Three of my novel projects are intertwine and it is supposed to be their own thing.

I shall explain my best:

Project Breaker, Project Merellien, and Project Dynasty are interwoven in some weird hindsight.

The timeline where the stories take place is very different from each other. Yet the stories background stems from around the Ancient War (got to give it a better name) that doomed the Great Kingdom of Nazra-Eradelia then birthing the Sovereignty of Alagossia and Naivin Dynasty along with the court. This soon created the Lesser Kin which expanded into the trillions.

Anyway…Project Breaker focuses on the current Knight King, Aneirin Naetris came into power in the KUA. This was seven decades before Aneirin became a Knight King. Project Merellien is even trickier, because the story is centered around Ancient War and then thrusts into the future or rather the present where the current Knight King is running things. Then Project Dynasty’s timeline goes from after the fall Nazra-Eradelia/aftermath of the Ancient War to the present day. When I say present day, I mean the reign of Sovereign Salisara which is the current monarch and seventh child to Sovereign Solanna.

In the midst of all of this, Project Succession takes a few decades after Faust fled his family and his family’s “downfall”. It starts with his descendant, Aeris.

Overall, the main glaring issue is that, I need a damn timeline to understand when things happened. Starting to get confusing for me, I just don’t know how to approach it.

Thoughts and feelings?
Did I explain it well enough or you are still lost?



Update: The stories are their own separate thing that they are just too closely together due to the timelines that it could be a single epic novel series.That would make the most sense, but I can’t even conjure up a plot that can combine all four of the stories into a single series.

Is it even possible? Questions? Answers?

I just use a bullet list of all the important events in the history of the country or whatever that affect the story, with dates and times if that’s necessary. I use NotePad for that, although you could use any old program, I guess…? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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Another glaring issue is that time works differently on Alagossia than on Earth. I honestly considered making the time on Alagossia, exactly like Earth only a few differences.

So, there’s that. It is just that every person on Alagossia has a different type of immortality, due to the air making it so.

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Simplify the timeline…

Go back to the very start of your tale, and then add at which point the main event will occur… Work forward with that until you get the next pivotal happening (second tale), and note it in the Timeline. Continue this until you reach the third intervention and add that also. Now for the real bit of placement… Keep notes of hpw many years pass in both Huge and Minor events happen in your first tale, and when such events begain to happen in your second tale, and so forth…

I did not do this for The Endurlon, and I wish I had… Instead I thought of events within my world that were very extensive and tried to fit them within the timeline of the main tale… As such, I was troubled deeply by this… And here comes the hard work… It took many months of editing and changing times to fit most (not all) into the histories of the peoples and locations, and their struggles…

As such I have learned a lot, a heck of a lot regarding how to build timelines and placing histories of peoples…

Fore thinking and writing will in time save you much headache and anxieties over your world building on many fronts…


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I found a solution in another thread.
Go check!

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The World of Elgana Books are like this.

I made an Elgana history timeline which has things like, “YEAR 600: [book title here] events happen”

I didn’t come up with exact years or months or dates (too much :sweat_smile: ), but I did write everything out to make sure I didn’t get confused while writing the stories because some of them do overlap with each other a little bit.

I have two documents actually. One where I’ve written out a 50-year beat of major events and some highlights in between. Another where it’s just the order of stories and the major events that happen which the characters are involved in.

Right now, Solar Song, Frozen Fate is the oldest story, then Storm Heart, Fire Soul. The end of native Elganians and the beginning of Hybrids as a race is where Modern Elgana beings. This leads to Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound and Paw Chase Murder Case. The most recent story is Lone Gold, Daring Purple.

I created the timeline quite early on, so it helped when I wanted to write another Elgana story. I could think if I wanted to write one about Ancient Elgana or Modern Elgana. Then I think about which of the major events I haven’t written yet. Then, I think if I have any character ideas for those times.

Possibly be writing a story taking place before Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound and during its beginning (something to do with Pinti’s origins, perhaps :wink: ). Also a story taking place before the epilogue of Lone Gold, Daring Purple.

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And I haven’t yet…

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