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Time Travel Story.

(Bryn Nichols is going to be my pseudonym)

I’m going to be writing a Time Travel Story, currently named: Time Travel Story.
I watched the Korean drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and absolutely hated the ending. Instead of writing a fan fiction about it, I’m writing an original story, focusing on the same premise, sort of. A 21st Century woman travels back in time to an era unknown to her.

It will have romance, royalty, and well… maybe some palace drama, or murder. Or both.

The Research Part

I’m well aware that creating my own country in a new or alternate version of Earth, where this country exists, is going to be a challenge. Mainly because I’m basing their history, politics and fashion on a mix of the South Korean Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty with some Medieval European elements added to it. So for example, the style of the dresses (the embroidery and accessories) could be influenced by Europe in the Medieval times, while the beauty standards and jewellery may be influenced by the Goryeo or Joseon dynasty. Or vice versa.
I’m doing research into the three. Focusing on politics, fashion, beauty standards and some other key elements.

I don’t have a title for the story, nor do I have the country’s name. Or a map of the country. I also have no idea who the main female lead is, the main male lead or any of the other players in the story. Culturally, I have nothing either. I just have articles upon articles to read. Take notes of and mix and match the elements from each part of the continents/countries I choose to create a new country. With its own laws, its own political system, etc.

The story will be completely written in English though, so I’m not sure if I’m going to create my own language or not. But! I also have no way of knowing which elements are more important in these articles compared to others.

So if you have some tips or advice on the research part, or how you handle similar research, please comment below! I would love to make it easier on me and more fun.

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Gone are thw days when you have to draw your maps.


Thanks! While the free options are amazing the ProFantasy browser/software map creating program isn’t bad. I’ll see how far I can get with the free options and if necessary, absolutely necessary, I may invest in a pro or software map creator.

Unfortunately, I still don’t have a name for the country. So, perhaps once I have a name it may make things easier when it comes to political, fashion amd cultural influences.

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I have been struggling with creating a map for AGES. I didn’t know where to place my rivers, mountains or even what the countries/nations look like. But I finally figured it out!

This is the OFFICIAL map of Liazue. The country where the story takes place. I’m actually looking forward to writing it and further plotting it. Although creating its history will be a PAIN IN MY BUTT. But it will be fun at the same time as well.



I have been plotting and planning my story.
It’s slowly coming together, and I’m absolutely LOVING it. I got told during my writing course to combine story ideas, and that’s exactly what I’m doing! I’m combining the zombie idea (although reworking it a bit), dark fae idea and the time travel story idea together!

That way, I can hit 3 birds with 1 stone.

I’m also combining futuristic names with “normal” 21st Century names and elf names. To create the people of Liazue.
I currently need to name the war that divided the fae and the humans. Which I normally use Fantasy Name Generators for. They really do come in handy!!

I can’t wait to work on the plot line in more detail and really get this story out there!

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