Tell me a world building thing you're proud of, and leave me a question

Tell me a world building thing you’re proud of and then ask me a question about my world building.

Then I’ll ask you a question and then you’ll ask me a question. And then you’ll feel great and I’ll feel great, I hope. Inspire each other.

I did this before. It’s time to do it again because I wanna know about what you’ve been up to lately.

Here are two worlds of mine we can talk about. I’ll make it short and simple, so you can find things to ask me about easily instead of being thrown into a void with no idea what to ask.

World 1: The (Other) World (Name includes the parentheses. It is an alternative Earth set in the 1850s where there’s some magic. Specific countries are Egypt-inspired country called Iptaj and America-inspired country called United Arcan)
Specific world building items I can talk about: demons, angellics, spirit realm, demon contracts, evil gods, and related things. Also, fake history.

World 2: Elgana (a magical planet)
Specific world building items I can talk about: magick, fantasy creatures, lore, creation of the world, specific things about specific races, culture, and anything really.

Once you ask me a question about one or both of my worlds, tell me something about your world that you’re proud of. In my response, I will then ask you a question regarding that. We’ll go on like that for a bit :blush:


There is just so much that I can’t quite narrow it down.

I shall try.

World: Imperial Realm of Avantica (formerly named Alterra).
Specific world building items: Magecraft, races, lore, mythology, history, government, and etc.

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I am generally pleased when I do anything with Unicorns. Mostly in-lore, but not always. Not because I like them, but because they are iconic without having a ton of play to the type.

For Magick 101, it’s a threat of losing your life if you mess with the unicorns because they are there to be magic purifiers, and destabilizing that can kill a region, so messing with them is a severe penalty.

In the Assassin’s Journals, shed unicorn horns are healing wands, basically, and can be turned into working fertility phalluses when combined with a Magus (gemstones that are wand/staff amplifiers, in this case, gemstone bugs). The strands of hair are durable enough for stitching injuries and for being the “rope” on tiny crossbows. Gathering the shedding is expensive, as they live worlds away from the central world.

In the tentative Languages of Death, so far the unicorns are suicidal/homicidal and aggressive against their assisted suicude .

And I think if I add them to The Fairways Empire, I’m going to make them into terrifying beings…dunno yet.

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I didn’t mean for you to write it in that format. I put mine there like that so people can ask me questions easily, but that works, too :blush:

Tell me something you’re proud of surrounding the concept of Magecraft.

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Unicorns shed their horns? In there a season for this? Can you tell when a unicorn is getting ready to shed their horn or does it just pop off?

@qualeshia3 I updated the original post. I wasn’t so clear how it would work but cleared that up now.

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Magecraft is the magic that only Mages can do(with a few exceptions)

Type 1: Can use magecraft freely with out the years of schooling.

Type 2: Study magecraft through educational means.

Type 3: is able to steal magecraft and wield it to fit their liking.

Type 4: A mixture of Type 1 and 2. Meaning this mage can learn and study how to properly use the magecraft, but at the same time they can us it freely without limits.

I am proud of how interesting it is I suppose.

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What are some of the things you can’t do with magecraft? And related, is there anything that is forbidden to do with it?

(Psst, ask me questions about my world. Oh, but only if you have questions, of course.)

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Anything a god or higher can do. No joke.

Necromancy and Alchemy are strictly forbidden and there is only one family who can do both. That family is wanted dead or alive but are under the radar.

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How does magecraft differ from the power of a god?

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Even though Mages can do anything, they are still limited in some ways.

Gods are unlimited and aren’t bound by rules, laws, or anything else in my world.

Mages can’t warp reality, be in more places at once, and other godly things that are supreme being can do.

Mages are limited by which type they are.

Type 1 Mages are freer in using Magecraft. They are similar gods, but their powers aren’t divine or overpowered.

Type 2: Mages have to learn and grow their Magecraft through months or years of studying and/or other educational means.

Type 3 Mages are born without Magecraft, but they do have the ability to steal magecraft and make it their own.

Type 4 Mages are just a mixture of Type 1 and 2.

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In that particular story, it was a 2-3 year old shed that they found laying around, no Unicorns in sight. I went in with the presumption of a season, like deer have. It’s a world overrun by vampires, which shouldn’t exist on that world. Some agents failed in their job, and they are there to recover the one who was lost.

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