The First Wacky Writers Contest

Update 2020-09-01T05:00:00Z: WE HAVE A WINNER!!

Congrats to @Tiya who brought over six friends to our little community! Thank you to all who participated!

Here it is, our first ever Wacky Writers contest! We’ve been around for about two weeks now, which is crazy - so much has happened in so short a time!

But we are still missing many of our friends from other writing platforms, so we decided, why not make it an event? The user with the MOST referrals will win:

  • a special badge: "The Social Butterfly"
  • a custom emoji of your choosing
Fine print

* Custom emojis cannot be anything that violates our site guidelines, such as derogatory or NSFW content.

How it works:
You have two options to invite users:

  1. You can go to your profile>invites>Send Invite. This generates one-time use only links that must be sent to the intended recipient’s email address. This gives you complete control over who gets an invite, but it does require that you know your friends’ email addresses.
  2. You can request a “multi-invite” link from a moderator or @CEJeffery. This is a link you can post anywhere: social media, group email, scribbled on a bathroom wall (don’t actually do that) or anywhere someone can click on it (we recommend this option).

These two methods allow us to track who the referring user is of new sign-ups so we can keep score! You can either private message any of us for a link, OR respond here and we will message you a personal email invite link.


  • Don’t sign up with multiple email addresses to try and get fake points. We do know it’s you. Anyone found trying to cheat this rule will be automatically disqualified from the contest and temporarily muted from the forums for 48 hours.
  • Sign-ups must be validated, meaning the user who signs up must verify their email address and login.

The contest begins ■■■■■■ 11 at 12:00am CST and ends ■■■■■■ 31 at 8:00pm CST. Good luck everyone!

** Since a few of you have asked, yes, posting on any social media, Instagram, WhatsApp, is acceptable. Sharing with your friends from your writing sites is encouraged. And yes, everyone will be welcomed with open arms, regardless of affiliation, should they decide they want to join!

** Also, y’all, please don’t like, inundate strangers’ inboxes, okay? Send it to people you know, post it where your followers can see, but don’t be a spammer. It’s not cool.**

Oh, and for those of you who know:

five hundred hours past
the missing month gone at last
everything will change


May I please have a multi-invite link?

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Yes of course! I will PM you in just a sec.


Can I also have a multi-invite link?

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Please could I have a multi-invite link as well?

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Omg this is the cutest contest :joy:


doesnt know any of my friend’s email

Can I get a multi-invite link please :sweat_smile:

Can I get a multi-invite link please


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Multi invite link for me too :heart:

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:laughing: Cheers, me too

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Can I please have the multi-invite link?

Hey all I just woke up :joy: give me about an hour-ish and I’ll get you all your invite links!

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uwu hi~ can i get a multi-invite link too? also can we post it immediately even before the 11th or must we wait? (cause i’m in the ICT timezone and it’s 8:25PM [Mon, 10] rn and i have no idea what time it is for you guys uwu)

Yes you can post immediately once you have it :slight_smile:

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great~! thank youu uwu

Can I please have a multi-invite link?

Also, I don’t know everyone’s email id, will instagram and whatsApp do?


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Can I have the multi-invite link? :smiley: