This character is not a bad person...

Title Correction: This character is not a bad person, but rather a misunderstood person who was placed in a terrible situation.

Do you have a character or characters like that?

Nobody understand this character went through a terribly bad situation with no way out, only to get treated like a bad person, when they are only misunderstood, yet no one would hear it, regardless of what they say.

Yet some people understand that, but many, many do not. Doesn’t matter to the character, yet it is annoying for them to hear it when it comes up. Still, the character atones for it in some way, even if it wasn’t entirely their fault or all their fault regardless of the reason.

So, tell me honestly, is there a character like that in your many completed or current stories? I’ll accept any character or characters regardless of their role in their story.

Thoughts and feelings?



You have to define what would cause a misunderstood person who was caught in a terrible situation or circumstance to be viewed by a vast majority as a bad or even an evil person.

I just want to know what character of yours fits this topic.

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Nope, the evil character in my book is bad for the opposite reason: he’s lived a spoiled, charmed life where everything was done for him by servants. He’s grown up thinking the world’s supposed to wait on him hand and foot. Nothing bad has ever happened to him; if it had it would’ve done him some good, for he might have developed some empathy through personal suffering. ( -.-)\(^◡^ )

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Grrrr! One of these days, I am going to come up with a thread that you have a bunch of characters fit the example I made. shakes fist in the air

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I have this character named Heliox who’s an angel but also a high-functioning sociopath. he’s a consulting detective (like Sherlock Holmes). he’s misunderstood because he’s generally very moody and gets bored easily. he’s also insensitive considering he’s a sociopath, he only takes cases he finds interesting.


I shall return back (tomorrow rather) to see changes and add my own comments.


Oh geez this is a hard one. I have some villains who became villains due to unfortunate circumstances but never atoned for it. The trope doesn’t really apply to my heroes. It might to Jennix but I don’t think it does.

I think the only one who is close for this trope would be Xix. She isn’t a bad guy, she was just unfortunate enough to be born into the Acheron bloodline and caught up in all her father’s chaos and the War. I wouldn’t go so far as to say she atones because it had nothing to do with her at all

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I wouldn’t say you had to mention whether they atoned or not. I just added that in there, because I was tired and my mind wasn’t clear enough. :sweat_smile:

So, I shall accept your comment. Thanks for answering.

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secondary character, Taro Redfoot from Solar Song, Frozen Fate (his situation, before this story happens, was quite terrible which led him getting into this habit of saying “I’m not evil”)

MC’s brother Jarvur Cromlight from Lone Gold, Daring Purple (bad society and parenting)

Kaiver, the MC from Storm Heart, Fire Soul (bad society and parenting)

Abyssus from Between Roses (I feel bad for him. He didn’t ask to be in the situation and was ultimately called out as one of the villains.)


Except for Abyssus, you can ask questions about everyone :blush:

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Cool. Give me a bit.

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I thought it made sense tbh that’s why I added that part :+1:

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Thanks so much. :smile:

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Lmaoo this statement gives IDA (Isaac) vibes so hard.

Man got forced into being a deity after usurping power to keep Hidayat alive, tried to erase past memories of the old world so no one had to deal with the traumatic fallout of it, tried to fix the problem of the fracturing reality alone, his solutions to this looked absolutely terrible without context and guess who removed all the context, no one understood why he was acting like this or was so paranoid because he’d tried to protect them from the traumatic memories of the past, plus with all the manipulation employed trying to keep them uninvolved no one trusted him anymore anyway, so they just turned against him eventually RIP IDA I love you :ok_hand: