Teacher Requesting Help! Uhm Again!

Hi guys. I really hate to do this but I need your help again! I swear I’m not trying to make a habit, I’m just desperate and you are smart peoples who know some pretty random things :joy:

  1. Has anyone heard of a film called The Circle (not to be confused with the book!) If so, can you think of any questions I can ask my students about it (they’re year 11/12)? I have literally combed the internet and found nothing.

  2. Multi-modal presentations. What on Earth can you do on this topic with a student who already knows pretty much everything they need to know? :joy:

Thanks in advance, guys. I’m seriously stuck :joy: Also lowkey tempted to create a thread for me to ask people stuff to help with my students. Would anyone be open to being part of the answer team? (I’m 50-50 on doing this and only slightly joking).

Oh, and if this is in the wrong area again, really sorry. I’m typing this between classes :joy:


Is this the one with Emma Watson? I didn’t watch it, but I remember when it came out.


I’ve never heard of this film or book, but whenever I do know something about anything, you know I’ll always be there to shoot my mouth off in your threads. (>‿◠):v:

Hope someone has an answer for you on this! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )


Make it about a topic which they’d never need to know. Like the history of Japanese scissors.


Yes that one. All I can find about it is that apparently it was really bad so there’s almost no student text or activities I can find about it


Thanks :blush:


Love the answer :joy: Sadly not relevant to the question :sweat_smile:


So, what is this class for? What do you talk about?

Also, it might help to watch the trailer?

Also, why The Circle and not some other movie? Did the school request it or something?


English. So analysis of texts mostly. And we have nothing to talk about because there are no materials

Nope, that is the film chosen by the people in charge of making the syllabus

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Well, bummer XD

I suppose you could ask general questions like character motivations, or anything you might ask in a book club? You could look at book club questions?

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