thanks for the writing prompts

I’ve started writing the story, I’ll post updates here

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In this society, the dead and living live side-by-side, but neither side can tell which one’s actually alive.

A society casted for centuries in darkness gets its first real glimpse of sunlight, but when they do they discover the world behind the sky is much bigger than they ever ANTicipated. (My idea is that they’re super tiny).

A girl discovers that she is a synthetic being, the first lifeform humans have created (besides themselves, lol).

An alien planet discovers earth–who knew life besides themselves existed?

These are just a few I could think up off the top of my head.

Edit: I forgot to thank you for tagging me, thank you! Much appreciated.


Lol, too often my twists just become premises:

Sure, werewolves exist, but on this world, they are the weakest creatures.

The whole song for the Earlking: the kid isn’t the one who dies.

Land ownership is such a curse that you have to be bribed to own land.

Clown makeup is the only allowed form of makeup. Anything subtle is treated like lying.

A land of carnivores who are acandalized by anyone eating a plant.

A sacrificial fake princess whom everyone is keeping secrets from is a secret mindreader.


It was all a part of the plant by the evil banana to send monkeys to the desert to starve to death.


how about the werewolf threatening everyone turns out to be weremouse instead

I love it, this could be really unexpected but also foreshadowed a lot :thinking:

this brings up a lot of questions :thinking:

she could be investigating people creating artificial beings and have some tie to them that’s slowly revealed

I was thinking I liked the weremouse idea and the tiny people one, but then realized that that would actually make the weremouse really threatening

That works because while we see the little scurrying cute thing, that creature is a capable predator at its size. Think Mike from Sing. Dude was a total menace.

The whole thought was more along the lines that as badass as wolves tend to be painted, the idea of a planet of far worse crestures is straight up scary.

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Weremouse, lmao small but mighty.

Yess, I was picturing something like they’re in a simulated container kept by a mad scientist. The “night” they once experienced was him putting some kind of sheet over them. Well, he ends up dying and his secret underground facility is left undiscovered for years until… Maybe it’s like their lore/history talks about a so-called “God” or “Giant” who ruled over them. When he “died” or “went away” that is when the eternal night came.


Wererats exist and they carry almost every disease known to man.


alright, i think I’ve got an idea of what I wanna write. I’m gonna use the tiny people and branch out from there

I’ve seen some good ones on Pinterest that I saved. Let me grab a few:

A mobster lady who has all the abilities of a Disney princess. :laughing:

Villain threatens the hero with a weapon that’ll automatically target everyone the hero loves and then he/she turns the weapon on, and the target…lands on the villain.

A female assassin who kills her marks by seducing their wives and convincing them to murder their husbands.

A dragon unintentionally hoards princes that couldn’t defeat him/her and the princes refuse to go home because they’re ashamed that they couldn’t defeat the dragon. One of them has a sister (princess) that comes looking for him.

A little girl who grows up thinking all doors are automatic but she’s actually haunted by a really polite ghost. :ghost: Chivalry is dead. :wink:

In the dog world, humans are elves that live to be 500+ years old. This one is a good one. :dog:

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The plot twist is… there is no plot twist.


alright, I’ve got a bit of an outline and I’m gonna start the story. wish me luck because there is waaay too much outline and information to keep straight.
My goal is to cap it off in some state by the end of june.
If anyone else wants to write something using the ant people prompt or one of the other prompts here feel free to post updates on your progress here


I’m still kind of on introductions but I’ve introduced the current lives of the main characters

there’s souls and rebirth because nothing can ever be simple XD

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the main characters and most of the places have been introduced, and next they’ll remember more and mary starts acting sus

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I think this is gonna have to be the blurb of my story if I post it on wattpad

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I need to try to finish this thing soon, I have a feeling I might forget about it if I don’t. It doesn’t really feel like it’s nearly finished, though, there’s still a bunch of things that need to happen.

That will catch people’s attention.


I just need to sprint out the final stretch I thinkkkk
aa I don’t know how much more I have to go

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I could finish the story with just another scene with the reveals about the size, mary’s past life, and them getting control of the robots and then splitting up, or maybe they find a giant mecha they can pilot and are like ‘let’s go wreck some stuff’

but I don’t feel like writing right now
I just got busy and I don’t feel like doing hard things in my free time

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It can always be revisited later. Jot some notes if youre cocnerned you will forget your inte ded ending?

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