The fallen and ruined kingdoms or empires in your story.

The Fallen Kingdoms of Arillion.

Part Two


Long before the Dwarves entered Arillion from their Great Exile from the West, the Elven kindred’s lived. The Winter Elves who found a love of the mountains, and the great wide vales of Kel, filled with their fresh streams and abundance of life. And the Ralinordra Elves, who for the most part, found peacefulness to the southern lands to the west and desired more of the world to be theirs.

Yet, this is not of their parting of ways, nor their indifference in their choice of their desires. But the ruin of their kinship, and the fall of Undermount…

The Winter Elves did indeed seek dominance of their domain, but when you share that realm with Dragons… There must be an equilibrium within each…

For many thousands of Gindenth’s (Years as the Elves call them) their was troubles. The Drakes would come in numbers and decimate the lands in which the Elves would dwell. The wide mountainous vales would be turned to ashen wastelands, in a hope to drive them out. But it was not so…

It was a young Elf lord who began his quest to gain friendship with the Drakes, and in time he drew his plans to tame their war-like ways…

He watched alone, and in secret, as the Drakes intimidated his kin, often flying low and roaring through the echoing ridge-lands of the mountains. Striking fear of fire within his kin… And alone, he sought out their dwellings…

Many miles he wandered as the cold gripped him, climbing seemingly unpassable ways until at last he found a vast open plane. In a crescent moon of green he gazed upon the mightiest of mountains… Undermount.

Weak from his long journey he wandered the lush grasslands before the feet of Undermount. And in a last desperate cry he called out the Lord of that realm for parley, before he collapsed upon the sweetest of lawns. He awoke from his faint with the rushing of swift and sweet air. As he opened his eyes he looked upon the might of Kharystor (Car-rist-or). A splendid Drake, vast in size, yet calm of mood.

Upon the green lands they spoke of their wishes, and Kharystor listened keenly to the frail form before him. With kind words and a plea to co-exist, the elf lord did speak. This in turn was refunded in kind, and Kharystor accepted his parley. They spoke of times to come, and he was welcomed warmly.

Many Gindenth’s passed, and it was thought that the Son of the King was dead. King Bophalis (Bo-fal-is) fell into dismay, and believed that his only son, the last of his line had ended in some fruitless venture… But he did return in time, upon the back of Kharystor. Fear drove the elves, and a council with the king was granted. Before the host of elves Kharystor did honour a parley. And this would be the beginnings of a great kingdom, and it’s ruin…

The King Bosphalis did abdicate, and his son Bophandis (Bo-fan-dis) took the throne. His people rejoiced in all that he had achieved, and the friendship with the Drakes. Yet many still feared this co-existence deeply. And he took deep council with his people regarding these matters, which he held close for many thousands of Gindenth’s.

The Drakes and the Elves lived for many millennia in peaceful times. Learning much which aided them equally, but the songs of the Elves subdued them. A magic which they crafted without knowledge of, yet they understood the effects and began to study further… For the Elves did indeed subdue them with song, coercing them into utter submission. And it was this craft that led them to be feared far and wide. For they had dominion over the Drakes, and they were known ever after as the Drake Herders.

With the dragons under their spell of song they began to harvest their knowledge deeply, and crafted their fire. Taking the essence of their glands and harvesting it for their defence. With such power, they created armour that could withstand the fire of the Dragons, and became skilful in weaponry which has never been seen in Arillion since…

During this time, Temulkar was waging his war upon Arillion, and Mundhlor did fall. But the Drake Herders were unknown to Temulkar, and the alliance of Men and the Elves of Ralloth. And their reign over the Drakes ruled for many thousands of Gindenth’s.

And now we move forth in time, to a time not too far back from the current events of The Endurlon. Just some four thousand and eighty Gindenth’s, and the rising of the Drakes. It is here that Undermount fell, and the Drake Herders were slain.

