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Sorry about that. I had been semi-accepted by another artist.

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@LauraHype accepted! sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy w school

@JosephMXA no worries

@MLTracy yes I do !

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No worries love. And thank you!

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I just realized I started working on your request before you updated the form,
so one of the faceclaims is still Harry Styles but I can make an alternate version if you’d prefer!


Actually, I’ll keep it a fanfiction because that cover is marvelous!

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Could you add the author name? I don’t see it, Sorry!

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Thanks so much!!



title: Fright in the Night
subtitle: n/a
author name: Stella Vigo
color scheme: Dark, black, but also dirty white (like a dim laptop screen)
face claim(s): n/a
genre: short story


anything else: The story’s about someone literally getting scared to death due to watching a horror movie on a laptop. My idea is to have a dark background, laptop on a desk (like a study desk in someone’s bedroom) and an eerie laptop screen with the title on it.

Thanks for considering! :slight_smile: