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I just started another side project because I’ve got some serious muse for a new character and want to flesh him out. Probably not going to be a story I ever publish, or if I do, it will just be online through wattpad or other sites. I won’t pursue selling it. But the problem I’m having is trouble coming up with a title for this project. I just want something basic to name the document so I can save it, honestly. I can change it later if I have to, but it’s annoying me that I can’t decide.

The most basic premise is a changeling child (unseelie faerie) was adopted into a family of humans, started displaying his true nature, and was kicked out of the family. This would have been in the UK during the 1800’s. But Nattaleah (the eldest sister of the adoptive family) wants more than just to be rid of Errol (the changeling) and wants him dead, so uses witch craft to prolong her lifespan so she can continue hunting him down until he’s dead without having to worry about succumbing to old age herself. Basically becoming something she hates in order to kill what she hates even more, if that makes sense. Anyways, they end up playing cat and mouse for more than a hundred years and the majority of the story takes place in modern times. It’s also from Errol’s point of view for the most part, he’d be the MC, but he’s also a morally ambiguous narcissist with clinical psychopathic tendencies. So he’s not exactly a good guy, but then, neither is his sister, who is the antagonist. In their endless grudge match, they end up exposing the supernatural world to humans and just making a huge mess for everyone.

Not terribly happy with them but if you want to vote on the titles I’ve come up with so far, what would you choose?

  • Backstabber
  • Becoming
  • Hollow Conscience
  • other (comment)

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Not a single vote or comment. Guess that’s what I get for posting in the middle of the night.

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In part. Normally I’m in here in the morning, but I got caught up my game because it was doing weird things.

Anyway. Hollow Conscience is a good one… similarly Hallowed Conscience works well, too, due to the addmixture of witchcraft and holloween, and Hallowed means consecrated.

The aptness of it goes into the synonym sacred, and this is part of its history:

"now-obsolete verb sacren “to make holy” (c. 1200), from Old French sacrer “consecrate, anoint, dedicate” (12c.) or directly from Latin sacrare “to make sacred, consecrate; hold sacred; immortalize; set apart, dedicate,” from sacer (genitive sacri) “sacred, dedicated, holy, accursed.” "

Crazy woman sets herself apart, immortalizes herself, dedicates herself to destruction.

But hollow doesn’t take knowing the word this in-depth. It’s a gaping maw in the conscience, pretty straightforward.

If I was going for more of a religious aesthetic to the story I might go with a title that has to do with the word Hallowed. I don’t intend to have strong religious themes though. I’m thinking more supernatural magic users for witches than devil worshipping anti-christian witches.

But for the title, I was thinking of something that reflects both the antagonist and protagonist’s lack of strong morals. I want to showcase that they both are willing to do bad things to get what they want.

That’s why I voted on Hollow. I can understand not wanting to get too close to the other aspects if you’re trying to keep it away from religious overtones.

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