Tell me all your titles, because why not?

This was about writing THE END, but not anymore. Recycling this because it’s still about titles. Just tell me all your titles and all your series. I want to see if you tried to make patterns or do clever things with titles.

World of Elgana Books
Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound
Paws Chase Murder Case
Lone Gold, Daring Purple
Storm Heart, Fire Soul
Solar Song, Frozen Fate

The (Other) World Books
The Façade of Quad in Nimrod
Alive At Crepusculum
Dead By Sunrise

a random standalone
Jack of All Trades

An Account of the World at Crazy Intervals
Two and the Last Year on Earth
Hamster Economy

Ozel Emla Books
There Lives a Beast in the Burning Heart
The Many Secrets of a Broken Light
In the Lost Protector is an Emerald Soul (might change title)

The Chronicles of Galderkins
Rise of Ryg Nok
Return of Vol Pyr
Rage of Azr Lyo
Reign of Kor Vyr

New Soleil Girls Series
The Rat Girl
Between Roses
The Last Princess of Atlia (might change title, idk)


I put question marks after my "the end"s to throw myself off :relieved:


lol XD So are these truly ended? Or do they get series treatment?

I’m wondering…do you have any standalones or short stories?

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I don’t think I have that many, but let’s see…

The Spying Cat is my most recent one, historical fiction ONC shortlister.

Seacliff is a historical romance/fantasy, but I just checked and forgot to write “the end” in the published chapter :joy:

Then there is the Ingrid odyssey...

Whiskey Latte
Vodka Espresso
Tequila Americano
Flat White Rum

Also, couple of short story crossovers with @Norwood515 's characters, Wasted, and Experiment.

And then I have 2 other short stories up on Wattpad, The Bubble Man and Camelia.

I’m sure there’s a great deal of cringe stories behind me, but I can’t remember most titles and most were also not even completed lol. My writing has been at a level where I could comfortably complete projects only over the past 4-5 years or so. Everything before that is a big black hole :joy:


The titles of the Ingrid odyssey XD Why those titles? Do the drinks play a part in the story somehow? Is it symbolism?

I couldn’t either, so I had to go to my old writing folder and look at the titles and cringe at them all to remember which cringes had "the end"s on them.

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I don’t really have an old writing folder :face_holding_back_tears: I used to have an USB stick for my stuff when I was younger but I think that got corrupted and I lost everything. I’ve only been using Google Drive for the past 4-5 years so that’s all I have. Oh, and the old writing sites I used to publish on were all yeeted into nothingness :joy:

All of the above :joy: Ingrid is a modern corporate woman, so coffee and alcohol are part of the “culture”, but those are also thinly veiled addictions and problematic coping mechanisms. Each story does feature the respective drink at some point, but symbolically it also showcases how she’s struggling to deal with stuff from her past while more or less maintaining a front.

It honestly started because of the song Whiskey by Maroon 5, which felt like the soundtrack to a story idea I’d had for ages, and then “Whiskey Latte” came to mind and the opening scene where a corporate millennial spices up her homemade latte with some whiskey before rushing to work :grimacing:

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Not posted anywhere:

Assassin’s Journal I
Assassin’s Journal II
Assassin’s Journal III

The Fairways Empire I

On Wattpad:

Human Males/Were Females
To Make a Kinder Children’s Tale

Mini Moo (ONC 2022)
Old Soul(ONC 2022)

ONC 2023:
Maysie’s Galaxy
Coins on a Battlefield (May come off this list.)
The King’s Three Sons
A Riding Need

It’s a much smaller list than my TBF.


Considering my stand alone turned into a nine novel series, I’m not liking my chances of ever writing a stand alone :joy:

Yes to the short stories! I put a few on Kindle every year and have quite a few planned. Some are linked to the overall plots of my books, some are just side adventures

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Anyone involved and anyone who wants to be involved, come hither :wink:

For my current story, the title is called The Merellien Supremacy: The Red Ghosts’ Rebellion | Book 1 right now.

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How did you come up with Merellien?

And do you have plans for what you want the other books to be called? Any patterns you’d like to try to go for?

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Merellien is another term for the fallen/rejected Firstlings who fell from the celestial realm. There are half Merelliens who are born of Merelliens and Lesser Children or something else. They are still affiliated with them though.

The world, both Firstlings and Lesser Children reject them because they defy the First Ones, the gods they once were.

Right now, no, I don’t have any clues for what the next books titles will be.

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Lol I don’t make matching titles. Somewhere in the drafts lie a scifi coming-of-age duology titled The Lightning Girl and its sequel Kiss of Thunder, which I thought was very clever.


That IS very clever! :grin:

All the titles? Oooohhhh boy.

Inter-Universal Protectors Series
Battle for the Photon Core
The Final Downfall

Queen of Darkness
Collision (formally known as Enchained)
Tear in the Megaverse
Secrets of the Sun
The Dark King’s Return
The Mirror World

Underworld Adventures [IUP extra]
The Power of a Name

The Serpent’s Bindings
The Sword of Heru
Ammit’s Adventure
Amneris and Aset
Hathor’s Visit
The Magician and the God
The Weapons of Re
Underworld Adventures Collection

The Queen’s Court [IUP prelude]
The Roman
The Shifter
The Inventor
The Dragons
The Prince
The Healer
The Princess
The Queen’s Court Collection (unless they’re too long lol)

The Photon Cycle
The Young Ones
Rise of the Planets
The Tower of Time
more titles expect to happen

The Shai Saga
The Bronze Castle
The Silver Sea
The Bronze Dragon
The Diamond City
The Sapphire Sceptre
The Ruby Ring
The Sunstone and Moonstone
The Obsidian Sword

The Akh Chronicles
The Spirit Veil
The Old City
The Lost Tomb
The Ancient Road [may not end up doing this one]
The Raven’s Song
The King’s Sword
The Second Wonder
The Fallen Empire
The Risen City

Other Collections
The Tales of Two Queens
The Unlikely Adventures of Amneris Topanga

Blurred the ones I haven’t announced yet :joy:


I noticed there’s a gemstone theme here :grin: There’s two Bronze and the rest are all different. Sapphire Sceptre sounds cool.

You seem to like dragons and swords. Good things.

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The titles of my stories.

  • To Fall for an Angel
  • One Army, Many Tribes
  • Lambs to Lions
  • The Golems Return (discontinued)
  • Goddess v2.0 (current work)
  • A Sister’s Gift
  • All RAMs, Great and Small
  • The Cost of Pride
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The Only Half Saga (A series of tales of the half breeds known as Dhampirs)

  • Genesis (Novella collection)
  • Tales of Victor Sierra (short story collection)
  • Before the Fall
  • Tales From the Dead Zone Vol 1 (Short Story Collection)
  • Redemption
  • Endgame
  • Tales From the Dead Zone Vol 2 (Short Story Collection)
  • Of Dhampirs and Warlocks
  • Playing With Fire
  • Rise of the Crimson Death
  • The Devil’s Own

The Brothers Martin (A series about cyborgs trying to live normal human lives)

  • In the Beginning
  • Forgotten Ties
  • Starting Over
  • Promises, Promises (Short Story Collection)

Gemutations (A collection of stories about gemues - genetically mutated humans - and their plight)

  • Mercenaries and Angels
  • Plague
  • Michael: The Cause (YA series in the Gemutations Universe)
  • Michael: Anger Management
  • Michael: Relations
  • Michael: Saying No (is Harder Than it Sounds)

The gemstone theme was a coincidence. I figured it out after the first few then just kept going :joy:

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This is such a cool, ominous title :grin: