Teen Writers (or anyone really)


I was looking for some last-minute writing advice before NaNo starts tomorrow, and I came across this video by Brandon Sanderson, on what he would have told himself as a teen writer.
I thought it was really interesting, and most of his advice is new to me. If any of you guys want to get some of those hard facts and inspo (at least i found it inspiring) before NaNo, I’d recommend checking this video out.

And with that, ladies and gents, I bid thee farewell and fair passage on thine strenuous journey through the winds and bends of this harrowing craft, splendid in its majesty and thwarting in its malevolence.

kk bye (but not really because i created this thread so obvs imma interact with anyone who responds)


Hey there, @PastelStickyNotes!

Your thread looks like it’s better suited to #writing-improvement:writing-resources, so I’ve gone ahead and moved it there for you.

– Jane :featherfox:

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Okay, thank you! :grin:

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