The World of Tier

Welcome to the world of Tier! Tier is not like many worlds: it’s a world where the inhabitants are all animals.

One day, portals open up all across this land…

And people fall through them, but coming to Tier turns them into animals as well.

What will these characters do when they realize they’ve become animals?

Oh, also, the animals have magic.

The rules are simple: Take an OC of yours, or make a new one, and use the form below to turn them into one of the animal species that dwell here in Tier.

The types of animals are the dogs, who live in Hueso, the cats who (mostly) live in Vis, the moose who live in Ramure, the eagles who live in Ala, the wolves who live in Aullido, and the lions who live in Melena.

The password is “Animals”.

Character Form:



The animal your character becomes once they enter Tier through the portal:

Appearance that relates to the animal:

Which of the places your character ends up in (this does not have to correlate to which animal your character is unless you want it to. For example, a character who turns into a dog could end up in Hueso, or they could end up in Ala.):

Any background you’d like to put for how your character found the portal (optional):

Password of this form:

Aside from this form, the roleplay is open world. You may run into some OCs of mine, your characters may meet other roleplayers characters, but there’s no plot and you can respond to the OCs however you want to.

I hope everyone here has a good time seeing Tier through an animal’s eyes!