Tell me five things about your current WIP

I would probably read it.

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• It has band members and best friends falling out.

• It will be exploring their lives, and their rise to fame.

• It has a crazy “redneck” Mom who is their manager.

• They’re releasing a diss tape. About each other unintentionally lol.

• One of the band members was in the military and the other one pursued music before they were a duo.


From my third novel The Breakers: Witch of Arcane Sins

  1. Focuses on a prince who is both necromancer and alchemist.
  2. Set in some weird alternate timeline in the world of Llyria where there is there more magic, but the technology would be what we consider decades old if it were on earth (if you remember when the first iPhone, iPad, iPod, wireless laptops and etc came out, that is the type of technology that is seen on this version of Llyria.)
  3. Annika is a homunculus (Faust’s creation) that is possessed by the soul of an evil and absurdly powerful witch named Nirvana.
  4. Faust is the black sheep of the family and his older brother’s (Mephisto) overall punching bag.
  5. A highly evil all-female (few males are there actually) organization is searching for their leader and their name is the Sisterhood of Sin.

That’s all I got.

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That’s really interesting! What language do they speak amongst themselves? Can humans understand them?

Oooo I see. Does the phases of the moon changing (if this applies in your story) affect the way they see their protector? As in, does she change with the waxing and waning of the moon?

Misleading I see XD

Different characters :grin:

That’s a good question, I guess the worst would be narcotics. I did think about touching on prostitution, but I’m not quite sure about that so we’ll see how that goes. There’s also of course hired torturers stuff so yeah

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I think this is an interesting combination. Magic and science together has always had very unlikely effects so that’d be a cool read!

:joy: The fact that an evil witch is named atfer “paradise/heaven”

I like the fact that here this is female-dominated. It’s something again rarely depicted so directly.


Now, that I think about it. That is true. LOL!

Thanks so much. I honestly thought it would be boring to have Faust just a necromancer. I thought I add something extra. LOL!

Thanks again. :grin:

  1. The MC was potentially created by a maybe-evil goddess. Nobody is entirely sure including her or me, there are many rumors
  2. Her best friend is scary goth boy on the outside, total teddy bear on the inside
  3. Best friend’s parents thought he was evil and tried to kill him when he was little
  4. The villain is super into astrology
  5. Many people get eaten alive by monsters

Long time no see! How have you been?
:slightly_smiling_face: :grin:

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Busy, stressed, exhausted, painfully behind on everything writing-related

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Oh wow! That sucks!

Sorry to hear it.

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Meh, that’s life. My toddler was diagnosed with a major chronic health condition and I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant so between the two it kinda turned everything upside-down for a while. Working on getting everything back on track

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Wow. I’m glad you are back, and it’s good to know you are trying to get things back in order slowly but surely.


Aww,thank you.

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  1. I have no idea what’s happening in it. At all. It’s a random side story with more vulnerability on the extremely stoic Ascendent’s Mari.
2. It's not a written story.

  1. Expect me to use the everlasting hell outta depressive themes because of course I am that’s all I ever write.

  2. I don’t like addressing trans topics directly but because this is Mari I suppose I’m going to have to huh. Damn trans protags.

  3. If no one dies it’ll be a miracle.

How does this even happen lmaoo.


Lmao they fell out when they made an album.

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It is one word for a half-vampire.

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What kind of music do they play?

How do you incorporate their performance scenes in the story? What do you keep in mind when showing music?

Why do they call themselves that? I would guess evil people are only evil from other people’s perspectives. So why the name “sin”?

They were forced to learn the language of the world spread by Humans, so yes, they can communicate with Humans.

They tend to drop “the” from their sentences though and also tend to speak in a way that doesn’t beat around the bush. So instead of “Maybe I don’t like the color pink, and that’s why I chose blue.” They will say, “I don’t like pink. So, I chose blue.” or even “Not pink. Blue.” and you would have to guess from context what they are actually talking about.

They do have a language they can speak amongst themselves, but it’s dying out orally. Most of them communicate in the language of the world now.

So…the moon doesn’t wax and wane. It visibly stays full. And there are two moons :stuck_out_tongue: The bigger one represents the goddess, and the smaller one is said to be her lover. The bigger moon appears in the skies more often than the smaller moon, and only in certain parts of the world do you get a chance to see them together.

Of course. Is it like some big organization?

I’m guess you had to do some world building stuff with that? What’s something that you find fascinating about astrology?

How many different kinds of monsters are there? And has anyone tried and succeeded in controlling the monsters?

It can either be The Sisterhood Syndicate or that. The Sisterhood of Sin has been with me for a long time. Not as long as the Sisterhood of Evil, but still long.


Well, the people want me to write about a murder swan hooking up with a one-fingered wonder. It’s dino Twilight time!

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