The fallen and ruined kingdoms or empires in your story.

Are there any kingdoms and empires in your fantasy or science-fiction story that fell into ruin and no longer exist? How important are these former kingdoms and empires are to the story?

  1. Why did the monarchy fell?

  2. What caused the kingdom or empire to fall into ruin?

  3. Who are the remnants of the kingdom or empire? Are they trying to resurrect their homeland in order to bring it to it’s former glory?

  4. What happened to the royal or imperial family of the now fallen kingdom or empire?

  5. How many years, decades, centuries, or even millenniums did the nation fall/go into ruin?

If you got any more information to state, then by all means please do so.


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Sabaton has given me the idea to write about the Swedish Empire. Never heard if it? Well it’s like Alexander’s, it died when he did.

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The Fallen Kingdoms of Arillion.

Part One.


Long before the Dwarves came to Arillion they dwelt in the lands far to the west, beyond the Erringgrim (The Mountains of Ice). Those lands are called The Forgotten Lands in the histories of Dwarves and Men. The Erringrim runs from the North Rents southwards to the very tip of the South Fief, cutting Arillion off from the landmass beyond to the west. A vast and wide region of mountains it is.

The Dwarves, who for many thousands of years struggled against all the creatures of those horrendous lands took thought to relocate beyond the mountains, and head east. Their King, Hastofen led them through the harsh cold ways within the mountains, many hundreds died upon the journey. But at last they won through, and entered Arillion north of a vast woodland, and they named it Mund.

It was here that King Hastofen chose his domain, for the stone was strong, and it shimmered in the evening light of that first day in these new lands. Hastofen directed his people to build a wide settlement, constructed from the stone of the mountains.

Now Dwarves are best known for their mining, and stone craft. And it is still true to this day. But Mundhlor was different to any kingdom that they had in the Forgotten Lands. Mundhlor was built upon, within, and before the very mountains from which they excavated the stone. Farmsteads lay before the feet of the mountains, wide lands rich for the farming. A city began to form which ran right up to the walls of stone, where within, and upon, the mountainous realm of Hastofen began to grow.

After some hundreds of seasons (Years to both Dwarves and Men), Mundhlor became vast. Hastofen felt that their kingdom, was so mighty that none could assail it. Yet, still they fortified it further. Great walls surrounded the farmsteads, and smaller towns grew within. But upon the heights of the mountains the citadels of the Dwarves did stand proud.

In time men did trade with the dwarves, and a kind friendship grew amongst many. The Men who dwelt to the east and south became allies, and the dwarves named them Other-kin. Those times were rich indeed, for the Men of Dade did trade much, and the men of Redsone likewise. But, Mundhlor grew in prosperity, and in mining they found much in gold, jewels, and iron craft.

It was the cruel mind of Temulkar that did turn to Mundhlor with hatred, and it’s destruction. Temulkar, the eldest of the Children of Mara. Three children of the Gods, given to the fairest of maidens to carry to birth. They were gifted to bring the lands of Arillion into a golden age of prosperity for all.

But Temulkar sought not the glory of their prophecy, but darker thoughts filled his mind. And in secret he studied all that was cruel and wicked. After two thousand seasons he took thought upon his brothers, and with blood magic and torture he bound his brothers minds to his. Subjects in thraldom to his will. Dark sorcery did Temulkar command, and with great power his dark arts became unsurpassable by all.

Deep in the south of the South Feif, upon the shoulder of the last mountain he built his Fortress, Astiol. There he was growing further in his sorcerous ways, and his time had come.

It was a mild early spring morning when Temulkar did strike. Deep in the catacombs of Astiol he bread great worms of power. Serpents, huge, wingless but swift. Strong fore legs they had and vast jaws, armoured platelets adorned them and hatred flowed through them, all by Temulkar’s design.

From the mountains Temulkar did come. Striking hard upon his serpentine steed. Fire swept down the mountainside, and consumed the towns below. The citadels fell to the strength of the great worms, and the doors of Mundhlor held for a time. Many hundreds of dwarves died that morning, in such a firestorm none prevailed. For two days the great beasts of Temulkar and his brothers circled the mountains, casting fires into all entrances to Hastofen’s abode. Then upon the eve of the second day, they struck the gates to the mountain realm and broke through…

The fires within the mountain burned for many days, smokes whirled into the lofty skies for many miles, and Mundhlor was lost…

Word spread swift upon the wind, and roads, that Mundhlor was taken. The men of Redstone, and Dade sent messages to Olban, and to the elves of the Ralloth asking for aid. And as spring turned to summer, a great host of Men and Elves drew forth across the planes before the feet of Mundhlor. The Alliance was founded, and they fought within the halls of the mountain for many days, and their loss was uncountable…

