Tell me about your shapeshifter species (and I have a question for you)

It CAN be were-somethings, but I want to hear about the unique ones you created yourself. I like reading about similar fantasy races to my own and see how much the same or different we all make our own fantasy races.

My shapeshifting race

I have a shapeshifting race that lives in Elgana. They look like puffs of black clouds hovering in the air. They have red, pupil-less eyes. But they can shapeshift into any race and creature.

The only thing is that they can’t imitate color very well, so if they tried to turn into a blue-feline race, they would have black, purple, or black with indigo fur mixed in.

They can generate black pupils, two on each side or one on each side, whatever they feel like.

They used to be called the Shaa in my world building notes, but that will change :stuck_out_tongue: Shaa is such a lame name. I just took it from “shadow” on a whim because I needed to call them something.

They know the language of the world and have their own language. It’s a guttural language of throat grunts and such. There’s a written version as well.

They don’t have limits to what they can become. Any living thing, big or small, they can change into. Those with stronger powers (in terms of hierarchy) can maintain their forms for as long as they want. Those with weaker powers can only maintain for a day.

They howl like wolves, but they are not wolves.

What else… :thinking: They’re meat eaters, they are born from the shadows of lava kind of like elemental creatures, and most are born without a biological gender.

I can’t think of anything else to add to mine, so tell me about yours.

Now I have a question.

Question: How does one defeat/destroy your shapeshifter species?

My answer

For me, it is by the magick of the moon, Lunar Magick. It cancels out their Shadow Magick and is much stronger, so it can end up destroying them.


Remember Inky? There’s millions of his kind that live in the dream dimensions and they can take the form of certain kinds of animals and humans, but their appearance is set. So Inky can turn into a banana spider but not a redback spider.

His weakness is that he can get electrocuted still, even though he is demon vampire ghost goo.


hmmm, most of the very few shapeshifters i have are limited to individual characters and very basic human/animal shifts.

I like interpretations of shapeshifters that are more like yours than the were-ecteras tbh. I know we’re supposed to suspend our belief because ~magic~ obviously but it bothers me a little that very few writers ever seem to consider that if your character turns into something much bigger than their human body, that matter has to come from somewhere. FMAB did a decent job with Envy, showing how they weighed like 6000lbs even though they looked like a short skinny kid. Also the clothing problem isn’t acknowledged enough.

With magic cloud people it’s much easier to believe they expand or compress their shapes and manifest clothes from their cloud bodies.


Oh my gods this sounds awesome :heart_eyes:

Oh my gods it got even more awesome :heart_eyes:

Geez where to start. The problem with writing on a megaversal level (and this also applies to multiverse) is that there’s so much room to work with. I have everything. Wares, conventional shapeshifters, unconventional shapeshifters, half shapeshifters, other species who can take on animal or plant form, shapeshifters who can change certain features, the deities, the alternates. There are so many :joy:

That depends on the race of shapeshifters :joy:

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Don’t ask questions that you’re not prepared for the answers to.




Undigested food.


Maybe if you’re strictly going from human to animal, but then you have to apply the same logic to the reverse which means to tranform back to an appropriate human size the animal has to starve itself and if we’re talking about traditional were-beasts, they’re not exactly known for self-control.

Also imagine how much food you would have to consume at once to have enough undigested matter to add 50lbs to your mass. Have you ever eaten 5lbs of food in one sitting??


Yes, at a German restaurant.

Werewolves are known for their ravenous appetites so I don’t consider it out if the question. We also have the guys from Powerwolf who look like they eat 5lbs of food everyday.

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i do not believe u.

Sure but again, the reverse has to apply too. Ravenous werewolf human will be a ravenous werewolf wolf that eats too much to shift back.


As the great Ninja Naruto says, Better Believe It.

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the human stomach can hold 2.09 pounds of food u^u


Must be digested food then


Normal humans are not shapeshifters.

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r u a shapeshifter

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Eh not really

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How can I forget :wink:

Does that include a bolt of lightning striking him?

Reminded me of X-men’s Mystique. Her clothes are somehow always a part of her, but she can take them on and off.

They don’t actually wear clothes because they usually change into something with fur :stuck_out_tongue: But if they did wear clothes, it would yes, be part of the illusion.

This one. I am most interested in what you mean by unconventional shapeshifters. Tell me about them :wink:

Guys, I’m thinking about this: a sumo wrestler or a body builder would make a great were-creature :stuck_out_tongue:


It won’t kill him, but it will hurt.

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Well, conventional shapeshifters can change their from to animal or plant, or take on those sorts of characteristics. For my stories specifically, unconventional shapeshifters are the ones that don’t take on those forms. E.g., while the Deities in my stories are conventional and can take on animal/plant forms, they’re also unconventional because they have energy forms


What’s an energy form look like?