It was a young Dragon named Jorhundul (Yor-hun-dul) who did not succumb to the songs of sway. He began to see beyond the coercive ways of the Herders, and began the revolution which overthrew their overlords.

Many joined his thoughts, his understanding of their thraldom which Kharystor had brought about. And upon the highest peaks he took council with some of his Drake Kin. Far from the Elves he opened their minds, broke them from the shackles, and taught them how to deny the sway of the songs.

With a mighty alliance to his cause, Jorhundul began his rebellion. Without mercy, without a thought, under his calling, the Drakes unleashed their might. All who dwelt within the caverns of Undermount were slain. To the skies they took their retribution and decimated the lands across their domain… The Mountains of Kel…

Before the throne of the King, and seething in his anger he called out to those who had joined him. “May these words come true!” Echoing through the hollows of Undermount. “None shall stay their ways until all of the Elf-kin to the Drakes of Undermount are dead!” And he forced such a fire that the carven stone throne cracked under the heat of his utter hatred.

That was four thousand and eighty Gindenth’s, ago…

Wandering lost at the foothills of the eastern edge of those mountains Geldrid found the last survivor of that terrible slaughter… Riona.

Ever since the Drakes have upheld their promise to destroy every last Herder, and they still look for the last Drake Herder… But she is hidden from them, the daughter of Bophandis, the last King of Undermount…

Again, I apologize for the long post, but there is much to say, much to tell… I guess it is the ways of World Building for such Fantasy Tales…

Thank you for reading, I have had such fun telling this all, and I hope it helps others to build their worlds.


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You are most welcome.


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The Fallen Kingdom’s of Arillion.

Part Three.


Acoss was founded upon the ruin of Temulkar, with the loss of The King of Olban. Olban became separated from the rest of Arillion, and they shunned the world. A vast fortification was to be built, the largest ever conceived by the peoples of Arillion. For some twenty six miles a Great Wall would span. From the sheer cliffs of Mount Hanast to the edge of the opposing mountain, Mount Lestron. Across the shallow lands, and at five hundred feet high it would shut Olban from the rest of the troubles of the world.

During this great construction, the ruling houses ordained an elected house to rule due to the king leaving no heir. Olban being a city of mixed bloodlines, Elves and Men who first lay the foundations, and the then king, took a fair elf maiden as his queen. Thus it cemented the bonding of their races forever. After many successions the royal lineage weakened, and upon the great war the king marched without an heir. And Olban was to remain a lord-less settlement. There was unrest amongst the populace during the Council of Houses who debated the fortification, and many chose to leave and not be penned in behind the wall…

At this time, and some nine thousand seasons since the Sorcerers demise, the wall wall was almost complete. Those who chose to leave, did so. And they wandered the lands south. Upon the heights of the moorlands north of the Mountains of Kilvien, they settled. Many little rivers wound their ways with fresh, clean water. Rich lands of woodland edged the range of Kilvien, and they founded a settlement which grew steadfast in the seasons which followed.

Many more deserted the ways of Olban, and followed south to assist in the founding of Acoss. With them they brought news of the quarrelling ways of the Lords and Houses, which made the peoples of Acoss more determined to live free.

A simple man, a kind man, a man with the best qualities of both the elves and men was the one who took direction. Dea, a man of ambition, thoughtful in much of what he devised, and how it would be for the peoples of this settlement. For that, many appointed him the Master of Acoss. They knew he walked the halls of Mundhlor, when Hastofen and the King of Olban was slain, and in this they respected him deeply. Many grew to love him, and in time, Acoss grew beyond their thoughts…

High and thick the walls of Acoss rose from the bones of the mountains. Strong the gates were wrought, and within the people of Acoss felt safe, and free. Wide farmlands surrounded it, and Acoss did prosper. Trade was good with the Elf-kin of Ralloth, and much was learned of their ways. In time, Acoss became grand, and was a wonder to behold. Lofty the city became, and climbed the heights of the moorlands in vast tiers. Each was as majestic as the last, waterways ran from the heights to the lowest courtyard. Gardens of fruits and flowering shrubs brought a colourful beauty to it’s cold stone, and it was a joy to walk the streets within.

