📖 The Great Reading Competition of 2022 📖

We are once again doing our :book: reading competition :book: on Wacky Writers! The contest is our way of encouraging readers to find a new book they may love while also giving our users an opportunity to promote their work and get new readers! Authors submit their books to us to be on the list of contest books, then readers choose from that list and let us know when they’ve read the book!

How to Enter:


  • Authors who want to participate will need to submit:
    – Your Wacky username
    – The name of the book you want entered
    – The URL where your book can be read
    – The number of posted chapters
    – The current wordcount of the book as of submission.
    – A complete summary (500 words or less) of the posted content as of submission. This includes any plot twists or the ending, if applicable. Your summary will not be posted anywhere, it’s for us only to confirm authentic readers.

  • Books do not need to be completed. We are judging this contest based on number of posted words, not number of chapters.

  • We understand sometimes authors make edits, and that’s fine, you don’t need to provide us an updated wordcount (unless you want to!) if you only modified a handful of sentences. However, if you post new chapters/extensive edits, you will need to send us an updated wordcount and an updated summary.

  • If you submitted your books last year, you’re welcome to do so again! We will, however, need you to send us all the details just the same.

  • Previous winners are eligible to enter.


  • Readers who want to participate will need to submit:
    – Your Wacky username
    – The title of the novel
    – The author’s username (on the writing platform, not Wacky)
    – A short summary of what you read for each book (100-200 words).
    – Your email address (this is only for awarding prizes, we’ll never send you spam or annoying emails)
    – The currency denomination you’d like your gift card in and/or an alternative type of gift card if you win (for select countries)

  • Since we are judging wordcount, not chapters, you will need to read the entire posted work to get credit for a read. Commenting or voting is not required.

  • Previous winners are eligible to enter.



  • The reader who reads the most words will get a $25 Amazon gift card (or comparable gift card for select countries without Amazon)
  • Winning reader will receive a forum badge and custom title (if desired)


  • The winning author will have the option to work with our team to design a custom ad that will run on the forums for a month.
  • Winning author will receive a forum badge and custom title (if desired)
  • :boom: New! :boom: Winning author will also have the option to create a special custom font/design BBCode shortcut for when you’re posting on the forum! This is a special new feature we’ve implemented recently. Write a reply using the code [wrap="gradient"]your text here[/wrap] to see what I’m talking about! Tired of using blocks of CSS to make your posts pretty? Now you won’t have to anymore!

The contest will run 2022-08-01T05:00:00Z2022-09-30T05:00:00Z. We are actively accepting book submissions now. Authors can submit here. This will be the same form readers will use to submit their reading on August 1. Book lists will be posted on August 1st for readers to begin reading. We will post leaderboards when we start receiving entries.

We’re really excited to be hosting this contest and we encourage you to share it with authors you like and readers you have! Good luck to all who participate!

-CJ :wackywriters:

The additional fine print:
Readers must read books from the submitted novels. We will not count reads of works from authors who are not participating.

  • If you read all the submitted books by regular Wacky users, we will assign you works from the mods to continue your reading streak (mods and admins are ineligible for this competition, so the only counted words will be for the readers who read their works).
  • Unfortunately, residents of Quebec and the countries of Italy, Brazil, Taiwan, Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia are ineligible to win monetary prizes in this contest. You’re still welcome to participate for the badges, titles, and other non-monetary prizes.
  • Please do not use duplicate or alternate accounts to submit reads–we have more than one way of checking for this and we will see it. Any attempt to do this will result in immediate disqualification from the contest as well as possible penalties from the forum staff.
  • As always, to reiterate, your work and content is yours without exceptions or stipulations, and we have no rights to sell or profit off of it in any way. You do, however, agree that if you submit to participate in this contest, we may use the information you provide for things like advertising or marketing (for example, to promote the contest, we may include links to authors’ books as provided to encourage new readers).

Fragmented Lies by Minimoxx 112,505
My Blossoming Redemption by Minimoxx 160,647
A Fighting Chance by Minimoxx 59,352
You Must Remember This by FranklinBarnes 180,000
Magpie Black by copyedit 17,800
Mad About You by CapricornOdyssey 55,065

Submit your completed reading here!

1 TBD TBD :trophy:
2 TBD TBD :silver_trophy:
3 TBD TBD :bronze_trophy:


1 TBD TBD :trophy:
2 TBD TBD :silver_trophy:
2 TBD TBD :bronze_trophy:


I will post the submissions very soon, just came down with COVID so I’m less on top of things than usual. Thanks for your patience!


Available books are in the OP! Read and submit your mini book reports, and share the contest with other readers/writers!


psst, CJ, how do I update my word count? :face_in_clouds:

Just submit the form again! There should be an option to select that you’re “updating” an existing entry :slight_smile:

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Can I still enter as an author?

testing testing testing testing testing

wow cool!

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Yes you can! I imagine we’ll extend the contest another month since we haven’t had as much engagement on it as we’d like.

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As authors, will we be given any notification if people are using our books for the contest?

On the OP, there’s an “author leaderboard” for number of words read. Right now, we haven’t had any reading submissions so there aren’t any rankings yet. You won’t be notified per se, but if your books have been read, your name will show up on the leaderboard.

I do highly recommend sharing the contest on social media to encourage readers to come submit. There’s actual money on the line, after all :wink:

Since we didn’t have readers in august, we’re extending the contest through the end of September! Remember, there’s a $25 gift card on the line for you readers!!