Thoughts on Faceless YouTubers?

Out of the blue, random thought.

Do you prefer YouTubers with faces or you don’t really care?

Does it depend on the content? Can all types of videos, any genre, be created by a faceless YouTuber, or is there content in which you have to see their face?

What if a favorite YouTuber of yours suddenly became faceless? Or if your favorite faceless YouTuber suddenly started to make content showing their face? Would you still subscribe? What would you think?


I LOVE faceless YouTubers.
I want to be one.

I don’t need to know what you look like. I just want to see you do your thing.

It creates an air of mystery for me.

I am only concerned about the content and not the person’s appearance.

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Life of Boris is hands down my favorite youtube personality so I think there is a lot of potential there.

A lot of people really crave privacy and anonymity so they won’t show their faces-at least, not their real face.


i think faceless content creation is healthy. it’s really obvious that the internet does not and will not respect boundaries so people enforcing boundaries by not even allowing their audience the ability to try testing said boundary is a natural progression of content creation.


But just don’t do a Dream Style Face Reveal.


I don’t have a particular preference, I’ve grown used to seeing people play games with and without facecam (and with the rise of Vtubers, there have been faceless youtubers/streamers I watch that became Vtubers too)

As for non-gaming Youtubers I watch, its a mix

Some are fully faceless
Some of them still make faceless videos, but have shown their face elsewhere (example: JaidenAnimations & kekeflipnote)

Some of them used to be faceless, but now make content that prominently shows their face (such as MoistCr1tikal/penguinz0)
And some have always had their face showing as part of their brand/content (mainly reptile youtubers and some science channels)

In the end, I don’t really care whether I see the youtuber’s face or not, so long as showing their face doesn’t distract from the content they want to create

For example, there’s documentary-style youtubers I watch that remain faceless, and I think that helps viewers focus on the topic their video is about


It CAN be distracting if their face is awkwardly encorporated into the movie, but for the likes of Yhara Zayd, it works because she can insert herself into the essay without it being unnatural if you get me?

But for someone like Just Some Guy, it would be weird seeing his face because we have never seen it before. It would be awkward if he just randomly inserted himself into his videos lol.


I still want to be a faceless YouTuber because I think that is the most comfortable thing I can actually see myself doing.

I rather not expose my face or appearance to others since nobody needs to know who I am nor should hassle me in public about it, if I do vlogs outside my home.

So, yeah, I dig faceless YouTubers a lot.

There are only a few of them that I am subscribed to on YouTube.
Everyone else shows their face.

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It depends on the genre of the video’s presentation.

Some of my favorite history, video game, and fiction lore YouTube channels have faceless narrators (less distractions, promotes background listening), and my favorite news, tourism, technology, and culture channels have visible presenters (provides a more personal / relatable / comical atmosphere).


I make art videos sometimes & I never show my face. When I’m watching videos I have no opinion either way–I’m not there for people’s faces, I’m there for their content.
I think it wouldn’t work for certain youtubers, though, for example, makeup artists.


I don’t care at all.

Right now I think all genres could be faceless. Makeup artists can be faceless and use models to do their tutorials. Same with mukbangs. I’ve came across ones that were just from the lips down.

If they suddenly become faceless then I wouldn’t care at all. if they want to become more private then that’s totally fine with me. If my fav youtuber starts showing their face then…idk i just hope it was their own choice, not the choice of their fans. A lot of faceless youtubers get spammed with people wanting face reveals and when they don’t do it, their faces get leaked. That happened to Corpse Husband and he hasn’t been active that much ever since.

No matter what, I’d still subscribe if i like the youtuber. Same with those who are Vtubers, the people who use cartoon/anime avatars instead of their faces. It’s something I want to do for my youtube…i just hope to afford it one day. xD


Why is that so important to them?
Are they trying to visualize what their favorite faceless YouTuber looks like based on some weird ass assumption or crazy fantasy?
Do they yearn to get a sense of connection to the YouTuber they like?

Or is it more of when a person places themselves on YouTube, there’s no need to hide since the person is already exposing to the world what your life is and who you are, regardless of showing your face or not?

I think it’s really all about the fantasy. When Corpse blew up after his Among Us play throughs with his Youtuber/Twitch friends, people found his deep voice very attractive and wanted to know if the attractive voice came from an attractive face. Thing is, Corpse had a disease where acid destroys his vocal chords which caused his deep voice and without treatment, he could lose his voice.

After his face got leaked and people found out he didn’t fit in what society views as attractive, he lost many fans and got some real bad hate. So he just stopped doing Youtube, but he still plays with his friends here and there.

I remember Cryaotic (Before he got canceled severely) people really wanted to know how he looked like because they thought his voice was super attractive.

(As for me, I noticed people really like my voice when I started posting as well. It made me wonder like, if I blow up, will I also get the same amount of messages to reveal my face? Will my face also get leaked??? I personally don’t care if someone does because I think I’m attractive, so I’m not scared of the backlash for my looks, but I am scared of someone invading my privacy like that.)


Humans are so weird in that regard.
Damn…wanna screw the guys based on his attractive voice then ditch the person when the voice ain’t matching the appearance?!

Seriously, what the hell, people?

Just remembered an old quote about presenters.
A face for radio, and a voice for print.


I was thinking the same thing. They could use models and only show their hands if they wanted to.

Aren’t there free Vtuber-ification apps? I keep seeing one being advertised on IG. Idk how good it is though.

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I’d heard of Corpse due to a Youtube animator making videos from the Among Us vids/streams

Didn’t know that was the reason why I hadn’t heard of him in a while :0 some fans be nuts
And as a former Cryaotic watcher, I did see some speculation on what he could look like back then

Though I did some reading and Corpse’s reason for stopping may have been due to health reasons? Idk how true the news are

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