Many seasons passed, and quiet watch was set. Awaiting a time when Temulkar would be at ease, awaiting a time to strike once more. For those who had survived the onslaught of the great worms were fuelled with an immeasurable hatred… And King Hastofen more than any…

In time they did strike, and too many were lost, yet it was the valiant efforts of the Elves of the Ralloth that did slay the worms, and hunted Temulkar and his brothers deep into the Erringrim where they fell to their fierce anger. But Temulkar’s spirit endured and wandered in the dark places of those cold peaks. Waiting for his time once more…

King Hastofen, and many of the Great Lords of Men and Elves died in that battle, and too many tears were shed. No dwarf returned to Mundhlor, and in exile they marched east into the lands without purpose or home…

Thank you for reading, it was quite long. But much needed to be said.


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Let’s just do The Fairways Empire, for now

As far as the descendants know TFE’s Emperor was a man so thoroughly obsessed with pregnant women that he was too busy making babies to run the country.

Along the way to deal with TFE, another kingdom’s princesses were found, and they are a variant on Sleeping Beauty. There is no one left but the 2 women.

They don’t know for certain. It was a high tech enough kingdom in a fantasy realm. They had trains that they started to wind through other less developed kingdoms, that fell as soon as the Empire collapsed.

For the unknown kingdom, it’s complications of having 2 women involved in the curse. Nothing comes back but them.

Remnants of TFE is the descendants of the Emperor that managed to escape. The MC is from the Twelfthborn line, and himself is something like the 9th son of his family, estranged for being a Mage, and by the time he checks on his family, their fiefdom (a sprawling collection of farmlands unclaimed by neighboring kingdoms, so they are on their own with their own problems) was in decline but not quite fallen. Most every one of his personal family still lives, but they are dispersed because the current father was worse than their Emperor ancestor. Much of such history is why the Mage is a cranky overwhelmingly celibate young man. (Which gives me a chance to Tenchi Muyo his butt to heck and back.)

The end goal is to unlock TFE and find out what happened because some Farsights Mages are getting very worried about what’s behind it’s shield.

Well, I am certain one bloodline is vilified as trash no matter what they do, behind their backs mostly. Not that everyone does this to them. After all, this ruler’s descendants at least of this line carved out a feifdom in the wilderness and maintained “rulership” over it for generations, showing the natural inclination towards leadership no matter their situation.

I don’t think I ever settled on an exact time, but I assume it’s been about 1K years? I’d have to look into it and see…

This is one of many unfinished projects I want back on.

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World 1: I think I have a fallen kingdom in Wodeland, but I haven’t gotten to that part of the story yet, so nothing to add here :stuck_out_tongue: I do know the central city where the king lives is called Chalisdale.

World 2: As for Elgana, there have been kingdoms and empires that fell for sure. Trifort is one. It used to be a major city belonging to a human king and possibly where he lived. It fell during a racial war and still exists as Trifort City, but it’s mainly a city in mostly ruins although its humongous library has withstood the times.

World 3: I also have this other world inspired by Renaissance Italy. There’s a kingdom called Verrwyn and the whole four-book story is about it’s rise to becoming an empire and then its eventual fall when fighting a magical species. The king of Verrwyn, eventual Emperor, makes the empire too big and that leads to the fall.

I can’t remember exactly…but I think they’re all dead or close to it. The magical species defeated them.

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Okay, the main one I’ve got is the Crita incident. Basically, a long time ago in an event no one remembers, the city was destroyed, the King and heirs to the throne were killed (minus one), and everything from that time was lost/forgotten.

Fast forward a few thousand years, the one sole survivor and his family go to another city, restarted the monarchy, and proceeded to make the exact same mistakes and continue the cycle, only they lasted a hell of a lot longer. Then the incident happened where Ilsbrook was destroyed and everyone in the city was killed.

Fast forward again a few thousand years. The heir who wasn’t there when the carnage went down reluctantly took up the throne back in Crita and actually got things right. Since then, it’s all been sunshine and rainbows and the kingdom hasn’t fallen :joy:

Then there was the incident when the Gods threw the people out of their land for questioning their judgement which led to the fall of the Dark Continent/Lost Land so those people had to go out into the world start again elsewhere, but that’s less a kingdom/empire thing 'cause the system wasn’t necessarily “royal” until much much later. THAT was many many many many many many billions of years ago, though, so not much is known about the incident, or the Dark Continent/Lost Land, or if there’s anyone still there. But people have gone missing while searching for the lands :eyes:

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The Swedish Empire, huh? Sweden is still a monarchy just a kingdom rather than an empire, correct?

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