The Elusive Social Butterfly :wackywriters: 🦋 Badge Contest

Dear Wacky users,

It is time once again for our elusive Social Butterfly badge contest. It is the only badge of its kind, and we currently have only one user on the entire platform who can claim it as a title. Now it’s your opportunity for a chance to win it yourself!

Here’s how it works:

Meander over to your profile picture top right:
Click the little person beneath your pfp:

And then click “Invites.”

On the right side of the page, you should see this button. Click on it.

You should see a popup that looks like this:

This generates a special unique link for you that attaches your name to it.
Make sure you up that “Max Uses” number to something like 100 so more than one person can use it!

We’re running this contest during ONC to bring more of the writing community together.

When does it start?


How long does it last?

All invited users must have signed up by

What are the rules?

Don’t cheat, aka make burner accounts to artificially inflate your numbers. Other than that, none! Feel free to share your link in Discord, on Wattpad, on social media, wherever! Just be sure to follow the steps above!


Today’s the last day of the Social Butterfly contest! Winners will be announced tomorrow!

I’m excited to announce that @xtayaxx is the winner of our social butterfly contest! Thanks to everyone who participated!