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The questions is where you come in! Since we’ve learned it’s not so easy to come up with questions on the spot, we’ve decided to keep this thread open forever, or at least until the the column dies. Whichever comes first.

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The 3rd Tip Cauldron is live! Check it out here and let us know how you like it:

what is the best way to write texting into a story?


Writing other languages? Like, how much of it should you put in the text as the actual language and how much is it just “they said this in this language”

  1. How to avoid using filter words while writing in first person?
  2. How to perfectly incorporate descriptions about the surroundings and people without making it seem too boring, long and overly-descriptive?
  3. Basic advice for writing in first person.
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  1. How do you make your sentences :sparkles: flow? :sparkles:
  2. Handling dark/tragic stories – how do you balance heavy, painful conflict threads with more light-hearted moments?
  3. How to improve your writing if you’re stuck in a plateau?
  4. How bad is repetition, really? If it’s used as a literary device i.e. intentionally, will it still leave a bad taste in the reader’s mouth?
  5. How do you come up with unique plots to stories? What are some ways to invert tropes?
  6. Overwriter’s question: for a contemp lit genre, 120K is too much, right? What are some ways to cut down the draft?
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What do you mean by filter words?


i just got more. i’m editing my post now XDDDD

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Awesome :joy: Just keep in mind the Tip Cauldron comes out once a month so we won’t be able to get to all of these right away, but it’s great to have a variety to choose from! So thanks for contributing :beautifulheart:

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No problem! The more the merrier aye

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so glad I was not the only one who didn’t know this :joy:
So, when we write in first person we use ‘I’, right?
But we can’t always keep using I saw, I noticed, I cried, I shouted…

Google explains better lol

Filter words are verbs that increase the narrative distance, reminding us that what we’re reading is being told by someone rather than experienced, or shown, through the eyes of the character. Examples include noticed, seemed, spotted, saw, realized, felt, thought, wondered, believed, knew, decided.

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Oh, lol. Yeah, I don’t know writing rules, which is something I made clear from the very first Tip Cauldron :joy: I usually end up googling a lot of what y’all ask lmao.

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Fat lot of help you are. Just kidding!! :joy:
Guess it’s torture ask Google time! XD

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Woo! Our very own researchers!

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It’s not torture, it’s LeArNinG :rofl:

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…busted :joy:

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Does anyone have any more writing questions? :slight_smile:

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Yeah, anyone?? Anything??? This is your last chance in 2020! :rofl:

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Exactly, 2020 is almost over! Last chance for questions from the Year of the Plague!

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