Dea was appointed King. Though he felt it not, he did as lordly a duty as he felt right to. And at times he wandered alone in the woodlands, pondering his lordship, and his appointed position which he felt unjust to receive. It was during these wanderings that he came to meet the Grey Bears, and while he felt no fear, he felt a stirring within. And in time he learned to commune with them, befriending them, and he took it upon himself to adorn much in the imagery them. And in time Dea wandered once more, but did not return. After two seasons of his vanishing, his eldest son Odedra took thought to the throne, and he heard the whispers within the streets as he passed. Would Acoss be bereft of King, no lord to take the throne? To befall the same fate as Olban, and do quarrelling council till none can be trusted to do what was right…

And after much thought he took the throne, and did further the prospects of Acoss. And it shone once more with the glory of Dea…

Now we must take a turn in the time of Acoss, for indeed it prospered for many years. And in four thousand seasons of building, growing from a strong settlement, to a vast city it fell in a single day…

When Undermount fell, the Drakes entered the Drake Sleep. For the fierce battles that ensued took much of their strength. It was at that time that Acoss was being established far to the east of the mountains of Kel. And their slumber was long…

Now we come to the Days of Awakening. And after four thousand and fifty seasons, the Drakes began to stir, and awake in ever increasing numbers. They heard upon the wind that one Herder still lived, and that their oath was unfulfilled. And with an anger renewed they searched out the last of their Overlords…

Jorhundul the Un-swayed did anger deeply, and the oath was his to uphold. He brought about the terrors of the skies, and in each realm of Arillion he soared high. Searching the ways for the one who availed him. many of the Drakes he sent forth to do likewise, but upon returning to Undermount they brought no news to Jorhundul’s ears…

At last Jorhundul chose death as his resolve, and upon the wing he descended upon Acoss first…

Acoss was surrounded in Dragon Fire as the farmsteads burned, crops and homes succumbed to the scorching fires. And the walls of Acoss were manned with arms, but they could not pierce the hides of the drakes with their arrows. And in swooping assault, the defences of Acoss fell to fire. Jorhundul entered the city, landing in the courtyard before the King’s Hall, and scorching all that stood there he watched as the ruin spread with the swift winds of the north. Fire leapt from building to building, the people of Acoss screamed as the fear rose and the dying began…

Turning his gaze upon the Hall, Jorhundul tore at the huge iron clad doors and rent them into utter ruin. Masonry fell and the light of the day filled the hall. There King Odedra stood firm. Shield and sword in hand he looked upon the vast dragon before him, and spoke no words.

“What news of the Drake Herder do you withhold I wonder?” Jorhundul said as he fixed his eye upon him.

“I have none to tell, for I know nothing of such Herder’s. Now go, leave alone our people. Look for what you wish else where, for it is not here!” Odedra said in defiance and raised his shield. “Yet I know you will decimate all no matter what answer you receive, if it be so, make it swift…” And he fell silent still holding his gaze.

“So be it!” Replied Johundul and unleashed his flaming fury upon Odedra. As his son Ossel and the Lords Guard looked on. Fire filled the throne room, and Odedra stood firm and looked to his son. “Flee!” He cried as the fire engulfed him, and Ossel shut the doors to the inner chambers, and saw his father no more…

That was some four seasons ago in the current timeline and events of the Endurlon. Acoss was reduced to ashen ruin, and none survived the assault, save for Ossel and the Kings Guard. They wandered the inner chambers and escaped the carnage via a small cave system which brought them to the south of their city. Looking back they saw the smoke rise high into the sky and heard a silence within their lands of which they had never heard before, and is how it is this day…

Ossel led his men south and far from the hate of the Drakes, but he never forgot the fire that swept through his city, nor the screams of his people…

Again, there was much to tell… Thank you for reading…

There is more to come, and in time it will be revealed.


