW.

Thoughts and feelings?



Wanna tell me a bit about your TBW list?

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With my level of stubbornness? Not currently :joy:

That would be the rest of all my series :joy:
Currently I’m working on IUP3, TAC1, and starting to think about UA1, TQC1, and TPC1.
I also am planning a bonus short story for IUP2 where I answer a plot hole that will be coming up :joy:

On top of these am starting to think about some of the incidents that get mentioned throughout IUP so I can make short stories for them as well. It’s just titles and ideas mostly so far.

Haven’t even considered starting TSS yet but I have some great covers and titles :joy:

Oh, and I’m thinking about making a mythology book called The Chronicles. It’s already been referenced in the first two books of IUP and will be important later in the series so I figure I should make it, if only for me to have something to refer back to.

IUP = Inter-Universal Protectors
TPC = The Photon Cycle (IUP spinoff)
TSS = The Shai Saga (takes place in the same world as IUP and TSS but isn’t entirely qualified as a spinoff)
TAC = The Akh Chronicles
UA = Underworld Adventures (IUP Short Story Collection)
TQC = The Queen’s Court (IUP Prelude Novella Collection)



I do have a list, but it is full of things I’ve work on in the past that never went anywhere and a bunch of new things.

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i have a tbw list but its long and i have to sleep rn so i’ll come back tomorrow, on my laptop instead of my phone

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Honestly this sums up my list, I’ve just come to the realisation I’ll actually need some of the old stuff for context :joy:

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Same, very much the same.

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I have so many things on my TBW that I have to keep a running list on my blog:




omg, my tbw list is the size of an actual elephant.


That big, huh?

I wonder if anyone’s TBW list is taller than Mount Everest.

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Thanks XD

I’m assuming these are stories which are not partially written, right? The stories that have no words written for them.

A Sleeping Beauty-inspired story/retelling based on the original stories before the Grimm Brothers’ version. It will begin in New Soleil, the same state as in Between Roses, and be a portal fantasy like the other three New Soleil Girls books. The MC is a supporting character from another NSG book.

An Elgana story taking place some time after the ending of Lone Gold, Daring Purple featuring Sierra and her brother Arrow. Arrow will be the MC, probably? and be supporting Sierra.

They’ll probably travel across the First Ring and see places like this:

An Elgana story taking place during Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound, but from the POV of an Ilvagi called Crowfangs who watches things unfold from the sidelines and has conflicting feelings about it. His actions don’t affect what happens in Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound, but it’ll shed light on what Ilvagis are really like. Basically, it’s an Ilvagi story, showcasing on the supposed “evil” Ilvagis lives.

Inspiration for Crowfangs

An Elgana story taking place idk when, but I want to write about the Avessian (human-bird hybrid) race who are shunned by society. I want to write a story taking place in the more rundown parts and the slightly more ancient parts of the Second Ring which look like this:

Last one is not related to Elgana at all.

An 8 book series taking place in a world where some children are born with a curse called the Scorch. I want the first few books to be one character, and then the next two will be another character, it’ll follow everyone growing up, surviving, learning, becoming friends, falling in love… the whole bit.

I have like three, four other stories on my TBW, but they’re partially written, so I won’t mention them.


Anybody else???

I think the gods already forgot about mercy :rofl:

I have 4 tbw, and that’s considering I already deleted 5. may the gods help me.

no, because nowadays i make a great effort to keep it as barebones as possible. in the past, though… oof.


okay, how to organize this… to make it easier on myself i’ll only include projects that don’t have a workable first draft.

Angellock Universe

Legends series
Bitter Magic (to be retitled)
World of Magic (to be retitled)
Experimental Magic (to be retitled)
King of Keys

X series
Shatter the Glass
Make a Mosaicm (tbrt)
Bend the Reflection (tbrt)

Those last two names need so much work smh. I’m not sure I’m even keeping this trilogy. This whole universe is such a mess.

Sons of Pandora series
Chaos: Son of Danger
Crisis: Son of Fear
Ixion: Son of Shadow

Chronicles of the Powered

Volume I
Volume II
Volume III

Another series I’m not sure I’m even going to keep. I like the characters but I have no plot whatsoever.

The Geminids
fantasy (to be retitled)

The Mighty King
The Rising Warrior
The Fallen Child
The Deathbound Soul

The Compass Galaxy



Prelude and Firestorm → fantasy
Kuebiko → science fiction
Zero Point Collapse → fantasy?
Mountain Heir (tbrt) → fantasy
Myths of the Spider → fantasy
Bridge City Cyber (trbt) → science fiction/dystopia
Antiblue: Prison for the Supernatural → fantasy
Riptide (trbt) → horror
PaperSkin → horror
[untitled thing about escaping a lab that i had a weird long dream about and turned into a plot] → sci-fantasy

short story set
totally not my creepypasta pipe dream
(^blatant lie^)

gunmetal dove
asymmetry tame

Okay, that should be it for the draft babies. Feel free to ask questions about any of them.



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it’s shorter than it used to be :sweat_smile:


Ha! :laughing:

What made it grow I wonder?

I have plenty of ideas floating around. Frankly, I’m in no rush to write anything. These are the manuscripts I want someone to dig up after I’m long gone.

  • A memoir when I’m old. Actually maybe I should start now. I wish I kept a diary during the lockdowns.

  • A family saga about gay sons and thot daughters suffering generational and un/national trauma in poverty post-brexit england. Too close to home, so erm haven’t started.

  • A contemporary novel about an academic’s venture into gay nightlife, in which he has hilarious, sexual and affecting encounters, told in the style of an ethnographic journal/ field notes. I should just publish my actual field notes.

  • A fantasy(?) philosophical(?) literary(?) epic (current working title: The Jorvoniad) that has haunted me for almost half my life. It’s gone through so many changes, and it’s become something of an unwieldy beast over the last year in planning/drafting. I need more time and perhaps the clarity of age…


Got ideas and projects in different stages of development:

Ideas Only:

  • Fantasy: A story collection or series taking place in a kingdom with a strong monster-slaying culture. So far I’m thinking of it being from the perspective of different inhabitants, mainly the princess, a trio of orphan children, and/or a swordsman who used to serve in the kingdom’s military.

  • Fantasy/Sci-fi: Honestly not sure how to tackle this one, not even clear on who should be the protagonist. Should it be Yura, a college girl who came across a book of spells that is sought after by a mysterious organization? Or Sebastian, a teen boy with pyrokinetic abilites whose father is in said organization? Both?

  • Paranormal/Horror: Either a single novel or a collection of short stories about the paranormal encounters of a young exorcist with the ability to see ghosts and demons (said ability is passed down only to the women in her family).

In Development:

  • Kingdom of Cursed Sands: I’ve talked about this one in other threads I’m sure, it’s a high/epic fantasy story based off a dream. I’d really love to bring the characters and world to life, but also get the feeling it’ll be the first time I need to do heavy worldbuilding before writing it. Feels like the most ambitious project I’ve done yet.

Actually Writing:

  • The Hunt for Azurean Shadows: basically a murder mystery where the culprit is a vampire. Challenge is figuring out who and where the vampire is. Pretty nice writing this, even if progress is slow irl.

Paused or Unfinished (may or may not come back to them someday):

  • Lost in a Modern Wonderland: short story about a girl who is mysteriously transported to a weird & bizarre city. Got stuck on how to progress the story and haven’t continued it in… 4 years.

  • Unlucky Lunar Witch - An ONC 2021 project about a witch girl having trouble harnessing her magic at witchcraft school. Would love coming back to it eventually!