This is going to sound like a weird thing to ask, but I am curious...

I’ll give a little rundown:

Thought about, no planning at the moment: 6
Thought about, planning to turn into a story: 2
Have planned and wrote for, but is on hiatus: 2
Active WIP: 1


right now i am directly working on two but at any given moment i have, like, 5 or 6 stories swimming in the backlog of my mind that id like to work on


Overall, looking back at old drafts/plans, I have about five different stories thought out and (mostly) planned, but after a long break I’m only currently working on one of them.

I have them all on a jump drive somewhere and opened it semi recently and nearly died when I saw all the files, drafts, character charts, plot ideas, plot structures, and then different scenes that were “just for fun” but fit into the stories sphere. Absolutely mad, lad.

Also have a journal where I write out story ideas (or scene ideas, whichever) when they “come to me”, and I’d say there’s roughly 15-20 in there. But to be honest, ideas rarely bloom into a tree all on their own. Most of those ideas will probably be combined together.

Just wanna focus on one at a time tho, lol. No more “I’m going to publish five books all at once” BS I was living and breathing by.

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Too many and I try not to think of them to focus on the important ones.

Probably over 10. Maybe more if you count individual books in a series.


I wonder that too :thinking::joy:

Thanks! The problem is I don’t think I’ll ever have time to write all of them :disappointed:

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It depends on the frequency of thought. Story Boneyard has 70ish entries, that’s all seeds for a story.

Outside that I’ve got 2 stories I’m thinking about but have to deal with on NaNo, and a dozen that need finishing.

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I don’t count ideas in my head, those are endless. I only count ideas I spent some time fleshing out and those often happen to be partially written because I like to write things down to 1. to flesh them out and 2. so I wouldn’t forget.

Let’s see what’s on my to-be-written list.

  1. Working on The Merlin Paradox right now. Nearly done with this draft. Yay.
  2. I have plans for the sequel. On hold for now so I can finish ongoing WIPs.
  3. Arch Nephilim is another book in the same universe. Started it and put it on hold. I definitely want to get back to it soon as the idea is awesome.
  4. Same universe, DragonSky was written in full as a novella. I thought it only needed edits but I think it might need a major expansion instead. I’m going to turn it into a novel eventually and have ideas how. On hold for now.
  5. Same universe. Bezel’s short (origin) story. Bezel’s a snail, btw. I’ve wanted to write their story for a long time but I haven’t figured out how yet so it’s on hold.
  6. Same universe, Merlin and the Lighthouse mystery. It was a completed short story but I have an idea how to expand it. On hold.
  7. Same universe. I wrote another short story about Merlin but never published it because it seriously surprised me, turned into something I didn’t plan. I am intrigued by the idea though and would like to get back to it eventually.
  8. Lailoken’s tale. It’s more a character idea than a story idea at this point but I’ve been wondering if I could combine it with another story idea which would be an attempt to adapt my epic fanfiction series into a serial novel. Again, on hold for now.
  9. Of Love and Death is partially written and is waiting for me to get back to it. Maybe I’ll work on it next year. Here’s to hoping.
  10. In the fanfic world, Cursed and the Well of Youth. Two stories but they’re interwoven and in a similar state of being mostly written but needing major work. I’m planning to work on them this NaNoWriMo so I can publish them at last and get them off my to-do list.
  11. Book 3 of the same series is on hold. I started writing it long ago (before I finished book 2 actually, lol). The idea is cool but I don’t know at this point if I’m going to get back to it. I have so many other projects on hold already and this one would be a majorly massive project and still just a fanfic. I never published what I wrote so there’s no pressure from the readers.
  12. Remus’s story. It’s an unfinished werewolf fanfic that I would love to finish at last but it’s on hold too.
  13. Hunt for Unseelie Jack was never finished. I used a major idea from this fanfic to write Arch Nephilim and initially intended to abandon it in favor of my original story, but I don’t know, it would be cool to get back to it one day and finish it properly. Despite only one chapter posted on AO3, it garnered a lot likes. There’s an audience there for this story if I decide to return to it.
  14. Gryffindor at Heart. I totally forgot about this one. I wrote it for a contest and published it as a completed short story because of the contest length requirements but behind the scenes I was writing it as a much longer story. On hold but I’d like to revisit the idea. Maybe instead of expanding it as a fanfic, I’ll turn it into an original? It would be cool because it’s a mermaid story and I don’t have any of those yet.

Damn, all of these are just from the past three years. I’ve been busy.
And there were other stories I wrote in the meantime that I did finish.

So, in total: 14 stories are waiting for me to pay them some attention.

I think it’s safe to say that I have enough work here to last me the next decade at least. But I’m sure I’ll get more story ideas before I’m done checking things off this list because that’s how ideas work.





Yeah, I get that.

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I’m thinking of doing something simple during NaNo though. I’ve had this story idea rattling around in my head for the past month or so.


Cool. You should go for it.

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