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Geez, my guy, you have a lot of fallen kingdoms and what not.
LOL! :sweat_smile: :laughing:

How many parts do you plan on adding? Not mad, just curious.

There is another… Possibly two…


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Oh wow! LOL!

Yeah, Arillion has suffered with the Sorcerers who ruined Mundhlor. The Drakes who decimated Undermount to be free of the Herders. Then when they found that one still lived they looked upon Acoss first as it was nearest to Undermount.

The others I speak of are from their own design… No spoilers right now, other than One is the very eldest settlement, older than Mundhlor by many hundreds of thousands of seasons.

I will leave it at that for now. But I hope you are enjoying these bits of history within my world, and their downfalls.


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I would have to tackle these in stages because it is a lot of information.

I…also have a lot, because half my stories involve fallen kingdoms in some way.

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Come on down and list them now!

I understand.

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Yeah, you gave me a lot to work with which is great.
I would ask how many kingdoms and/or empires that you have that are still standing, but I would get myself in a heap of trouble. Just joking.

Brace yourself for my comment/answers.


We’ll start with my first story, Residence of the Adventurous.

In this story, fifteen people set out on a journey to create their own kingdoms with any rules they each desire.

The names of these rulers are Aventura, Abenteuer, Aventure, Maoxian, Boken, Avontuur, Peripeteia, Huakai, Kaland, Njem Njem, Eachtra, Casus, Przygoda, Aventyr, and Pasirung (and yes I just Google Translated adventure because I’m terrible with names: I did the same with the kingdoms, translated residence).

These fifteen rulers all had there own rules, but they all valued one thing: peace.

Then war broke out.

Casus declared he wanted a bit of land from everybody else. Njem Njem and Pasirung were glad to do so, but the others refused, so Casus decided he had to fight for it.

The war lasted several years, and all sides were affected, even though Njem Njem and Pasirung gave some of their land, they were roped into the battle as well.

Casus took to the dark side of magic in order to obtain victory, but that never happened, in fact, the opposite happened.

The other rulers convinced Njem Njem to side with them, and Casus and Pasirung finally surrendered. They signed a truce that no one could take land from another ever again.

Happy endings, right?

Except the use of dark magic took its toll.

You see, everyone thought the dark magic, despite being traditionally frowned upon, was not any danger unless actively used.

But just three days after the truce was created, they realized the extent of it.

Not only did Casus use dark magic, he overused it.

Meaning, the kingdoms would fall.

Dark magic was usually only dangerous when used, but if overused, it could cause widespread disaster.

And so it did.

Those three days after the war ended, the dark magic took its toll.

An earthquake was due to occur that day, but on the smaller scale. However, the use of the dark magic caused it to be on a larger scale.

A much larger scale.

The destruction occured almost as soon as the earthquake hit, and all the castles were destroyed.

Four of the rulers were killed, as well as the heirs to two of those rulers’ kingdoms. The rest of the rulers fled, except for Casus. Wracked by guilt, he tried to restore his kingdom, but ultimately failed. Driven by his fury at himself, his horror at the fall of all the kingdoms, and his grief at losing the people he once called his friends, he set out to atone for it: however that may be.

All of this happened over the course of seven years.

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Oh lord! Brace myself!

I’m awaiting the Tsunami of replies as we speak! Haha!

To answer you question…

The Elven realm’s of Ralloth, and Ralloth Mul (an island not too far from Ralloth on the south coast). Redstone (Yet it had had some relocation issues is fine). Greyridge (Where the Dwarves of Mundhlor relocated). The Middle Kingdom has not seen any of the wars, and is a peaceful realm of farmers for the most part. And… Olban… Well, It has had it’s time since the folk of Acoss departed from their Imperial City… And not for the best. But, that will be revealed within The Endurlon as part of my story arc regarding cultures and their ruin… Oh, I might have said too much on that one… Or have I?

So… Bring on any questions, as I’m more than happy to answer them for you. :slight_smile:


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Thanks so much.
Alright I am going to read over your comments about your fallen kingdom then post my many questions.

It will take some time, but I will do my best to get it done.
Thanks again.

You asked, and I was happy to reply.

I do have to say that there is much foretelling regarding the timeline, the peoples of that age and the reasons why they fell before the falling events and such. So take your time and read at ease. I got a little confused as I wrote them in turn and had to regard my notes to keep me right also. Haha!

Oh how the world building can throw you at times… :smiley:


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Wow… that was outstanding. Seriously, that was really good.

On to the questions:

  1. Is Arillion the name of the continent or the entire world?

  2. Is Temulkar the antagonist in all of this or no?

  3. So, the Dwarves in a migrated from one place to another due to the harsh climate/because they needed to find a more suitable home. correct?

  4. Has Hastofen always been the King of the Dwarves? What I mean is, did he make many contributions among the Dwarven community that would bump him up to royal status?

  5. Did Temulkar have a clear reason as to why he needed to bring down the kingdom? If I miss that part, I apologize.

  6. The Dwarves are now forced to wander without a land to call their own and a king to guide them. Do they ever want to get their revenge, or did they lose all hope?

  7. How many races/species dwelled in Mundhlor? Was it just the home for the Dwarves or no?

  8. Why did Temulkar hate Mundhlor? Who truly are the Children of Mara? How much does the deities get involved in the actions and lives of the lower beings?

This is really good too.

Here are the questions:

  1. So, the last heir is hidden away, and her name is Riona? Does she learn about her lineage or will never get the chance to?

  2. Winter Elves, huh? Is there a different Elf made to survive in a certain season?

  3. What made the Elves and Dragons decided to get along? Aren’t there any dragons or even elves that felt that by getting along with each other is unjust? Meaning there is no point.

  4. There goes Temulkar again. What is that guy’s problem? Sorry if I am misunderstanding things.

  5. When you say “herder”, what does that exactly mean for the Drakes? Do they hate what that word brings or not at all?

  6. What is the origin behind the name Undermount?

  7. Off-Topic (slightly0: Where did you come up with the name for these fictional characters and lands?

  8. These Elves are skilled in the dark arts, correct? Their songs are the reason why there are Drake herders. So, in other words, the Elves led their own downfall because what they were doing to the Drake in a sense, right?

Wow! You are questioning much here, and I will answer kindly to each…

Arilliuon is the land mass between the western walls of Mountains (Erringrim) and the lands to the east (of which I still have a thought to design in my mind beyond Acoss and the northern regions of that area).

Yes! A firm Yes here! :smiley:

The Dwarves found life harsh and cruel in The Forgotten Lands beyond the Erringrim far to the West of the world. They were struggling to exist with the cruel nature and creatures of that land. So they headed east into Arillion.

Hastofen was not King in the Forgotten Lands, but he took thought to protect his people, and as such was honoured and became “One who they held high in respect for he led them into the lands of Arillion and brought about a new life for his kin.”

There are many reasons why Temulkar fell into darkness, but his hatred for Mundhlor was his first strike. His first show of power, one to intimidate the lands of Arillion. For he desired dominion over the lands and to undo the prophecy of “The Children of Mara”.

Now this one is a good question indeed… The Dwarves suffered most in the first battle of that time, and they lost many lives. They left the lands to the west, and roamed far and wide looking for refuge. The Elves did not offer it, for they thought that any kin of Hastofen was marked with revenge. And so it was that they came to Greyridge, and delved deep a new home. They passed from the world above, choosing to live beneath the world. And there in the darkness they grew in numbers. Ever fearing that the past would come to destroy them once more. The Forgotten People they became known as, as few ever dealt with Dwarves from that time forth. Yet, they still did trade with other races, and had settlements above, and within the Kingdom of Greyridge.

Mundhlor was a Dwarven City, and only the Dwarves dwelt there. Yet they traded with the men of Redstone and Dade for many years (Now recalled as the years of prosperity in Dade).

