Time to write a fanfic...once again.

I am about to embark on a fanfic journey. It has been a long time since I’ve written a fanfic and for some strange reason I am nervous about it.

Now, I have two ideas from my favorite works, but I can only select one.
Here are the ideas:

Tower of God (webtoon):

Idea 1: Aftter Baam was suddenly betrayed by Rachel, something snapped within him turning Baam from a kind yet naive guy to an twisted yet evil person. Now, Baam is killing and deceiving his way to the top and to find then kill Rachel. The only people who can stop his violent ways is his newfound friends Khun and Rak. Yet is it enough?

Idea 2: Khun grew up in a dark world never knowing who he truly is and where he came from. The only person who he ever considered a friend has left him to follow their own path. When it became time for Khun to search for his friend, he ends up having to climb a tower that is so foreign to him. However, he learns little more about himself and makes friends along with enemies along the way. Still, he truly wants to reunite with his friend once more until he realizes that the friendship could have been a potential lie. What really is the truth?

One Piece:

Idea 1: Luffy is the son of the former Pirate King Gol D. Roger who was taken in by Garp who led him to the path of justice. However, months after Luffy became a member of the Marines, he fled to pursue his own dreams. Luffy aspires to become a pirate, set out and find a reliable crew, and take hold of the fabled treasure One Piece. Yet because he fled from the Marines, he is wanted and is being hunted down by them. Will Luffy become a great pirate or end up getting captured?

Idea 2: Sabo, Ace, and even Luffy are shocked when Garp introduce them to young girl who would become their little sister named Ruby. Ruby is a sweet yet shy girl who becomes instantly drawn to them as they protect her from danger. However, when they get older, Ruby ends up becoming a Marine whereas Sabo joins the Revolutionary Army and Luffy along with Ace becomes pirates. Yet Ruby joined the Marines for her own personal reasons which are to locate her father and confront him about her mother. Yet she faces many obstacles along the way and those obstacles are caused by her crazy brothers that she is conflicted on capturing. What will she do?

That is all I got for them.
Any thoughts?

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