Again, Temulkar sought only to destroy the Greatest Kingdom of that age, and if he succeeded the fear bestowed upon the other free lands would have made his quest easier. The Children of Mara were gifted from the Creators to the race of men. One child from each Creator only. Mara was the fairest of maidens, and she was Redstone’s fairest. Each child was conceived without father, and in turn a cycle of three years between each child was ordained by the Creators. When Temulkar was nine seasons old his youngest brother was born. As for how much the Creators have become involved with the lives of the peoples and races of Arillion, it is very little. They gifted the children to bring prosperity to all Arillion. For they ordained that they would not interfere with the ways of the peoples, but with the children of Mara they could assist with guidance from the mingling of their higher being. To bring forth a new age, and an age of wonder which would elevate the lives of Men, Elves and Dwarves alike. It was deemed by they themselves that alone, time and evolution would undo all that they had crafted for many eons of thought… Yet they were wrong…

I hope this explains things for you, and that you indeed see the deep thought that has gone into creating the world in which my story now wanders. There is so much Pre History to create, even before you start to figure out a tale to set within a world.

But I’m happy that you have taken an interest in what I have crafted over the long years within my waking mind.

Thank you kindly,


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Geldrid put a spell of enchantment upon Riona so that the Drakes could never find her. Riona has, since a young age (six hundred years or so) known about her lineage, and that she is the last. And Geldrid has taught her the ways of the sword and bow, in which she has surpassed many of her southern kindred of the Ralloth.

The Winter Elves gained that name from the love of the Snow Capped Mountains in which they found beauty, and within they wished to dwell.

The Drakes did not wish the Elves to dwell within their kingdom, and did much to force them from the mountains without harm. But the son of the elven king sought out a parley, a peace, and an understanding that would benefit them each in turn. Kharystor was the Eldest Drake, a King of Undermount and the greatest Dragon of their realm. None would go against his word. The Elves at the meeting of Kharystor felt that this was a great prospected alliance, and it was for many thousands of Gindenth’s.

It’s just a timeline thing. Temulkar knew nothing of the Drakes of Undermount when he waged his war upon Mundhlor. During this time the Drake Herders had reigned over the Drakes for thousands of Gindenth’s…

Using their voices to craft cunning songs after they discovered the soothing effects of them upon the dragons, the Elves did indeed become cunning. They crafted many songs that could subdue the dragons. Then they found a song that would bind them under utter submission. That is how they harvested their glands and crafted the Fellion (Dragon Fire within a jar so to speak), like milking a cow, they took the fire from the drakes and used it as a weapon. Since the uprising and the slaughter of the Herders (Winter Elves), the Drakes have a hatred for that name, now that the songs are no more, and they shall never be under that sway…

Undermount… Deep within the Mountains of Kel (A wide and lengthy region) there stands a vast mountain. Within the Drakes have dwelt for as long as a Drake can remember. Entwined with vast caverns, and hollows it is the home of their kind. Under the mountain… It became Undermount simply because of that… Sometimes the simple things just fit I guess.

Unsure really… But Acoss was a spelling mistake. I was editing a chapter and noticed that I spelt Across wrong. But for some reason Acoss remained in my mind. I wondered what it could become, a persons name, a ridge of rock in another region? I did not know… But then a stumbled upon a settlement that I had not expected to find as I wrote. And it became Acoss… Well, with this new found place, I needed a history, a people, and then it began to grow further in my mind. And then characters began to appear within this new found place, and names also… before I knew it, I had expanded further in the crafting of my world ten-fold. And it blew me away, it really did…

Exactly… A younger Drake was not so easily swayed by the songs, they did subdue him, but to lesser effect. In time he learned how to resist the songs, and showed other Drakes how to do so themselves. Without the songs control they led a coup against the Herders (Winter Elves), and began the slaying…

I hope this clears some things up for you. :smiley:


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